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Essential Gnostic Truths - Chapter 40

Nuclear War

By Joseph Chiappalone MD


Nuclear war is inevitable. It is one of the quickest ways of evacuating vast numbers out of the physical. It will begin in the Middle East but many other areas will be bombed, for the fighting will spread without reason.

The U.S.A. and Russia will be greatly affected, as will be Europe and the Middle East. Africa, South America and Asia will be more affected by the consequences of the nuclear war, and not by the bombing. Mass starvation, disease and pestilence will be their lot.

Effects of a Nuclear Winter will be unavoidable. Israel will be totally destroyed in a flash. So will end the claim of `God's People'. All will know something far more than that which they acknowledged previously is at work when this happens.

The Christian Fundamentalist robots will go scurrying for cover. They will be beside themselves with fear.

This war will not last long, but it will involve all nations on all continents and will kill between one quarter to one half of the world's population.

Over the following 12 months after the war 50% of those remaining will die of disease or starvation or of the continuing fighting that will occur.

The one quarter that remain will be affected by all the natural disasters which will occur around the globe.

Not much more than 24 months after the war begins, it will be all over with all people dead.


(I have revised my estimate of the End to approximately November, 2016)


Hostilities will greatly increase between all nations and the scene will be very explosive. In the meantime, many more people will be absconded by the U.F.O.'s. Many more people will simply disappear.

U.F.O. sightings will dramatically increase and fear in communities will also increase.

The natural disasters will heighten tension among nations and this will facilitate commencement of the war.

The Japanese robots will be removed from the scene virtually overnight with the catastrophic destruction of the Japanese islands in a way which was previously described and which many have seen clairvoyantly. Massive earthquakes in the Mediterranean area will also occur as a compensatory mechanism.

The world economics will be destroyed with changes in the U.S.A., destruction of Japan, collapse of the Common Market. All the changes described previously by other seers will simply not have time to occur.

AIDS will continue to spread, but even the infected victims will die due to the nuclear war, or of starvation or of natural catastrophes before the illness has a chance to develop in them.

Once the process commences the speed of development will amaze all -

One catastrophe after another will occur.

One area after the other will be bombed.

One nation after the other will starve to death.

And there will be no help, for each of the other nations will be equally affected by radiation, failed crops and disease.

Most of the demons will be left as the last quarter of the population to leave the physical. They are to endure the most hardship, pain and sorrow, for it has been they who have been most forceful in destroying the True beings.

Most of the individuals who disappear will have been taken by the evil aliens. Very few will be the beings who have been chosen to continue in the new dimension.


(In other writings, I have given the number of approximately 650,000 as being Viable and worthy to continue existence).


All the might of all the nations of the Earth will be wiped out in a twinkling of an eye.

All will realize how impotent they really are.

All will know the real fear of failure.

All will know what it means to be Judged.


People with children flee from the scenes of massive fires and bombed cities as nuclear bombs explode around them. Acrid fumes make the air unbreathable and the throngs are asphyxiated.

The rotting carcasses give off a stench which becomes unbearable, and the living abandon the areas because of it. Everything is valueless now and the little hope of survival drives the survivors to the hills and scrub.

Pestilence and disease follow them like vapours and many succumb to the infections. They do not struggle but rather they seek death as a comfort.

All illusions have been shattered as people try to grasp at what they thought life was. All of a sudden money, prestige, ego and position mean nothing. All are equal, and all are equally poor, diseased, pathetic, panicky and fearful.

Very few had awakened sufficiently to understand that which is occurring and even those who had heard some parts of my message and Gnostic Truth now continue to deny that they are true, and turn angrily to vehemently deny the existence of any evil, or justice, or God.

To the last will the evil robots play their games of deceit. But to the last will they suffer in the manner in which they forced others to suffer and perish.

People are more than shell shocked. They are already moribund even if they have not been physically hurt, for their minds are jolted so severely that they cannot fully comprehend that which is happening around them. And this forces such a strain on their brain/body connection, that they are semi-frozen into inactivity.

So much of what they took to be familiar areas of their daily lives have now disappeared, that they are grossly disorientated.

And there is no one to fix their lives.

They can sense the doom.

They can smell their death.

They can feel their end coming.

