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Hillary Clinton - Career Of Habitual
Unethical & Illegal Conduct


By Karl W. B. Schwarz


I am originally from Little Rock, Arkansas, so listen up American Sheeple.

I have been ‘up close and personal’ as Slick Willy’s skirt chasing has harmed my state and cost thousands of new jobs. This sleazy cretin even sexually molested my wife on State property and in front of her Arkansas State Crime Lab boss and other witnesses that suddenly had amnesia on what they saw happen. He was also hustling one of my top assistants in Little Rock. My now ex-wife was the Jane Doe that forced Slick Willy to settle the Paula Corbin Jones v William Jefferson Clinton lawsuit and then later he was disbarred for life as an attorney. All the US District Court judge in Little Rock was looking for was ‘a pattern of conduct’ and at least one witness that it was not just her word against the habitual liar that has the nickname Slick Willy. There were three witness, me, ex-wife and the former boss. That was all the judge needed to read to put Slick Willy in his place.

Hey Slick, telling the truth about you is a MORAL AND CIVIC DUTY!!! Especially after what you did to me on the Silver Spring Metro Center II building, leased to NOAA. Remember? Your hatchet man Barry Segal, the West Wing butt-wipe you had assigned to screw things up for me? $6.86 million per year, 15 years, Karl W. Schwarz Assignee of the US government? Pissed on the wrong feet, Bubba.

Damn, we got kicked off the Clinton Christmas card list, but ask me if I care. We also got kicked off the Bush and White House Christmas card list and did not care about that either. Maybe it is just me, but I prefer to not get a Christmas card wish from a godless lying asshole. Sort of spoils the season for me and why we even celebrate Christmas.

I have been ‘up close and personal’ watching both of the Clintons prove they have no morals, no ethics, no integrity and have no regard for the law or common decency whatsoever. Clinton Truth is an oxymoron; two words that should never be used together or in the same sentence except in a negative context in that Clinton and Truth do not coexist.

This current flap over Hillary’s email use and abuse while at the State Department is merely one more wrong in a very long line of wrongdoings going back at least 35 to 40 years. It is a pattern of conduct by Bill and Hillary Clinton that is unethical, unscrupulous, indicative of a total lack of integrity and far too often illegal.

I have wondered for years if Hillary returned everything she stole from the White House? That was in the news if you missed it.

We have a dead US Ambassador in Benghazi while Hillary was apparently too busy raising funds for Clinton Foundation to pay attention to details as Secretary of State in the Obama Administration. That is what has set off the investigation into her conduct. They found the email matter and her personal server in her bathroom closet as part of that. Now there seems to be a second server they are looking into.

I started off in life as a Southern Conservative Democrat and changed to Conservative Republican for three reasons. First was Jimmy Carter’s actions that were wrecking the US economy. He devalued the US dollar, and set the stage for bad things to come later when Reagan was voted into office in a landslide victory.

It was no accident that Ronald Reagan won over 90% of the electoral vote and took all but 6 states and the District of Columbia.

The greatest achievement in that 1980 election was Reagan taking what had been a solid Democratic South since the Civil War. We Southern Conservatives knew Carter did not have the plan, nor did his future replacements the Clintons have a clue what America really wants or needs. We Southerners in what some call The Bible Belt detest liars and people of low moral character.

Secondly, in the early 1980’s US prime interest rates soared to 21% as the blowback for Carter errors. That was devastating to my home state of Arkansas where we had a state constitutional usury limit of 10%. That provision was added in after the Civil War due to the many Northern Carpetbaggers that flooded into the South to plunder it after the end of the bloodiest war the USA ever had and was fought on its own territory.

Many think these Wall Street Wolves created ‘death spiral financing’ but it was actually the Northern Carpetbaggers that came in to plunder the South after the Civil War ended in 1865.

