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The Global Solution


By Jim Kirwan


Has to Begin with Taking Back Our Land

And that begins with Backing Bundy in the fight in Burns Oregon

The conflict over the rights of all the ranchers, farmers and miners in Oregon, to the land that was never the “legal-property” of USI, is behind every failure in the world today: From the existence of the United Nations, all the way down to all the continuing crimes being committed by the FBI and every other agency that is supporting the theft of America's lands, resources and the private control over every aspect of the lives of every man woman and child in America today.

This is detailed in the continuously expanding but peaceful confrontation over the crimes committed by the illegal-government that has been steadily expanding their thefts and usurpation's since the late 1800's.

America vs U.S. Inc

If the people of the states in the United States were to follow the lead of the people in Burns Oregon: Who are in the process of peacefully taking back their property and their government ­ by simply forcing the government back into the very restrictive Constitutional Cage that the legal-founders built for them: That action will force the illegal-government to lose all the privately stolen money, resources and especially the land that was never theirs in the first place.

That one act would allow the people of the states, to kick the United Nations out of our daily lives and end the threat by the United Nations to try and disarm the public of the United States, and combined with these actions they will force an end to the enslavement of the people of the United States. This in turn would terminate the global threat which U.S. Inc has been using to destroy the world: Because if we take back our nation, that would end of the so-called New World Order and the unbroken chain of the privately owned hijacking of this nation; which is exactly what has immersed all the people in the total destruction of hundreds of nations around the world today.

Unfortunately what's been happening in Oregon hasn't been reported nationally, or internationally

But if the sleeping public of this nation, or the world, ever realizes that they are supporting the fake-government in the US: Which is where their money now comes from as the largest employer in this nation, which they have allowed to trump their THEFT of everything which the original-Constitution was created to prevent ­ then there will never be a chance for anyone, anywhere, to ever be free again.

Thanks to the fight in Burns Oregon, more and more states along with more and more people are finally beginning to take the issues raised in Oregon seriously, nationwide. This goes far beyond ranching. This goes directly to the rules placed upon the government, in all fifty states, by the legal CONSTITUTION which was agreed to as the sponsoring document for this country: All of which has been totally broken as testified to in Obama's farcical State of the Union speech last night: Which consisted only of non-stop lies...

Once all the feral-jobs are replaced, by the ownership of the people of this nation, along with the land the resources and our own naturally accrued wealth, not to mention the take-back of the power over the Treasury; then the world can be free not just of the UN & NATO, but of all these global-parasites ­ so that all of us can start again, as free and independent people, that are no longer owned or controlled by anything or anyone from the Politically-Correct sabotage that was inserted into the public dialogue that goes all the way back to 1932 Germany: The design of which was created to terminate global-society worldwide.

If we want to terminate the current global-Jihad,

then we must take back our country

The 'rights' at issue here have always been “our rights”. Everything done

to those “rights” has been illegal since the government began to steal the land, the resources, the money and the wealth of the people of the United States of America. That's what's at issue in Burns, in Harney County Oregon, the nation and the world.

Everything wrong with the world today hinges on this fact.

Listen again to this last video from the link above.

The Tenth Amendment put limits on the powers of the government

And those limitations are at the core of this peaceful rebellion.

To end ISIS, the global lawlessness and the invasions of all other nations

around the world,

we must first destroy the falsely created government in the USA.

Burns Oregon Update January 11 2016 PRESS CONFERENCE



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