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Glaring Gaffes In Sandy Hook Story
Suggest Truth Has Been The Victim

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Efforts by authorities to suppress the official record of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Newtown, Conn., are only intensifying public doubts about its veracity.

"There is no actual evidence or real proof that a mass shooting took place at the Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES) on December 14, 2012," insists Professor Emeritus Dr. James Fetzer of the University of Minnesota, Duluth. "Assertions are not proof. As even The New York Times has acknowledged, the 'final report' from Connecticut does not even include the names, ages or sex of the alleged victims."

“Remarkably”, Fetzer explained, “there was no surge of EMTs into the school to rush those little bodies to a hospital where they could be declared to be dead or alive. The parents identified them from photos of their faces.” He said he could not imagine any parent who would have allowed their child’s body to remain in a classroom with a pile of other corpses until they were removed in the dead of night.

Wolfgang Halbig, a former Florida State Trooper who has 36 years of experience in school administration, including as a principal and assistant principal, is a nationally recognized expert on school safety. He has asked, “Who pronounced them dead?”, because EMTs are not allowed to make that determination. Halbig has also asked who ordered the porta-potties, which arrived within 2 or 3 hours of the alleged shooting.

“It was stunning to me that there was a large sign, “EVERYONE MUST CHECK IN”, at the scene and virtually everyone, including the firemen, were wearing name tags on lanyards”, Fetzer said. He thought it was so odd that he asked a New York City Gold Shield Detective, Jim Rothstein, if that were a common practice. He was not surprised when he was told, “No”. But it is what you would expect if this had been a drill rather than an actual event.

"Extraordinary steps have been taken to suppress proof of death,” Fetzer told me. “The Newtown Clerk even entered into secret meetings with the state legislature so she would not be obligated to release death certificates on the victims, even though they, like birth certificates and marriage and divorce records, have been in the public domain for hundreds of years.”

A special committee of the state legislature has gone so far as to recommend 5-year prison sentences for anyone who releases information about Sandy Hook beyond what must be provided under FOIA requests. And a lifetime gag order has been imposed upon the contractors who were responsible for tearing down the school. “I suspect that is to conceal what they did not see rather than what they did,” Fetzer said, “which would have included an absence of pock marks on the walls from bullets or blood stains on the floors.”

Halbig, moreover, has been attempting to obtain information for over a year with no success. “They have not even replied to my submissions, much less provided the information I have requested”, he said. And that includes the FBI’s report of its investigation into the shooting, which has been classified. “Why in the world would they classify an FBI report?”, Wolf has asked. “How can I--as a school safety expert--be able to advise others about how to improve their school’s security if they won’t share their report?’

He has also asked why no Med-Evac helicopters were brought to the scene of the crime. “I even contacted the company that would have provided them”, Halbig has stated, “and they were dumbfounded that they were not called.” Remarkably, Halbig has a photograph that shows a Connecticut State Police chopper was already at the school by 9:15 AM/ET, which was 15 or 20 minutes before the shooting allegedly took place.

Fetzer has observed, "The authorities have not yet released images from the time of the crime. There are no closed circuit TV videos showing any killing or mayhem even though the school had CCTV." He echoes Halbig’s concern that the New Haven FBI office has "classified" its own report on the shooting, a move that he believes is "designed to provide a fire-wall of secrecy and Freedom of Information Act denials to  effectively cover up incriminating details that could send many public officials to jail."

Fetzer is a former U.S. Marine Corps officer who graduated magna cum laude from Princeton University in philosophy and became a prominent philosopher of science and of artificial intelligence, among other areas. He has argued that the 1963 Kennedy assassination and the 2002 death of Senator Paul Wellstone were the result of government conspiracies. He is also the founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth.

Dr. Fetzer would like to know the party interviewed by The Newtown "Bee" whom it identified as Principal Dawn Hochsprung and who reported that a masked rifleman had entered the school and fired multiple shots that went "on and on". “This was an extraordinary interview,” Fetzer observed, considering Hochsprung was officially reported to have been killed in the first minutes of the attack. The "Bee" retracted its story, but it requires an explanation.

The state police announced that Adam Lanza, the alleged shooter, had used a “Bushmaster” rifle to kill victims in the school. Dr. H. Wayne Carver II, the state's chief medical examiner, stated that all of the victims were killed by “the long weapon.” But a national news report explained that only handguns were found with the body. “That’s quite remarkable, all things considered”, Fetzer dryly observed.

Indeed, others familiar with marksmanship, including “Mike Power” on Joyce Riley’s “The Power Hour” and “Mark S. Mann”, who provided the audio commentary with which Sofia Smallstorm’s documentary, “Unraveling Sandy Hook”, begins, have questioned how a young man of slender build could had done such proficient shooting. “I used to supervise marksmanship training in the Marine Corps,” Fetzer said, “and I don’t know of anyone who could have attained such a high percentage of kills-to-targets”.

Although the official account would have you believe that Adam Lanza was a firearms fanatic, ATF Special Assistant Agent Gene Marquez reported that his agency “has not been able to uncover any evidence that the mother and the son were actively engaged in going to the gun ranges, practicing marksmanship, or anything of that nature.”

Oddly, the Connecticut State Police assigned a "minder" to each family and threatened to prosecute any persons giving out "misinformation" about the tragedy. "The families have requested no press interviews," State police asserted on behalf of the parents, in effect, a gag order.

Dr. Fetzer also asks why no state agencies, including those involved in environmental protection, appear to have knowledge of how the blood, brains and other bodily fluids of those murder victims was cleaned up. The police have not been able to identify any Certified Environmental Bio-Hazard Decontamination firm called in to do the work nor have they provided photos taken inside the school revealing blood stains from more than 150 bullets allegedly fired from a high-powered rifle that tore into their bodies.

According to The Hartford Courant, recently released videos taken by cameras in responding Newtown police cars "show an urgency by the officers to get to the school but then don't show much about what happened when they got there and why it took more than five minutes to go inside." Halbig has observed that videos of the officers having lunch in the parking lot were also bizarre, under the alleged conditions. “No one is in the mood to eat lunch after witnessing a crime of this kind”, he has said.

"Peter Lanza, who is alleged to be the father of Adam", Fetzer reports, "has now been quoted in The New Yorker saying that it would have been better had his son never been born.  But I know of no parent who would say that of their child, no matter how they turned out."

Dr. Fetzer has authored or co-authored more than a half-dozen articles about Sandy Hook, the most important of which is “Top Ten Reasons: Sandy Hook was an Elaborate Hoax”. He adds, “The public is being sold a story on Newtown based on fiction, not on fact," Dr. Fetzer says. "No children appear to have been killed there."

"The hypothesis that the alleged SHES shooting was, in reality, a massive hoax, appears to be far more tenable than any other explanation, including the official narrative of the shooting being promoted by the mass media and government,” Dr. Fetzer says. Halbig has estimated that the event was probably two-or-two-and-a-half years in the planning. Dr. Fetzer concludes the objective behind the Newtown deception was "to create an aggressive, national anti-gun agenda. It’s a scam.”   #

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