The sucking sound we heard in the early 1980’s was the flight of capital out of Arkansas and home loans and financing for commercial buildings could not even be done if they exceeded 10%. All of them did exceed at that time because of what is described as an inverted yield curve in the US Treasury bond market, where 10 year rates were higher than 30 year rates. A 30 year home loan in my home state was not obtainable when the 10 year Treasury bond rates moved up to 11% to 14%, prime rate hit 21%, and the state constitution had a limit of 10%. If a person could not pay cash, assume a legal mortgage, or get the seller to carry the note, real estate sales and new development literally died because no one could get a mortgage that would comply with the 10% constitutional limit.

My design-build company kept growing because I went to Wall Street and we were doing ‘cash-on-cash’ investments for apartments, office buildings and shopping centers that did not include any mortgage. The tax advantages alone on a good project were worth it. That was the only way around the Arkansas Constitution usury limits that existed at the time.

Another factor was President Jimmy Carter appointed Hillary Clinton to the LSC, Legal Services Corporation, Washington DC. I knew that “red flashing lights” were already glaring. Carter appointed her as a favor for the Clintons helping him win the State of Arkansas for his one-term presidency.

The third and decisive factor was when I saw clearly what the Clintons really are and decided that the Democratic Party was not where my beliefs were anymore as a conservative. My Southern Conservative Democrat family came very close to disowning me for converting to Conservative Republican, until they started seeing the same Clinton Warning Signs, too.

At first I thought the Clintons were just very liberal hippy-style Democrats. It took time to clearly see that Slick Willy is a socialist communist that will tell any lie and has no morals or scruples whatsoever. It took even longer to see Hillary as the Bolshevik Marxist communist she is, with utter disdain for the USA and the law except how she can manipulate it to line her pockets. When it comes to money for the white trash Clintons, their fingers are very sticky and no lie is too big to tell.

There is no law on the books too big or too stiff for Hillary to stop dreaming up schemes to prove how smart she is and take a Good Hillary Piss on the USA and the laws. There is no conflict of interest she and her Slick Willy husband cannot equivocate their way around and then pretend they did nothing wrong.

There is an attorney in Van Buren Arkansas that went to Yale when the Clintons did. His comment has been proven to be true over the years: “When Hillary was at Yale she was so far left, The Left would not even talk to her.”

That the Clintons were both attorneys was not due to a high regard they have for the rule of law, rather how to break the law and get by with it. They excel in legalese and weasel words and phrases to razzle-dazzle. Going all the way back to Whitewater, the Crazy Checks Scam and a long list of other misdeeds, we Arkansans saw them clearly.

Most Americans missed the vote tally and the reality that Slick Willy did not win his own home state in the 1992 or 1996 elections. The rest of America should have heeded that warning in 1992 and Clinton lost Arkansas. In 1996 Clinton-Gore lost both Arkansas and Tennessee. Only the blind and willfully ignorant cannot see that handwriting on the wall.

They opted for Chappaqua NY after the White House gig because they really were not welcome back in Arkansas. I thought that odd, my sister lived there and left when the Clintons moved into that NY town. Nice place until the neighborhood got bad neighbors.

The editor Paul Greenberg of the editorial page in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette newspaper warned Americans just before the 1992 elections and clearly stated why that largest newspaper in Arkansas was not endorsing Clinton for President:

"Finally, and sadly, there is the unavoidable subject of character in a presidential candidate.... But it is not the duplicitousness in his politics that concerns so much as the polished ease, the almost habitual, casual, articulate way he bobs and weaves. He has mastered the art of equivocation. There is something almost inhuman in his smoother responses that sends a shiver up the spine. It is not the compromises he has made that trouble so much as the unavoidable suspicion that he has no great principles to compromise.'' -- Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, October 28, 1992.

That was just one paragraph from what might have been the longest, most detailed and best editorial that Paul Greenberg ever wrote. It is a classic on what the Clintons really are.

Shortly after Clinton announced for President in 1991, Meredith Oakley of the same newspaper wrote another true commentary on Clinton. If you have the time read “His word is dirt: Basking in Clinton's false and empty light” by Meredith Oakley, and note, she is a Democrat and so is Paul Greenberg. Unlike the Clintons, they are moderate Democrats that care about the future of America and not just the limelight and half-assed celebrity status to line Clinton pockets.

