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The Unknown Adolf Hitler


Adolf Hitler has been installed by world zionism as one of the most wicked, evil people who ever lived. At least, that is the 'official' story in the history books, main stream media, tv documentaries, Hollywood films, novels and even as an icon image in pop culture. No other dead man in history has ever been a more bountiful cash cow, churning out endless profits for those promoting the politically-correct view of the man and his legacy.  Hardly a week goes by without another 'evil Hitler' or 'evil Nazi' story somewhere in the media. But what is the bigger picture of Adolf Hitler? What are some of the unknown things about him that the average minded 'Hitler-haters' have never heard? This is not an effort to exonerate or mitigate any of the real tragedies of WW2, rather it is an effort to fill out the partial image of the man that so many have worked so hard to create in the minds of the masses.

This is a simple list of strange and surprising Hitler facts that are remarkably ironic. Some are even prophetic. Prepare to be astounded...

Hitler Was An Amazing Artist

Most people are vaguely familiar with the story of Hitler being a frustrated artist who was denied entry to art school because he wasn't 'good enough'. Unfortunately, that's all most know about Hitler as an artist. In 1908, an 18 year old Hitler moved to Vienna, where he walked the same streets as Freud, Gustav Mahler, Beethoven, Mozart and Egon Schiele, but he did so as one of the city's faceless, teeming poor. He often slept in squalid homeless shelters and under bridges. Intent on becoming an artist, he twice failed the art academy's admission test; his drawing skills were declared "unsatisfactory." A thin, sallow youth, he wasn't cut out for physical labor. With help from a friend, he managed to earn a meager living drawing postcard views of Vienna and selling them to tourists often on sidewalk cafes. 

During his fateful rise to power, Hitler continued to sketch, paint and sculpt copious amounts of art. The accepted theory that he was a failed artist isn't entirely true. If one were to look at most any of the works done by Hitler without knowing who created it, most would find the art satisfactory at the very least. Adolf Hitler left a large amount of impressive work proving his artistic talents. However, these works have essentially become illegal and most have gone underground into the hands of private collectors. Occasionally, an exhibit of his art will pop up in a brave gallery somewhere, only to be bashed as 'evil' and 'degenerate' by the zionist media. When in point of fact, it is often sensitive, beautiful and even, yes, touching. If you can find them for sale, Hitler's paintings start in the $10,000 dollar range and keep going up from there. However, such is the historical, reflexive zionist-nurtured disdain for the man, that if you actually bought a Hitler painting and hung it on your wall you'd best not point to the signature at the bottom when showing it to house guests.

These examples of the Unknown Hitler are just another view of the biased and slanted way history is written - and enforced - by the "winners". Hitler might not have made much money from his paintings but another side of his creative powers was used to to write his self-published best-selling autobiography 'Mein Kampf'. A book that sold millions of copies and ironically helped fund his Nazi empire. 


Hitler Was A Vegetarian

Adolf Hitler was dedicated to a healthy lifestyle and urged Germans to follow his lead. He didn't smoke cigarettes or do drugs and was a vegan decades before it became trendy and fashionable.  After decades of rumors, his last living 'food taster' Margot Woelk finally admitted:

"It was all vegetarian, the most delicious fresh things, from asparagus to peppers and peas, served with rice and salads. It was all arranged on one plate, just as it was served to him. There was no meat and I do not remember any fish...Of course I was afraid. If it had been poisoned I would not be here today. We were forced to eat it, we had no choice."


Started The World's First National Anti-Smoking Campaign

Hitler hated cigarettes and the vile stench of tobacco so much, he essentially banned smoking. His world-first anti-smoking campaign put a huge dent in the pockets of American and British tobacco interests and needless to say the Marlboro Man was not at all happy with a healthy, smoke-free Germany. Ironically, Hitler smoked for at least 20 years before realizing that smoking is a killer and made major efforts to remove it from society. Fast forward fifty years, and Hitler's fantasies about smoking have basically come true.



Was A Pioneer In Cancer Research

In 1908, Hitler's mother died of breast cancer, a rare casualty at that time. This event nearly destroyed him, leaving him homeless on the streets of Vienna for more than four years. He was angry and bitter at the world and struggled to sell his paintings and drawings for a living. The grueling and difficult days during his rise to power fueled his quest to break new barriers in cancer researchHitler's 'War On Cancer' accomplished some surprisingly good things and his scientific team was the first to discover that smoking tobacco actually caused lung cancerSome of those scientists were brought to America by the CIA after the war in Operation Paper Clip and ended up helping Americans understand how to deal with the growing cancer crisis.



His Bodyguard Was Jewish

Emil Maurice was one of Hitler's oldest friends. They even spent time together in prison after the failed coup attempt in Munich.  Besides being the Fuhrer's bodyguard, Emil was also his personal chauffeur, ghostwriter, first supreme SA Leader, originator of the SS. All the while, Emil Maurice was totally Jewish. This bizarre fact infuriated some of the high ranking Nazi Officers like Himmler. Hitler didn't care. He was loyal to Emil who was loyal right back. Their relationship even suffered a weird setback when Emil allegedly tried to steal Hitler's favorite niece away from him. Geli Raubal was 19 years younger than Hitler and is said to have had an affair with Hitler. Emil also became involved with her which resulted in Hitler firing him for a brief time, but then hired him back. They remained friends up until the end of their inglorious careers. Hitler went to great lengths trying to cover up the fact that one of his best friends was Jewish. Ironically, up to half a million Jews are reported to have served in the Wehrmacht during the war years, a fact that virtually no one knows. Look it up and see for yourself.




He Was For Animal Rights

Hitler was pretty much the ideological Godfather of PETA.


Hitler Created The First Freeways & Volkswagen

Hitler created a network of Highways (autobahns) that are still being used today. Every maniac who has ever gone 200 MPH on the amazing German Autobahn basically has Hitler to thank for it.  The Germans who built those time-busting transit arteries were even given paid vacations - the first time in modern history - so pleased was Hitler with the results, he had embarked on a revolutionary project with the parallel hope of creating an automobile the average citizen could afford, a car for the people a 'Volks Wagen'. In doing so, Hitler launched the iconic motor company Volkswagen. Despite the amateurish sketch of the VW Bug that Hitler supposedly drew during a lunch in Munich, there has been chatter, some suggest contrived by Zionist propaganda experts, that the real originator was a Jewish engineer named Josef GanzIn any case, the Volkswagen, especially the Beetle, has been enjoyed by people the world over and has a bedrock place in automobile history. Few are aware of its unusual and controversial   history





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