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Hints Of Change?

By Jim Kirwan

There was a time when “wars” were the method used to take down dictatorships or to free captured peoples. In the New Millennium wars now have only one purpose ­ to capture the people of every country and turn them over to slavemasters, criminals, drug dealers, sex trafficker’s or to just murder them in the most inhumane ways that can be devised.

In nation after nation the ‘government’s in place after place are using war and terror to capture their own people and kill as may of them as is possible! The US is the lone holdout in this global nightmare, while the world waits for DHS to finally just open fire on any and all Americans en masse! This while the anger still continues to grow in Ferguson Missouri.

Breaking Headlines bring news of a ceasefire in Gaza with “promises” that are supposed to lift decades of blockades: No word as yet about restitution, rebuilding, humanitarian aid or even peace itself: Despite the fact that this has been going on for over 60 years. Even the terms of this cease fire will have to wait for almost a month before the terms are agreed to.

The only lasting peace that can ever be attained in Palestine will happen when Israel is utterly destroyed because they can never repay or even partially compensate, the Palestinians and the world, for all the torture, death and destruction they’ve been creating over the last 67 years.

In Minsk a similarly impossible outcome is also being sought. Russia, Ukraine and an obscure part of the EU are meeting to supposedly come up with a plan to end the slaughter in Ukraine.

Cynically Poroshenko and his piglets have not instituted a cease-fire of any duration, while the talks are on-going. That would have been a “show of good faith”, but nothing of the kind is apparent. Moreover, there has been no offering yet. Considering the huge loss of life, and the continuing shelling of Eastern Ukraine as if that part of the country is not part of Ukraine—when the exact opposite is true! This speaks volumes as to the insincerity of the Ukrainian side of these “talks”.

That has to be balanced against the Convoy of Russian Aid that has arrived with another one on its way to help the starving and thirsty people still trapped in the rubble.

But of course the most damning aspect is that since the current polices in Ukraine were designed, funded and promoted by United States Incorporated and Israel—there’s absolutely no hint that any of those “officials” will be present or consulted about whatever happens in Minsk. This makes the meeting in Minsk nothing but a side show, especially as there’s been absolutely no-change on the ground in the slaughter…

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So while the ‘headlines’ don’t seem as grim as they were just hours ago—everything still depends upon backing up any words with very clear and positive actions if the world is going to ever be able to breathe any easier, between now and whenever—given the massive volume of lies that have marked every phase of these two extremely deadly genocides…


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