What you just read about Slick Willy Clinton by two of the top journalist with Arkansas’ largest newspaper applies 5 to 10 fold for Hillary and why she lies, lies and lies. She opens her mouth and the lies spew forth. I have watched her for over 35 years and have yet to see a single truth be uttered.

Many Americans do not know that one of the first actions Slick Willy did after being sworn in as President of the United States was to issue an Executive Order to mothball and scuttle the USS America nuclear aircraft carrier. The US Navy still had oil burning carriers in operation and the New Socialist President of the USSA took the aircraft carrier bearing the name “America” out of service and later was sunk for target practice.

If you think Hillary really cares about children, you need to research what Hillary and Lani Guanier did as the Ritalin and Crazy Checks scam and harmed tens of millions of US children. That was all for money, big political donations from Big Pharma to ‘the Clinton Cause’ as they call it. That it damaged and permanently disabled what is reportedly over 16 million children that are now dysfunctional adults, so what? As Hillary likes to say: “what difference does it make now?”

Makes a huge difference until you better understand the Clinton agenda of self-aggrandizement and self-serving egotism, self-empowerment and self-enrichment. Hillary could not care less that her Crazy Checks / Ritalin scam harmed millions of children and she did it absolutely on purpose.

It would make a huge difference if she cared about children at all, but I digress. She could not care less about your children, your grandchildren, your problems, or if she had a direct hand in creating you or your children as her victim.

Anyone can do a little digging and find plenty of sleazy, underhanded and often illegal things that both of the Clintons have done. It is a pattern of conduct, a scofflaw attitude that they are smarter and more special and ‘more entitled’ than anyone else. It is not a ‘vast Right Wing conspiracy’; it is the simple fact that the Clintons are sleazy unethical human beings, liars and criminals.

The Legal Services Corporation is a quasi-governmental entity funded by Congress and its purpose is so the poor can have adequate legal representation in important civil cases. Its charter and federal law specifically forbids that the federal funds can be used for political activism.

Well, it did not take Hillary Rodham Clinton very long to piss on that law and that prohibition on the use of funds.

Over time Hillary became the chairwoman of LSC and then directly violated federal law in doling out over $360 million of funds intended for legal representation of the poor to the political activism that she, her husband and their flock of socialist, communist and Bolshevik nitwits believe in.

The LSC charter and federal law specifically forbid the use of those funds for political activism, but they did it anyway. Donna Shalala in Wisconsin was pushing for all sorts of things as ‘gay activism’ with this money before she was appointed Secretary of DHHS, Department of Health & Human Services. So was Robert Reich before he was appointed Secretary of Labor. So was Janet Reno before she was appointed Attorney General of the US and we all watched as crime, fraud and government corruption escalated. I used to laugh that I was not surprised that Janet “Mr. Magoo” Reno could not figure out which way that ‘dastardly wabbit’ Bugs Bunny went.

Down in Florida Janet Reno was pushing a massive agenda of getting Social Security benefits for chronic alcoholics and drug abusers. If you were gay, alcoholic and drug abuser, so much the better to define you as a victim. They wanted self-inflicted victims to be on the public dole permanently. Donna Shalala was pushing an agenda for gay rights and yet more SS benefits for American ‘victims’ and ‘disabled’ because they are gay. Robert Reich was trying to get most of the State of Maine handed back over to the Native American Indians.

I have talked to many attorneys and judges and none of them can see any correlation between ‘legal services for the poor’ and what Hillary was doing in misappropriating over $360 million for her version of political activism. For example, what does ‘legal for the poor’ have to do with pushing an agenda for some wealthy drug user or gay person so they can be entitled to get SS benefits? This was all to establish the legal precedents to rob the bank and the public treasury.

I have asked many Americans to their face: ‘where do you think they came up with the idiots they appointed to the Clinton Cabinet?’ They were all part of the rape of a certain part of the Social Security system.

