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Having It Both Ways!

By Jim Kirwan


Jonathon Pollard was allowed to avoid the death penalty in the 1980’s despite the fact that he had been convicted of treasons that directly affected thousands of Americans. Pollard is still a rabid and unapologetic Zionist spy, who supposedly worked for the U.S. Navy as an American citizen. His punishment should have been death, but it was commuted to life in prison.

Now the Obama Department of Just-Us wants to release him as a favor to Israel in the fake-negotiation of the Palestinian Peace Accords that have already failed.

This is the same Just-Us Department that still allows these crimes, shown below, to go unpunished across the nation to this day: Especially since Obama’s Department of Homeland Security now makes round-the clock war on all of us.

On top of this; the CRIMINAL ‘Just-Us Department’ has been selling arms to international drug dealers thru Fast & Furious, in addition to torturing unindicted-people for alleged but unproven war crimes around the world. This is the same ‘totally criminal department’ which now wants to free Pollard; a confirmed-traitor convicted of Treason in an open U.S. court, despite the damage which this particular Zionist deliberately did for money and to harm the interests of the United States.

Barrack has seen fit to kill hundreds of people under NDAA, illegally, but according to Obamanation ‘everything he does is legal.

Now Obama wants to have everything both ways.

He wants to keep on killing innocent people, because he says he has the right to, while he uses this convicted traitor to appease Israel, in direct violation of every US Law that was set up to prevent this from happening.

So while there’s still no relief for the victims of the traditional crimes shown above, Obama still wants to free the one person clearly and legally convicted of actual TREASON, in order to bow down yet again, to the unindicted but global war-criminal Bibi Netanyahu.

At the end of the day, if Obama gets his way this will be the result for Jonathon Pollard

But the people of this nation will get nothing but more crime

More terror and more lies to feed upon.

Obamanation can’t have this lie both ways:

But he will if you tolerate this?



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