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The Grinding Predicament
Of Endless Immigration

By Frosty Wooldridge


The three largest Western countries, America, Canada, Australia and Europe maintain the most responsible birth rates in the world. The citizens of those countries practice birth control, which brought their birth rates down to 2.0 or less in the past 45 years.

While Western thinking and intelligent action created stable societies, the rest of the world roared ahead by adding 3.5 billion in those 45 years and continues with 80 million, net gain, annually, or 1 billion added every 12 years. And, no end in sight as humans see a projected 3.1 billion more within 36 years by 2050.

Most Western elites continue urging the wealthy West not to stem the migrant tide [that adds 80 million net gain annually to the planet], but to absorb our global brothers and sisters until their horrid ordeal has been endured and shared by all—ten billion humans packed onto an ecologically devastated planet.” Dr. Otis Graham, Unguarded Gates

Annually, 18 million starve to death and at least 2 billion live within the “human misery index” of daily water and food scarcity. Notwithstanding, they keep reproducing without end, means or understanding.

Those folks continue adding 80 million annually, so, in order to save themselves, they export endless millions of their numbers into stable Western countries who chose 2.0 birth rates.

In the meantime, not one world leader addresses it. Not one Western leader touches the subject. Immigration remains the “last taboo” right up there with the “Earth is flat”; “Adam and Eve constitute the first humans”; “the Bible is the final say”; “The sun and universe rotates around the Earth” as spoken by the Pope; and finally, let’s not deal with “global climate change” or the fact that we face complete “Peak Oil energy exhaustion” within 40 years. If we ignore it, the whole mess will go away.

Answer: not on your life!

Some of us deal with immigration because it not only adds to Canada, America, Europe and Australia’s final horrific population expansions—the added numbers from the Third World, when they reach the First World, they begin to quintuple their use of resources—thus magnifying the carbon footprint, water footprint, resource footprint and energy footprint. Not by a little, but by an “exponential growth” factor second to none. Therefore, immigration into the West creates a nightmare. What might that nightmare mean? It means the Third World keeps using the First World for a human exhaust vent.

In the end, the West ultimately faces duplicating the Third World in overpopulation and resource usage. It won’t be pretty folks.

A reader responded to my last missive, “Once again, someone claims that any focus on immigration to the United States is a meaningless distraction. In effect, he-she is saying that the annual addition of more than 30 million consumers to the third most populous and industrialized nation on earth is irrelevant. Moreover, since all nations and all global citizens will be subject to an energy contraction, building walls will not insulate us from that impact.

This stance is not credible. If energy deliveries will contract, it is ever more imperative to contract the number of consumers in America, or at the very least, prevent the US population from growing. Each additional American citizen will reduce the per capita share of non-renewable resources. We may not be able to solve the energy crisis, but surely we can't stand by and allow that crisis to be accelerated by an indifference to immigration growth.

He or she hopes to reduce population levels by a grassroots approach, by building a "belief consensus" for population reduction among target groups, like "grandmothers" who are not in the breeding phase of life. But how do you sell birth control to people who look around and see their own communities bulge with immigrants, legal and illegal? How do you tell the Smiths and the Jones' that they should not have children when the Sanchez family down the block is having five?

As one of my critics told me, governments are determined to grow the population by one means or another. If citizens choose not to birth children at a replacement level, then governments will import them. "I prefer to have my own children than to outsource that job to immigrants", she said. This is a natural reaction. If you don't reduce immigration, you can't convince people to remain childless in the interest of population control.

BTW, regarding target audiences. Have you ever met a grandmother or grandfather who wasn't absolutely delighted at the prospect of having a grandchild?

Let's get real. Controlling migration is the most efficient method of controlling or reducing population growth. "But how does that affect global population levels?” he or she asked. The answer is that open borders are a proven fertility stimulant to those countries, which rely on massive emigration to relieve their population pressures and gain remittance money. The Philippines and Haiti are a case in point. Migration promotes global population growth.”

Fellow humans, this writer puts it into logical perspective. We cannot and will not survive our current path. I guarantee it. We better move this issue to the top of the national conversation. We must strive to write, speak and multiply our numbers and message.

To argue or dialectic the issue endlessly and fruitlessly among ourselves gets us nowhere. I have given you the top addresses of all the top media in the past. Use them, write them, call them, speak to them, agitate to them and maintain your tenacity with your relentless enthusiasm. You are the Thomas Paine’s, George Washington’s, Ben Franklin’s, Thomas Jefferson’s, Abigail Adams’, Joyce Tarnow’s, Dr. Diana Hull’s, Dr. Albert Bartlett’s, Susan B. Anthony’s, Jo Wideman’s, Dr. John Tanton’s, Madeline Weld’s, Jenny Goldie’s, Tim Murray’s, Eric Rimmer’s, Brian McGavin’s, Mark O’Connor’s, Marylou Tanton’s and Abe Lincoln’s of the 21st century.

This is your watch, so move out and change history toward a viable planet for your children.



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