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Global Curtain Call for Hellstorm


By Jim Kirwan


The depth of the DARKNESS of the Second World War was never correctly measured in our lifetimes but now that most of those who fought in it are over 90, the truth behind that globally kept lie can finally begin to understand the horrendous lie that it always was.

45 days after I was born, Pearl Harbor happened to the United States. When it ended I was five years old, too young to understand anything. I’m seventy-five now and I’ve been a student of politics and life, war and love and wonder for over fifty years, and basically I had some idea of parts of what happened to the world during that war—but I only had partial truths; just bits and pieces of the depths to which we stooped in that global conflagration. Today I watched the hour and a half film called “Hellstorm” and so many of the unexplained blanks got filled in. “Hellstorm” is not just about the Nazi’s ­ it’s about the eternal hatreds that have been driving the world since the Khazarian’s took over and that was a very, very long time ago.

Hellstorm - Exposing The Real Genocide of Nazi Germany

This film also explains a number of unexplained events that seemed to keep on happening to the generations that fought in our “wars”, long after WWII ended. Could it be that some of those practices we initiated ourselves into during that global-war, lived on, after the supposed end of WWII? The survivors tended to let people ‘believe’ that what happened to them in uniforms was beyond beliefs or explanation: But what if the same kinds of events have just continued, for those we have used to satisfy our military requirements: Is this part of why the suicide rate among the troops is so high?

One thing seems certain—most returning vets can’t talk about what happened to them “over-there” ­ and since most civilians can’t imagine what the blood-drenched wars are really like, which in reality has almost nothing to do with the way Hollywood has attempted to “explain” the role our troops have “played” in the greater degradations that every war imposes. After you watch the link above, I think you might want to prosecute the media and the owners of Hollywood for the massive cover-up’s which they created for the nation and the world to “see” ­ which is the total-global-opposite of what the actualities of all “our wars” might ever have been about.

Maybe this is also why “history, the real history, tends to remain covered up until most of the combatants are dead. Because if the real stories had surfaced earlier it might have produced the kind of outrage and rebellion that we need now, if we’re ever going to end these crimes against humanity, worldwide.

If the real death toll’s and the actuality of the war-crimes that became a major part of most of what passed for “war” during WWII, no one would have tolerated one, one thousandth of the lies that has passed itself off for news in the world ­ over the last 70 years.

We can’t change the past but at this moment we have it within our power to change the future by ending more-of-the-same, from continuing to sway the people of the world, with the continuation of all these ancient lies that brought us all to this point.

The Nazi’s, the Bolsheviks, the Communists of the old USSR, Amerika, “Great Britain”, France, the Zionists and of course the Khazarians have always been a part of all the lies—and that group of traitors still lives on, in the institutions from USI and Israel through the IMF, The World Bank, the UN and NATO that’s keeping the Hellstorm alive and growing for unchecked corporate-profits that are still feeding the global-criminal addictions to global-war. In reality all the powers of that time were behind everything in WWII from the rape, pillage and plunder to the starvation and thirst that we still manufacture everywhere he choose to place our filthy boots in the world of today.

Here’s the Ponzi game of games that’s being played out at the edge of the open grave that’s waiting to take in the massive numbers that are today’s occupants of our ghettos.

Paul Krugman in the New York Times claims that “we haven’t seen any inflation” ­ there’s no downside to the policies of ‘quantitative easing’ ­ he doesn’t include the ghettos. He doesn’t include Baltimore (Just forty miles from D.C.), he doesn’t include Ferguson and he doesn’t include the black population of America. He doesn’t include the Hispanic population of America ­ he doesn’t include the prison population of America, because according to Paul Krugman and the New York Times these are non-entities these are non-people.”

These are the new Ghettos of America and BTW over two thirds of Amerika is now considered to be nothing more than just another ghetto. So while you’re watching Hellstorm, don’t forget that the population that was being raped, tortured and exterminated then are those which, because of that war, had become non-humans, the original ghettos of the world to be firebombed or terror-bombed into obliteration: That’s the same classification that the people of the US have now been designated to be ­ that’s most of the people in the USA right now.

Do you think that we’ll fare any better tomorrow, than did the DP’s and the prisoner’s in WWII? If we take up arms and resist the forces that are about to attack us, then we have a real chance of freeing ourselves, after all is said and done we outnumber them by 10,000 to one, so long as we stay alert and armed: But if we surrender to them without a fight, when JADE-HELM comes down from the midnight skies, then what you’re looking at in Hellstorm will be your fate along with your loved ones ­ count on it!

It’s one thing to discover that you’re living in an unannounced urban ghetto—but it’s an entirely different thing to realize that you’re just a walking corpse, just waiting for something in a uniform to do whatever they want to you and yours.

Washington D.C. is the headquarters of the corporation we call US Incorporated and its only ten square miles of headquarters offices for everything that’s being done to the entire nation, including JADE-HELM-15. Think about that before you sleep tonight. Are you still certain that there’s “nothing” you can do ­ given what you have been shown about all that has already happened to the world before, brought to us all by their very same design for “Full Spectrum Dominance?

The flip side of DARKNESS is actually ILLUMINATION ­ have you seen enough to understand what that means yet?

It’s interesting to note that since Roman Times

Our calendars have always been ruled by the Sun

But in reality the way nature works has always been governed by the Moon.



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