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Going Back To The Future


By Jim Kirwan


The last segment of Midnight Caravan

From the Kirwan Calendar1980, published by Pomegranate Publications.

This features an early version of The Four Horsemen as they leave their canvas,

Yet they remain apart from,

This Caravan of dreams that comes in from the midnight just outside

Bordered as we always are by the sparse knowledge of our human history

As their dusty pages come to life.

On last night’s radio interview with Jeff I was talking about the colors I use in my work. I neglected to mention the disconnect that exists between what most people remember of the ‘classic-colors’ in the work of the ‘old masters’ and what passes for today’s ‘art’.

This ‘disconnect’ was actually only recently discovered when the Cysteine Chapel ceiling was thoroughly cleaned. It turns out that the colors used by the ‘old-masters, including Michelangelo, were the same colors used in my self-taught efforts since I began to paint. The difference between what we have preserved of many of the old masters, as to what their work looks like now, has basically been distorted by time to the point that the colors have been skewed to appear to be much darker than they were originally. In much the same way as politicians today continue to cast our chances of survival, as much darker than they actually are.

The world has similar problems today with how the world looks in the Post Modern Political Era, when this unproven system is compared with what we now think of as ‘the old modern age’, that has subsequently been labeled as “no longer relevant” to the world we find ourselves living in today.

Much of what we no longer know was unearthed in the late 1400’s by Leonardo da Vinci. This was a man who single handedly ‘created’ sixteen separate fields of endeavor, over the course of his life: Much of which has still not been completely understood. There were no copyrights to limit his knowledge, no patents to be dealt with and yet most of his ‘work’ only became widely understood two hundred years after his death. In fact as late as 1965, we were still uncovering parts of what he knew, recorded and practiced. The book which explains this phenomena is called:

The Unknown Leonardo” Published and © by McGraw Hill in 1974.

Some of what the heavily illustrated book covers deals with ‘his life and work, and the most relevant political and cultural occurrences during his time in a synoptical chronology ­ a biography in pictures and words.’ It covers his art, his literary legacy, his extraordinary advances in equestrian history and sculpture ­ having created entirely new casting methods as he investigated the possibilities therein. His advances in music, ‘as a performer, as a researcher into the nature of sound, and as an inventor and designer of musical instruments. Leonardo as military architect and engineer, as designer of gigantic projects for both war and peace, and as an ingenious cartographer far beyond his time.

The CIA among other dark-forces are still studying his works for their own purposes. How sad that the supposed experts of this age have no interest in what has already been discovered back in the fifteenth century, unless it involves the murder of the world.

Two sides of Leonardo: His desire to unburden the working man by means of constructing machines and his attempts at building weapons of devastating power even though he abhorred war.

Leonardo’s study of hydraulics and the resistance of structural materials and their applications in his designs for monumental projects of the day.’ The book contains a discussion of his notes, observations. Criticisms and reflections that established him as a supremely important theoretician of art and the works in his theories are applied. There is also his concerns with time and its measurement thru clockwork elements and by his advanced studies of pendulum motion.

The table of contents mentions: “His life ­ his work ­ his time” Painter, Writer, Sculptor, Music, Architect, Machines & Weaponry, Mechanics of Water and Stone, Horology, the Elements of Machines…” there are also his studies of flight, medicine, the inner workings of the human body along with the way the world actually works… there are also five pages in his own words about his life and work. Here’s a small example.

Water struck by water forms circles around the point of impact; the voice in the air creates the same along a greater distance, fire goes still further, and still farther the mind in the universe; but since the universe is finite, the mind does not reach infinity.” Leonardo da Vinci

The point here is that Leonardo was a universally creative person who brought much to humanity that was ignored during his time; probably for very much the same reasons that humanity has today been handcuffed and chained to what is now called the post-modern world: Which borders on recreating the stone age and goes back to even before that time, in the name of greed and global-dominance beyond all possibility for any measurement in 2015.

Had the world followed his lead, instead of just trying to convert his works into weapons of war and death, the world could have been living in what would be today’s version what we can only dream about today.

Ironically Leonardo died a pauper, after being condemned by the Vatican, so it’s easy to see why his real work was blocked and buried ­ almost up until now.

Leonardo’s life was a melding of science and art much like the way men and women were originally intended to work in tandem, to create better ways of life and progress—that with the hypocritical declaration of war upon both nature and women, by the current would-be owners of the ruins of this planet, represents the fact that there is nothing left to inherit. This circumstance virtually guarantees that the future for anyone alive today will soon look exactly like Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and soon Ukraine: Unless we murder the entire post-modern way of viewing this planet and begin to assist in freeing the people of this world in that process…

But there is more hope than was envisioned by the creatures that just unveiled this obscenity in Frankfurt Germany. Here is the building that took five years to build that represents global dominance over all the people of the world, built with money stolen from all the people in the EU, using “austerity” to create total dominance over the people who paid for this just unveiled obscenity! Germany is rising in rebellion over this unbelievably expensive symbol of tyranny that must be destroyed—because if it is allowed to remain on the planet, then the demise of the human race will be the only outcome possible—because this is what “The End of Dreaming” looks like—unless the world rises up and literally tears this apart.

Fury in Frankfurt: Beginning at 2min 27sec.

Police have cracked down on demonstrators outside the new European Central Bank in Frankfurt. Some ten thousand people rallied against the tough austerity proposals, promoted by the institution, seen above. Hundreds of protestors were arrested…

We’ve seen police cars burned, we’ve seen rubbish bins burned, paint thrown at police as well. There's around 10,000 demonstrators and around 10,000 police as well; a very, very visible and forceful police presence as tear gas was used earlier on those caught up in some of that near the burning police car. The idea of the demonstration itself was to block access to the new European Central Bank Building Headquarters here in the European financial capital of Frankfurt, however there is a message behind this demonstration… the whole idea of how Europe is financed needs to be changed…” There’s more at the link below.

One of the complete failures here by the bankers and the EU is the unavoidable dominance of this massive obscenity of obvious total control that cannot ever be escaped, by anyone in Frankfurt or the wider world. Every time anyone looks at this absolutely arrogant-waste of the people’s money, along with all the lies that built this “1984” vision of total system dominance over the lives of everyone in the failed EU and the world ­ will continue to fuel the rage that will ignite the absolute collapse of the entire financial arm of the EU. This ‘unveiling’ will force an end to the tyranny of NATO and USI’s interest in this particular battle of the current war upon the people of the world.

This aspect of the current global war will prove to have much more of an effect upon Ukraine and Syria, as well as everywhere else that the iron boots of the actual terrorists of Israel, USI, NATO and the UN are having by what is currently being practiced as “inescapable global-dominance”. When in truth, this entire episode has the capacity to bring down this entire global scheme, whose outright death in all things political and military not to mention societal is worldwide: This is what the planet is now facing…


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