What they were after was the Social Security Disability Insurance Trust funds, and if ‘creating’ the victim is necessary to pull off the US Treasury robbery, that is perfectly OK. Just ask Hillary and she will tell you another Hillary Fable (like non-existent snipers she faced) and “what difference does it make now?”

I have included a PDF link here of a letter that was sent to Vice President Joe Biden, but in his capacity as President of the US Senate. The Social Security Trustees, as they are called, were warning Biden that the till is just about bled dry by all of this ‘socialism’ and free money going on.

Read about the status of the Social Security Disability Insurance Trust Fund. They robbed and broke that bank, too. The Clintons and their sycophants have been very busy creating as many ‘victims’ as they can that can be relied upon to vote “D” to keep those checks coming in.

This has been part of the Clinton agenda, create as many Dependent American Victims as they can that will always go into a voting booth and blindly push “D” to keep those Easy Money checks coming in. They did it in Arkansas and then went national with their lunacy and thieving character.

That was all for what is called ‘vote pandering’ to get the votes for the Clintons and whoever the Clintons endorse. They did the same in Arkansas, even illegally using school buses in the various districts to get the vote out for the Clintons and their buddies so they could stay in power. Instead of school buses running routes for children, they were running routes to get voters to the polls for the Clintons. Anything to get those bigger free welfare and government checks from Uncle Sam, the Clintons were more than willing to help them dig in at the DC Hog Trough Diner.

The first Clinton presidency touted him as ‘the economic development governor’ and ‘the education governor’. He was a fraud and a disaster for my home state in both categories. They even misappropriated funds from a large Arkansas Educational program for their national activism as a lead up to their bid for the White House. The Arkansas legislature was trying to upgrade education in Arkansas but the Clintons could not resist dipping into that till, too.

Their agenda cannot be sold on its own merit and is the root cause of their deceitful ways. They prefer instead to create victims that are dependent upon and subservient to the Federal Socialist State, which has now morphed into the Fascist Zionist Neocon state. That is why the Liberals and Progressives are scratching their heads and shrugging their shoulders trying to figure out why both RNC and DNC are the War Party. It’s the Economy, Stupid!!! It is the Elite Special Interests, Stupid!!!

Behind the scenes the Clintons are always angling for Big Money from those Elite Special Interests and willing to sell their soul or screw you over to get it.

The reason Hillary looks like warmed over ‘you know what’ is she has had to pretend to be a Conservative Neocon to the point she has to go home and wretch every night like a bulimic. Just to keep selling her agenda she has played the chameleon part to the point I doubt she knows anything about anything, except her original Bolshevik Marxist programming agenda that is NOT PRO-AMERICA.

In Hillary’s mind the USA has enough money to make communism work. She loves the authoritarianism of Bolshevik communism. The Neocon version will suffice for now, as long as she has a place at the DC Hog Trough Diner.

What she truly believes in is the antithesis of what America is all about, so when the Neocons came along she had to morph like a chameleon but only for her own self-empowerment and self-enrichment. It was during the first Clinton Administration that the RNC and Haley Barbour let the DNC Far Left Zionist Jew nutcases move over to RNC and pretend to be Conservative, with the provisional label of NEOCON. Think on that, I was there and fought it every step of the way from 1990 to 1996.

What Haley Barbour did was what cost Clinton the House and Senate in 1994. The Zionist Jew money went flooding into the RNC coffers. They were going to get the Global War on Terror against Islam that Israel wanted. Get it? When JOHN BOLTON took over at National Policy Forum, forced to be disbanded and later resurfaced as PNAC, the RNC had the DNC on the ropes as to who was going to launch the GWOT. GET IT?

The average American cannot tell the difference anymore because there is no difference. Both sides of the aisle have been compromised.

The Clinton ­ Reno tenure was a constant attempt to weasel-word US laws so that there would be more American dependents and victims that needed the US government. Their goal was to undermine the very fabric of US laws, not uphold the US Constitution and the rule of law.