This will be the time when the living will envy the dead. There is no pleasure in anything. Even the sun is lustreless and cold, for it appears unable to penetrate the massive dust clouds which persist in covering the continents.

Plants shrivel and die without adequate sunlight, and food production of course fails miserably. Many unashamedly revert to cannibalism, not even waiting for their victims to die. They actively pursue them to eat. Children are a primary target. And of course many others try to protect them. Battles ensue with much slaughter and carnage and those who fall are devoured.

Total breakdown of organized authority allows the development of power packs and vigilantes. Racial and other long standing hatreds are exposed and many seek vengeance, even without rational provocation.

More killing, more slaughter, more mayhem.

The numbers remaining decrease daily, as more and more are forced to leave the physical by a number of mechanisms.

No resources and no fuels, for the plants and factories close down. No power, no water in places and no travel. Water infected by many diseases.

Food contaminated

Crops fail.

Locusts and pests out of control.

Birds and insects, rodents and bacteria do better and attack the crops and people.

Scenes resembling the medieval plagues occur. Technology of little use.

Pharmaceuticals dry up and are not manufactured.

All sense the end of the Race is imminent.

Few turn to the Spiritual Truth of the time.

Deceivers and fools continue in their false doctrines.

They will not admit that they are wrong.

Few tolerate the fundamentalists and those who preach "Love will heal all."

Many massacred in anger.

Earth begins to crack up with landslides, volcanoes, earthquakes, etc.

Flooding takes many and destroys more and more arable land.

Extreme temperature conditions kill others.

Too much heat and too much frost in other places.

Massive number of suicides as many people cowardly seek a way out.

Deformed babies (due to the strong radiation) left to die. No means of helping them exists.

Loss of sexual programming causes fights between the sexes.

Drug use rampant while the drugs last.

People kill for the least reason.

Physical life no longer of any value.

Old and long forgotten differences are brought up and these cause much conflict and deaths.

Slowly each individual turns against every other individual whom he contacts.

Dissension will arise from the matter of colour, race, religions, sex, geography, disrespect, nationality, education, wealth, etc., etc..

No-one is safe.

A general apathy signaling loss of hope affects all remaining people and the realization that this is the end drives many insane.

In this phase, those who are to continue in the New Dimension are taken up by the crafts.

THE SUPREME BEING will appear when the conditions on Earth appear at their very worst.

People will need to realize the existence of a Superior Consciousness and they will witness its coming onto the various planes and dimensions around the physical, including the etheric and astral worlds.

The large cities and the more populous areas will be affected the most, and very quickly, by the nuclear affects, the food shortage, the contaminated water, the lack of power, the street violence, the infections and the pestilence.

These areas will be totally wiped out within a few short weeks to months after the commencement of the nuclear war. Other isolated packets of populations will be less affected and these will be subject to natural catastrophes in order to allow their devastation.

These natural changes will occur as a series over some months, nonetheless they will all be affected in due course.

Communication will be cut.

Travel will be minimal, even within countries.

Planes and ships will be inactive due to fuel lack, loss of skilled personnel and due to battles in ports of destination.

T.V. and Radios will be useless for there will be no transmissions.

Electricity will not be generated.

A total breakdown of civilization as it is known today will occur.

The isolated pockets of people who have prepared will survive on stored provisions until the final hour.

Those prepared, aware ones remain until the end because of work that needs to be done.

No-one outside of the very few will accept this message.

The War is won.

Nothing else matters.

The opposition is vanquished.



Seeing the world of today about to be destroyed, and understanding the reasons why it needs to be treated in this way, we can focus our attention on the glorious future in the New Dimension.

So lovely and pure will existence be in the `New World' that it is beyond description and comprehension of the physical minds of this plane.

All the evil with its ugliness, frustration, confusion, emotions, exploitation and smelly putrefaction will be left behind forever. It will be destroyed so that it cannot contaminate ever again.

Those in the New World will not have trouble adjusting, for all the mechanisms imposed upon them which respond to the impurity and which block purity will be eliminated.

So few are to continue. But each will be like a jewel in a crown, unique and much valued as well as beautiful and indispensable. No blemishes will exist for those who are to continue will be truly blessed with the Light of the Divine Being of Purity.

