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It's All Good?

By Jim Kirwan

I guess it depends on how you see this place and the creatures that live in it.

One of our major problems has always been that those who live below the poverty-lines, seldom if ever get to breathe the same air, as the owners of that air; which has always been reserved for only the very, very few.

The truth is that no matter how segregated the world is where the slaves are kept; the stench will always rise to the top: No matter how much “SECURITY” they try to use to keep that from happening…

In the meantime everything continues to fall apart, and the creatures that were once humans, still have no where to go, because “we” refused to do anything at all to change our condition.

So we continue to the filthy ground that has become our everyday way to bend-over and just take whatever they’re dishing out no matter how illegal, no matter how obscene. Those “LAWS” that we “must obey” are no longer anything with any substance at all behind them/ Ergo it has become every man woman and child for him or herself from here on in: Unless we resist the crap their selling!

READER: “Geez, take it easy bro! I think we have many things to go over here, because we are getting so close to the core now, of both our works. Truth seeking leads us there,

"We built this City" comes to mind”

k: Musicians didn’t build anything here, not then and not now. In fact many of them were the first to sell out to the corporate owners. Sex, Drugs & Rock & Roll was an import that came straight from the owners that have always run Hollywood.

OMG ! Carrying Double Axes now? LOL that's really cool.”

k: Not as bad as it sounds. It’s only one or the other, two aren’t really necessary. I started doing that about ten years ago when I was painting all three campuses of a college, in the city. It was called New College of California, and it went under.

When I started I took the bus, it’s about five miles each way. But rapidly that became impossible because of the gang-bangers discussing which guns went well with which outfits; as if no one else was on the bus. That’s when I began wearing a well-used claw hammer hanging from my hip. They didn’t miss that and left me alone, but the buses were still slow and they were still stifling. So I began walking and discovered that I could actually get there faster than the bus could take me. The air was fresh, no one messed with me, and I could stop along the way for whatever, wherever I felt like it.

I carried a pack most days with about 50 pounds of tools inside. I traveled from lower Nob-Hill down though the Tenderloin and the Projects then on into the Mission. I got to know a lot of people in the three years it took to paint the entire collage. People on the streets in the alleys and on the well-worn corners. We didn’t exchange names, but we got to know each other. Most called me “Painter-man”. There were no problems after I began to walk. Day or night rain or shine, 7 days a week, all kinds of hours ­ life was GREAT! My compatriots were paying to join a Gym: I got paid to exercise instead?

Yes everyone adds their shit to the pile in these Cities. I just feel it’s the wrong direction, the wrong kind of terra-forming

and mostly for very wrong reasons, sex drugs money and energy etc.”

Everyone tends to make their own world out of whatever they find when they arrive. If you want trouble that’s the easiest thing in the world to find. If you want drugs, sex, rock & roll that too is available, at a price that’s seldom posted at the door. In case you missed the memo the bums that prefer the latter entertainment don’t tend to live a long life—but hey! It’s loud and crazy and oh yeah it’s insane!

Yet everyone can have all that and much, much more when liberated from the Manhattan Matrix But like I said, a few will live and most will die…ie”

Matrix my ass! There is no such thing in this life ~ that’s a contemporary fairy-tale that sounds good at times, but in practice that’s an entirely different world. Mainly that appeals to those who just can’t wait to become “machines” ­ the rest of us aren’t really interested.

They are still hangin’ around Tokyo still to this day, even though it’s covered in radiation off the scale! What most come away with when they have been to a Slum is why do they stay there and not just walk away while they can?”

I used to tell people that when I was a teenager in OKC, because it was a dump. Oakie City was never a real city, it was just make-believe on every front. The same was true of LA as well.

Or why people cling to underwater mortgages or any of the other nightmares. It’s this Clinging that is at the root of the problem, a Buddhist truth one should consider.

Yes I have lived all over and top to bottom 6 times over, its my little 5th house that I find more peace in, a little homestead cabin. No not some PURE separate existence, if there is such a thing, but at least out of the line of fire below! Its place I can experiment with, try new ideas out, see what works, it’s good for the body-mind-soul.”

I didn’t tend to put much faith in that, I preferred people to just places. I’ve never been very big, but I’ve always delighted in conversations and the occasional confrontations where there isn’t any choice. I’m equally at ease reaming out a city council meeting or hanging out in a biker-bar. Guess I’m lucky because I like people, a lot: All kinds of people! They’re fascinating and most are individual in their own ways, once you get to know them.

My various professions have required that I learn how to communicate differently with many different kinds of people ­ and with the seasonings provided by ‘life’ it can be enjoyable. Sometimes the way one speaks can defuse things, sometimes humor can do what threats cannot. Sometimes the situation requires more than just words to get the point across.

Hundreds of people know this well-worn face in the world, and after so many years here, I must know thousands of people by site alone. I’ve dealt with cops and lawyers since I was small and lately that’s been expanded to ICE patrol cars, local trainee cops, that fail to impress ­ but all in all, this place is still viable.

So now I see pretty clearly this important new Lifestyle Option, yes for lack of a better word, yes multi-connotational, doesn’t matter. It’s an alternative worth serious consideration.

Yes wasn’t the Biodoomee incredible folly and the movie was way fun also. That was then and this is way past that point. This is simple and affordable, and really healthy, healing and living. Oh yea beautiful and peaceful.

Oh I talk with city folks all day, they see it, it glances right off their granite facades.”

City people in the country on vacation are not the same for the most part, and probably you’re seeing some of that as well?

Accepting any of it means a crumbling of their Old World Order, Its "Theirs" they claim! Which none can handle, they can’t face the sinking, turn up the Media, Whiskey & Meds and they all are clinging soooo desperately, maxed out anxieties & fears and blackness.”

Those people are uniformly failures wherever they are and always have been ­ that’s nothing new. What is new is how many more of them there are: Now that their artificial worlds are beginning to crumble all around us all—they’re everywhere now.

There are not many ways out of the Matrix!!!

Live, Fight and Die in it I don’t have a truckload of ammo for such adventures. Walk away quietly, with a flute, a bedroll & Kung Fu Manual Been There Done that

Run Screaming. There's a light up above, a way out!!!

Like a trapped coal miner! I simply choose to come back, do more research and tell about the light and how to connect to it. "The Photons Boss, the Photons! Oh Shut up Rico! " ;-)

Michael Savage had a cool joke about it He called these vegan yuppies the Chlorophyll Girls! LOL Oh Michael Loves the City deeply like you do Jim.”

Michael is Michael Swartz and we’re very much

NOT the same. But I get your drift.

And I do think you the two could run the place far, far better and it would be cool again, but in the meantime, Its not really fit for human occupation, only Reptiles and Slaves.”

All I wanted was to be left-alone to do my work and live my life as I saw fit. I don’t want to run other-people’s lives, I never have. And in that vein I’ve come across multitudes of those who feel the same way I do ­ but none of us will be allowed to do that much longer.

Consequently everything will change and very soon. Because the traitors and the outlaws will never stop and because too many of those who still say that “they are free” ~ are NOT!

Nobody gets out of this place alive. I would rather that so many won’t be forced to leave so early, just because they continue to refuse to see or hear or ‘know’ what they have known since long before this all came to be the only actual reality today…



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