Get a clue American Sheeple: The Patriot Act was started by Clinton and Reno, not George Bush and his War Criminal Gang. There has been a systematic undermining of the US Constitution and US laws by both major political parties on behalf of the special interests people that own both parties. The biggest backers of the Clintons are the true enemies of democracy, freedom and liberty.

The information on Wikipedia regarding Hillary Clinton is as big of a whitewash as Barack Obama and his birth certificate and university records. What Hillary Clinton did at LSC was blatantly illegal (criminal felony illegal) and it was not “just using the funds to fight back against Ronald Reagan cutting the funding or placing extremely defined limits on how the money could be spent”. Hillary must have inserted that into Wikipedia herself. Those legislative changes were sought due to Hillary Clinton and her band of socialist thieves having already robbed the bank to the tune of over $360 million. The bank had already been robbed and why President Reagan was taking action.

Reagan was going to have the DOJ put Hillary Clinton behind bars where she belongs, but had to call off the law enforcement dogs at FBI and DOJ. The DOJ was also looking at bringing criminal charges against Shalala, Reich and Reno, too.


Read on, because you will not find this information in US History books or any Clinton Confessional.

Bill ‘Slick Willy’ Clinton had a trump card to play on Reagan and spare Poor Hillary from spending time behind bars.

How can a Governor of Arkansas, and then ousted as governor for one term, blackmail a sitting US President?

The correct answer is IRAN CONTRA and the involvement of Arkansas in that sordid affair.

The Iran Contra affair was not a Reagan gig, it was Vice President George H W Bush and his CIA buddies. The airport in Mena Arkansas was being used to ship out illegal arms and bring in huge amounts of cocaine, all by our ‘not law abiding’ government. Some of the AR-15 rifles were being converted into fully-automatic M-16’s by a company in Arkansas. That company was owned by the father-in-law of Webb Hubbell, former Deputy Attorney General in the first Clinton term in office and later convicted for running dirty errands for Slick Willy and his criminal wife. Hubbell was also a partner in the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock, same place as Hillary Clinton.

Reagan had recruited one of the top Democrats in Arkansas to what RNC Finance calls Team 100. That is not 100 people, those are the people that donate $100,000 or more to RNC Finance. The name of that man was Jackson T. Stephens (deceased), Stephens, Inc. in Little Rock.

When I converted to the GOP I was invited to have lunch in the Stephens, Inc. private dining room with Witt Stephens (deceased) to discuss the matter. It was OK since one of my primary reasons was the Clintons and what they really are. In a Democrat Bubba Mafia run state, sudden jolts of a well-known man becoming a Republican gets more attention than you might imagine.

This was the same racist Jackson T. Stephens that refused to award Tiger Woods his first Green Jacket when he won the Masters Golf Tournament and Stephens was also the President of Augusta National Golf Club. (I always privately thought that Stephens might be the Grand Wizard of the KKK in Arkansas, too, because his politics were so one-sided and very much what I call ‘White Cracker Supremacy’.)

Some of you may remember his name and the company as being involved in the Bert Lance (Carter Administration) dirty bank fiasco with BCCI, Bank of Commerce & Credit International. It was also euphemistically known as Bank of Crooks and Criminals International. It was a CIA dirty money operation.

Jack and his older brother Witt Stephens hated Bill and Hillary Clinton with a passion mainly due to their pandering to the Black vote. In fact, he would back anyone but the Clintons until I handed Slick Willy proof in his office that Stephens Inc. had been plundering the PERS and STRS pension funds. The PERS is Public Employees Retirement System and STRS is State Teachers Retirement System. There was about $52.4 million missing and was due to an elaborate scheme of overbilling by Stephens and their clearinghouse Merrill Lynch. [Hint: Barbara Bush is a descendant of one of the Merrill Lynch Fenner Pearce & Smith founders.] American royalty?

