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Global-Political Pole Reversal


By Jim Kirwan


Is Happening

Tianjin explosions compilation 1 min 25 sec. Video

CENSORED: Tianjin China Blast, 200 went in only four came out

Regime Change has become an aggravating flash-point for USI-Israel to continue to cite around the world. Yet since the end of WWII, it’s been clear that “International Law” is only a fig-leaf for internationalists to banter about ­ in reality there is no International law: Because the nations that routinely violate the concept of law at all levels, still refuse to be bound by anything as nebulous as “international laws”…

Labeling countries as targets for ‘Regime Change’ is the political version of ‘SANCTIONS that are a garbage substitute for war. Regime Change is the carpet-baggers method for looting any about-to-be defeated nation, which is why the US uses so many sanctions in so many places worldwide.

The consequences of these farcical practices is to limit the cost of taking down our targets while inflicting massive damage without the immediately visible carnage. And since there is no reality in “international law” for self-appointed-empires’ that have had their way with the world ­ then only the losers of our wars for conquest are ever “charged” with things like crimes against humanity. But while the wars are ongoing—anywhere—then “International laws” are just idle conversation for the rich and guilty: Which is why “War Crimes” or Crimes Against Humanity” have never stopped any outlaw nation state from doing whatever they want.



Too few have noticed that today, almost all governing powers in third world nations are always referred to as “Regimes”, never as sovereign states. The fraudulent-labeling is and was routinely used in Iraq and Libya and it’s still used in Syria along with every other still-resisting-nation under attack by USI, NATO or Israel today.

Regime Change” is always called on whenever one of the outlaw powers seeks total-dominance over any other form of government, diplomacy or rational discussion, anywhere in the world today.

Israel, USI, Britain and most of the EU are just some of the places that desperately need to undergo total ‘Regime Change’ - if the planet is to survive the current twenty plus years of blatant global-war upon humanity.

Regime Change in America

The world has relentlessly pursued this upside-down political-pole-shift of this dying planet along with the remaining legitimate governments that still refuse to ‘unconditionally surrender’ to the One World Disorder of Full Spectrum Dominance.

The truth is that the creatures making war-on-the-world are the true enemies of all mankind, and those they continue to attack are the real global-population that must free themselves from this global tyranny…

To get there we need to upend the reverse-labeling of other nations as ‘legitimate-targets for Regime Change’ wherever people clearly want a future that can actually be lived-in.

In particular we need to label the ‘enemies of humanity’ for who and what they are, the exact opposite of what ‘the self-professed powers’ of the want-to-be owners are currently demanding. There is no room for both concepts to survive in this world ­ and that’s why it’s time for everyone still ‘undecided to act’.

Consequently there must be ‘Regime Change in America’ in order to enable the rest of the planet to begin to free themselves from the slavery that’s been ravaging the planet since LBJ arrived. More recently this effort was reinvigorated by Bush Senior, followed by the Clinton Conspiracy and then by Bush-the-Lesser. It’s long past time for this fake-label to go.

Today it looks a lot like the outlaws might have used a mini-nuke on China, which should disturb a hell of a lot of people: Or at least a whole lot more than have been the case until now. Review the links at the top of the article, and think about them ­ if you still have any interest in what tomorrow might bring…


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