As the new settlers are accommodated, the unsavoury task of transmuting the damned will occur. Their consciousness and energy will be seen as filthy scum which needs to be scrubbed away from the dimension with as much force as possible.

Especially when one is working from a pure realm, the tolerance to such filth and evil will be very low indeed. And it will be an automatic reaction to destroy as much of it as possible and as quickly as possible.

Personalities will no longer be recognized. All that will be seen will be the consciousnesses as droplets of scum to be totally transmuted.

It is difficult to understand consciousness as being so sordid, but that is the truth of it. There is no other way of describing it.

Roughly there will be three groups apart from those taken in the course of action:

1.   The New settlers teleported out before the end

2.   Those of Light who will stay till the end.

3.   The robots and demons who will be forced to stay till the end.

Most of the early new settlers will need extensive recuperation, healing and retraining. They will enter the new Dimension when the others arrive.

Their recuperation and retraining will mainly be in the crafts and on level 5.

UFOs trapped within this dimension (around this plane) will also be dealt with in the way of judgement. Escape will be impossible once the dimension is sealed off completely, and this will occur very shortly.

At present UFOs and consciousness are able to travel between closely connecting dimensions.

There is a far greater universe with a far greater awareness than man will ever know.

This particular race (the human race) will disappear forever. It has been a miserable experiment of the demiurge and a great pain for the Light.

All traces of it will be totally eradicated as will be all memory in the continuing consciousnesses.

Other dimensions will take great heed of what is to happen in this one and they will be easier to manage. The control and transmutation of evil will occur in them without the degree of massive destruction necessary in this one.

It is like blowing up a village in a war, as other neighbouring ones see the effect of non-cooperation, they tend to be more co-operative.

Eventually all of the evil essence needs to be eradicated via transmutation, and this will be executed in stepwise fashion throughout the sectors involved, including this particular physical universe.



There will be more and more talk of nuclear war until people are aware of its possibility and awaken to the reality of the imminent danger.

But they will shrug the danger off, even as the politicians of the countries concerned prepare for the nuclear combat. They will be shortsighted and non-caring, for they will have been programmed to attack and retaliate.

People will talk about the possibility of a nuclear war, the physical effects of the war, the aftermath, the deaths and the methods of avoiding it, but they will not realize that:

1.    It is inevitable

2.    It is very, very close

3.    It is a mechanism to clear the plane.

They will continue to refuse to believe that this planet is totally condemned and all need to leave it. They have no clear vision whatsoever. And they cannot link the spiritual and metaphysical reality of what is occurring with the reality of the physical changes.

Even to the last minute people will refuse to believe their eyes, and yet they have been warned again and again and again.

The war will start as a minor exercise in the Middle East. Any of a number of nations are itching to launch a nuclear attack on Israel, and Israel is more than primed to attack or retaliate.

Almost instantly as the first strike occurs, the consciousness of the bombs themselves will make itself more felt and there will be a natural progression to expansion and escalation. This means that the more powerful nations will be involved. England will be bombed. And then there will be haphazard exchange throughout all the continents.

People should not concentrate on the physical effects, rather they should try to understand the spiritual significance of the nuclear war and the change to which this dimension is subjected.

Very few unfortunately will be able to bridge that gap and realize exactly what is going on. The majority will be terrorized out of their minds by the enormity of it all.

But it has all been given in plain and simple terms many times before. It is just that people have never bothered to listen.

But the occasions will be an opportunity for even more rapid realization of the True situation on this plane.

All the fools will then have nowhere to hide and no one to poke fun at as they scurry off for cover.

They will be sick and sorry for themselves for not having listened and not only not having prepared, but also not turning to the Light when the opportunities existed.

But of course it is in the nature of evil beings not to turn to the Light and not to admit the Truth, and so they will despair in the Gloom of Doom I have so often mentioned.

The changes upon the dimension are unprecedented. As things do occur, rationalists and other materialists will draw parallels to the times of this and that, and they will try to explain away all that is occurring. But of course no comparison can be drawn for this is the END TIME.

It is just that they will not admit it, and they will deny to the last the Truth of what is actually occurring. They will continue to deceive, as they have done in the past. But they are deceiving only themselves and those like them.

Others will begin to realize what is occurring, even though they have failed, and will be filled with dread just thinking of the enormous implications of it all.