This cartoon when the Clintons left the White House is exactly why Jackson T. and Witt Stephens detested them, until I unwittingly thought the Governor of Arkansas would put the people first (PERS and STRS pension funds) rather than extortion of a political enemy. I knew Stephens could not stand Clinton but little did I know at the time that Slick Willy was not above extortion or blackmail.

Note that the cartoon is from the same newspaper mentioned earlier where Paul Greenberg and Meredith Oakley wrote the truth about Clinton. (Yes, that is the theme song from the TV sitcom “The Jefferson’s”.)

Since Clinton was Governor of Arkansas I expected him to enforce the law against Stephens and hand the matter over to the Attorney General for prosecution. At a very minimum, get the PERS and STRS money back. Little did I know Clinton intended to extort Stephens for political backing and blackmail a sitting President of the United States. When dealing with 21% interest rates and the Arkansas usury limit of 10%, for about 3 years I did not have the time or luxury to keep up with the thieving ways of the Clintons outside of Arkansas.

The director of the Arkansas Industrial Development Commission at the time was asking me to take over as the President of ADFA. There were two candidates and I was being promoted to take over ADFA. That acronym stands for Arkansas Development Finance Authority. I knew how to use that special group to get things turned around in my home state and had the connections on Wall Street to make things happen. I had the chance to see their books and was appalled at what I found.

There was a huge block of US Treasury bonds on the books that ADFA had not purchased, someone parked those bonds there and they were producing a huge amount of cash flow just due to the semi-annual interest payments the US government was making to ADFA. Where the money was going was not accounted for on the books. I knew that was not normal so dug deeper and ran into a stone wall.

ADFA was a conduit for Iran Contra and the Clintons knew all about it. Slick Willie as governor and Hillary at the Rose Law Firm / Stephens, Inc. were up to their earlobes in Iran Contra. It was also known that Stephens Inc. was up to their earlobes in the dirty bank scandal involving BCCI. This one had CIA and ‘avoid prosecution by helping’ written all over it.

In addition to making sure Clinton lost the House and Senate in 1994, long before that when Clinton wanted to put Jackson T. Stephens in as US Secretary of Treasury that ‘balloon’ got blasted out of the sky based on information I gave the RNC.

One has to be vigilant about freedom and liberty, but one also has to be vigilant about keeping the riff raff out of seats of power or giving them the keys to the bank to rob it.

President Reagan did not know anything about Iran Contra until this ‘drop all charges on Hillary’ was put on his desk from the RNC. Slick Willy Clinton threatened to expose it all if Reagan pursued the criminal charges against Hillary Clinton. The drugs, illegal arms, the death squads in Central America, the slush fund of US Treasury bonds parked at ADFA so no one knew about the money, and illegal mercenary troops, etc. There were certain parts of the Arkansas State Police that were providing ‘armed convoy’ services, with Clinton’s knowledge, but also feeding intel reports back to Clinton as governor.

It was Jack Stephens that had to deliver the ‘bad news’ to the RNC and Reagan about what Clinton was going to do if Reagan pursued criminal charges against Hillary for what she had done in stealing over $360 million for the type of political activism that federal law prohibits at Legal Services Corporation.

It all came out anyway regarding Iran Contra from another direction, but what did not come out was knowledge of Iran Contra by the Clintons that kept her from going to prison. When Iran Contra was public knowledge and people were being investigated, the criminal prosecution of Hillary Rodham Clinton was a thing of the past. Reagan had much bigger problems on his plate than one sleazy woman from Arkansas named Hillary Rodham Clinton.

I knew from my own sources within RNC that Reagan was appalled at what George H W Bush and the CIA were doing. While Reagan was focused on Iran this back door operation VP Bush and the CIA were doing was not authorized by the President.

America needs to wise up and let the law work. Hillary Clinton is a criminal and has been all of her adult life. So is her husband.

It is time to flush the toilet in DC and get rid of these arrogant Bush and Clinton nitwits and all of their likeminded sycophants. They do not give a damn about America or you.

This is what Hillary Rodham Clinton deserves. Let the rule of law shine for a change to fix a grievous wrong and properly punish the guilty.


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