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H2O Returns to Earth

By Jim Kirwan

Photo by Lucy Pringle

I’ve got some information from a distant source about an event that will begin in the next 48 to 72 hours. I know my source, but the information is new to me. I’m bringing this to you because it represents the first major breakthrough that I know of, since the laws against using the weather as weapon were created by the UN in 1947.

Since then the world has had the use of weather modification to improve the weather for crops and to avoid natural disasters. But since the new millennium began the weather all over the world has been manipulated in order to end our lives as we’ve known them. HAARP’s hammer has been going non-stop and unopposed since it was created.

Yesterday I learned of this new process that will finally counteract HAARP and bring this crime wave to an end. It will begin to take back the jet stream and the winds aloft that bring the storms, tornados and the drought that’s now become deadly in California to an end.

There are ether based equations developed by Viktor Schauberger in the 1930’s that have now been modified using Maxwell’s Equations which will culminate in this global breakthrough that can counteract our problems with HAARP. This process is based not just in America but in Europe and Australia as well. (1)

This technology has been 3 years in development and successfully tested 26 times. Where HAARP’s power deals with the manipulation of heat and its effects resemble that of a hammer, this ether based process uses cold to counteract the heat and a scalpel to mitigate the damages previously done.

The process of combining ether with H2O works because these elements are naturally attracted to each other. This dynamic new equation and the result of these combinations will be activated in America to produce a soft and soaking rain in California for seven to ten days, and that’s just the beginning.

What effect this type of rain might have on the fires still burning in Southern California may not be absolute. But this rain is badly needed throughout the state—to salvage what might still be possible with some of the crops and to fill the reservoirs.

At last the world has found a way to neutralize HAARP, with this powerful antidote that will kick in 48 to 72 hours; with the first public demonstration that we are successfully fighting back and that the days of working for HAARP are going to be severely numbered.

This is no small thing. This is Huge. This is the first major step toward putting this government on notice that their days are numbered too.

The beauty of this is that everyone in California will be able to see what it is and experience it, as it’s coming down… It will last from seven to ten days and this is only the beginning!

It’s amazing what a few dedicated people can do despite the odds when it really counts!

More information will be made available after the rains begin.

1) Viktor Schauberger


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