People will begin to realize that it is a process of finality when things continue to occur, one after the other in the form of natural disasters, then the nuclear war and its aftermath of flooding, poisoning, famine, disease, pestilence, etc. and then more natural disasters, catastrophes and disappearances.

Those who have continued to deny the Truth, and that includes the majority, will have nothing and no one to turn to. They will refuse to outwardly acknowledge the Truth to the very last although inwardly they know the meaning of it all and will fear greatly that which is to come.

It is just that they will refuse to admit it even to themselves, and this will cause even greater anguish within them, for they know they are fooling themselves to no avail.

The programming which has deluded all the robots by all the various mechanisms will be broken, and they will then be forced to see the error of their ways and the Truth of what is happening. And many will turn like wild beasts to attack those who deceived them.

All will know the Truth, but like the rationalists, many will refuse to acknowledge it and the fact that they were wrong. They will play their charade to the end.

The Fundamentalists and others will be shocked that the Truth is not what they believed it to be and they too will know they have lived a lie, but they will not openly admit it.

These are worthless beings who will all be Transmuted because they have failed. Had they not failed, they would not have been trapped as they have been trapped.

So few are to continue onto the New Dimension that it is saddening to think of the destruction Evil has caused in this one in terms of lost consciousnesses, time and opportunity.

It is sad but true that the evil destruction has been a very high price paid, but then there was really nothing that could have been done more speedily.

This change on this planet will be a grim warning to the others watching that the action taken by the Light is drastic and that it means business in its plan to eradicate the Evil essence.

Be patient, all things will happen in good time, and when they do occur, it will all appear far too soon, for no one in the physical is really prepared for that which is to come, no matter how often one has wished it to happen.

Keep in mind at all times that which the action is to accomplish. In this way it will all make joyous sense. No one should focus on the action, but rather they should focus on the glorious future in the New Dimension.

When things begin, they will not stop. There will be a continuous occurrence of all the mechanisms of clearing which have been described. One by one will all these things occur, so that a break will not occur.

All mechanisms of programming, pollution and indoctrination are being used to cut the effectiveness of the workers of Light. This always occurs when the Light is close to major breakthroughs and the mechanisms must be actively resisted.

There is so little time left for this planet, and yet everything seems so normal.

Look through the illusion.

See that it is all a charade.

Behind the mask of the people lies the venom and hatred of each other and the unhealthy competition produced by programming.

Not a great incidence is needed to spark off a total conflagration of the planet, and that incidence may be quite a tiny one not worth considering under normal circumstances.

But these are not normal circumstances.


(As I have explained elsewhere, the evil Archons and their minions are now programmed to self-destruct!)


These are times for ending the planet.

All is primed for the last phase and all will go according to plan.

There can be no pulling back.

There is no time for delay. It will go on as planned with no interruptions. No one will believe it as the end until near the very end. As stated previously they will think it is only another phase of changes until the Big War arrives. The effects of the Nuclear War will be horrendous, and truly from the pain, fear and loss of hope for the future, the living will envy the dead. There will be no time for stability of any sort once the war begins or after it finishes, for the other mechanisms will simply take over.

Contamination of all things will occur and life will be virtually unbearable. People will then be seen at their worst. The charade will be over and there will be no need for them to pretend.

This Message will become known in all quarters one way or another.

It is well known in the other levels, and of course it is being blocked on purpose on this level so that people will not be aware of what is to happen.

If people were to know, they would be prepared faster and the action could commence even sooner.

All sorts of attacks will continue on True Beings to make them doubt and give up.

But they must be strong and continue at all costs.

There cannot be any wavering or stumbling now for this will upset them all the more.

Kerb the impatience, and take each day as it comes so that disappointments will not occur.

Timing in a sense is irrelevant.

Things will happen when they are meant to happen.

It is pointless worrying about precise timing.

No one of the Light is ever alone.

The changes in climate, accidents, increase in disasters, will continue for there is a job to be done.

Each incidence will place a little more strain on the planet and its resources so that eventually the major incidences can occur.

Remember that other levels of consciousness are also involved, and that they need clearing also.

They are going through their own process of clearing also.


Copyright Dr. J Chiappalone

April 23, 2014


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