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Global Predators & Outlaws


By Jim Kirwan


Where once there were ‘actual global-creditors’ now only Global-Predators roam that darkness, preying on every ordinary person in every dying-nation on this totally censored earth.

The fifty year old clan of global creditors never responds to any of the needs of ordinary people worldwide. Displaced People, the world over, are fleeing their own countries now to save their lives, everywhere. The planet has been captured by the formerly invisible global-criminals that have still refused to respond to the needs of people everywhere, now that global-outlaws have risen to the very heights of illegal global-power.

NATO and the EU have supported all the recently created barbaric laws being laid down upon the world by USI & Israel. Demonstrations alone can never fix this. Only concentrated direct actions against particular figures, within each region, wherever their crimes are being enforced by bankers or political-predators: If anything is ever going to change.

BTW: The police and their unofficial death squads in the U.S. must be confronted, not in the streets but in their homes, for each of their predatory policies against the public on every front.

Zero Tolerance & Political Correctness

Must be utilized against the Fascist Police-State to break the hammerlock that has imprisoned Americans since the 1968 riots at the Democratic Convention in Chicago. That event introduced the crime of political-cages, that we call “Free Speech Zones”, that are still located miles away from any national discussions during every political year.

America’s Ugly Problem:

BTW: Do you or does anyone you know actually wonder what Trump might say about the fascist cops and their barbaric crimes

In the US today?

The Price of Prosperity, in this graveyard from1966 is still valid today: Perhaps this truth is even more true now, than it was then?

Remember it is no longer permissible to have ‘Hope’ ‘Pride’ Self-Respect’ Individuality or ‘Prosperity’ any longer ­ thanks to Political Correctness and Zero Tolerance as those terms were mandated for us all by the Communist-Bolsheviks of the 1930’s.

The poverty of the total farce that’s now active throughout America today has been challenged by some of Trumps attacks upon the current crop of predator-pretended-masters, that have ‘owned’ politics since Israel and their re-invention of “Terrorism” came into global-political-power—in opposition to the settled laws of every nation on earth.

The Origins of Global Terrorism

LBJ brought the public many horrific nightmares, most of which came true. But there were some of them that are only just now coming to fruition ­ for instance the mass-murder of Public Education that was another major victim in Johnson’s “War on Poverty” and his “Great Society”…

War is Hell:


The following article finishes off what LBJ began. This is absolute insanity, but unless the public creates a massive deluge of anger and literally demands the cancelation of this Senate Bill ­ we’ll all be forced into re-education, under the guise of a ‘necessary communist re-education’, under terms of the CORE program: All the way up to and including people that are 80 years old. Oh and this confirms the fact that the Criminal-State “now owns all of America’s children”


U.S. Senate bill S1787: Anti-Family Communist Power Grab, No Big Deal   16 comments

Congratulations Amerika!

The pictorial information above has been out there since1964. That’s fifty plus years that went by largely without comment or the needed actions that could have done something about any of this by now.

In the sixties there was no internet. Any real information had to be dug out of newspapers, obscure books and libraries, as well as in public records: There was just one private and very angry person who appointed himself to do this: No staff, no sponsorship, no reimbursements—yet it all turned out to be too hideously true for most to ever believe ~ but ‘so it goes’.

Part of the price of SEEKING

Is never to be able to predict any literal outcome…


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