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Global Genocide

By Jim Kirwan

Millions now wear masks to hide their faces from those they

Come to slaughter in countries around the world.

Almost nothing is new in this war

It’s just more deadly and far more destructive than ever before.

International murder has now been legalized

And lawlessness rules almost everywhere today.

Many have forgotten the 70 million Amerikan-Zionist Christian followers who are the backbone of “the Illegal-Settler’s” inside Israel. Those members of that cult who are not in Israel remain inside USI. They need to be found here, followed and publicly questioned, about their contribution to the creation of this latest chapter in genociding the Palestinian people.

These are many of the creatures who held those hilltop celebrations, in Gaza, where they gathered to cheer on the bloodbath and the carnage in Gaza!

The Genocide this time has killed over 1900, injured over 9600 Palestinians in the fifth war during the last three years. Over 18,000 homes have been destroyed and until ground crews can go into the rubble no one will know the real death toll this time. The “price” Israel paid for this was just 63 Israeli’s. This war is being waged against the imprisoned Gazans by Israel and this is still supported one-thousand percent by the United States Incorporated. The “talks” that were supposed to extend the ceasefire on the heels of the Israel military withdrawal are beginning to fail again as well.

The US Congress meeting here, instead of in Tel-Aviv where they belong, has just given another $225 Billion, in American taxpayer’s money to replace the weapons expended by the 80,000 Israeli reservists along with the regular IDF cowards that began this latest round of carnage: While promising to double that amount as needed—yet no one from the fake-US government has asked the public what they want to do about this cataclysmic genocide that Amerika is paying for.

That’s every bullet, bomb or shell: Every American aircraft painted with Israeli markings, every tank, every ballistic missile, the illegal Amerikan phosphorous shells and cluster bombs that are used to liquidate hospitals, schools and whole apartment blocks that are being burned to the ground or totally destroyed by US weapons and US dollars in the hands of the world’s most bloodthirsty creatures to ever call themselves a nation.

Look at the carnage that you and I have paid for, whether we wanted to or not: Because we failed to question anything that Israel and USI has done with our money.

Some of the Global Ramifications of this Genocide

As the image at the top indicates the reasons behind the wars in both Palestine and Ukraine is based directly on money, greed and global military actions that are being used to slaughter people worldwide while trying to cripple any nation that resists US Inc. and Israel internationally. Russia weighed in yesterday with sanctions of its own in a very direct answer to the insanity contained in EU & Western sanctions that have already been imposed on Russia.

Some of the damages are finally being seen by the idiotic nations that went blindly along with USrael policies: Here’s some of that in a nutshell.

Russian restrictions on food imports as a result of US-EU sanctions so far.’ (@6min 59 sec) “Moscow has banned a number of nations from Russia’s food market. It’s a response to sanctions imposed by Western countries over the crisis in Ukraine…”

“…The United States, Canada, Norway, Great Britain and most significantly the EU, [takes in] over 12 billion Euro’s a year, from the EU to Russia. Meat, fruit, vegetables, some dairy products and fish. The ban that was announced ~ is set to last for one year.

Reaction here in Europe is quite concerned. In Germany the trade union that deals with foreign export and wholesales has said this could put the Germany economy at risk, especially the agriculture sector and any others linked to the transport of those food stuffs. In Lithuania they’re planning to put forward a plan to the EU demanding compensation for the money they’re going to lose in this economy from this ban and Finland could perhaps be the worst affected nation as they do a lot of trade when it comes to dairy products with Russia. Around 25% of all of their agricultural trade is to Russia.” …there’s more at the link below.

It’s utterly fascinating that so many countries paid no attention to the facts that could so easily have been foreseen, if they had only thought the sanctions through. But instead the nations screaming the loudest raced to put those sanctions in place against Russia. This result was bound to happen; just as Putin repeatedly warned the world about ­ now its time to pay the Piper and take the huge losses they forced Russia to hand out across the board.

Today’s Bulletin Board:

In the story just in front of the sanctions segment - it is announced @6min10sec: “The latest military intelligence evidence the Americans were showing to the public is not the best evidence they have. When they had a satellite over the crash site, when they have radar data… why are they not opening their files?

They use every dirty trick in the book to blame it [on] Russia when [if] they have evidence that Russia would be the perpetrator ­ then they would have it published immediately.”

The US has admitted that it’s “evidence” for Russia being behind the downing of the Malaysian airliner came directly from social media only ­ and that was supposed to be enough to convince the world that “Russia did it!”

Ironically that knee jerk reaction is why those sanctions against Russia were put-on in the first place. That was not only a massive lie, but it was the lie that led the EU and the other countries into the losses they will now have to accept: Just because they believed the American-Israeli lies. It seems a fitting punishment for the blind arrogance of the overreach of global power when the truth could have prevented the loss of the trillions that is just beginning to take effect…

And of course, America still must produce the evidence they obviously have, which would clear Russia of any blame in the downing of that Malaysian aircraft.

The real problem of course is that the evidence will show who was directly involved, and that cannot be revealed because it was not Russia but the USA & Israel who were behind the entirely hideous false-flag - along with everything else in Ukraine to date!

The “Global License to Kill”, butcher, maim and destroy, which the barbarians gave themselves must be destroyed, by an international court. The nations behind this genocidal war upon the planet must be charged and held responsible before the open eyes of the world.

We must Outlaw the Outlaws and condemn the executioners. We need to internationalize the sanctions, divest-from and boycott the guilty nations into ruin. This should take place while the prosecutions of those same nations move forward.

And “IF” Israel decides to open fire again on Gaza then the world needs to take decisive and immediate military action against Israel until that pretentious whore of a place is no longer a threat to humanity or the planet. As for USI ­ If the world finally comes to see Israel for what she’s always been, then the criminally created corporation that owns this place should suffer the same charges as the rest of those that have chosen to try to steal this planet!


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