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Schwarz: Get Facts Straight On Ukraine

By Karl W. B. Schwarz

Have you ever been to Ukraine? Since November 2009 I have spent almost 5 months there and very familiar with its people, the dynamics, and their hardships. I am 100% certain that most of Ukraine does not want to be the next tax base and low wage labor pool for the EU. I am also 100% certain that the majority of people in Ukraine want the USA to go home, shut up and stop trying to force NATO down their throat.

The new President Petro Poroshenko did not win in the key areas of Ukraine that could bolt any moment and join with Lugansk and Donetsk, and what has already been announced as a desire in Kharkov to secede from Ukraine. Note on this map the areas he won and lost and then compare to the other maps below.

I have not seen EU or US media run the results yet as to how their handpicked Zionist Jew oligarch really fared in the recent elections.

In short, much of Ukraine does not see Poroshenko or these US / EU moves as a solution to anything.

When you hear about the strife in Eastern Ukraine states of Lugansk and Donetsk (in the orange area above), be aware of the demographic facts, and same facts extend into the purple areas, too. Those two states border with Russia and long before this Ukraine crisis started about 34-35% of the people living there are Russian speaking, Russian citizens, and Russian passport holders.

Those are the states in orange where the vote tally shows 38.15% and 36.15% for Poroshenko. The area just above at 33.17% is Kharkov and they have already announced their desire to secede from Ukraine.

The other states along the Black Sea are Odessa Oblast (41.78%), Nikolaev (45.97%), Kherson (48.71%), and Dnepropetrovsk is inland with 44.72%.

So when the Western MSM talks about Ukrainian tank destroyed, helicopter or plane shot down by Russians…. they are Russians living there as long-time residents in eastern Ukraine; not Russians invading from Russia itself. Russians have been residents of Ukraine for centuries.

It is these Russian citizens, long living in Ukraine, that want nothing to do with this Fascist Zionist Jew-controlled Kiev government.

It has not only been the Zionist Jew led corruption of the last 3 governments in Kiev that are the problem. The Russian citizens of Ukraine are a minority and have been treated harshly all along by the Kiev despots. To the point, Kiev even refuses to recognize the simple fact that Russian is the majority language in Ukraine, not Ukrainian. About the only place Ukrainian is the dominant language is in the federal government and in the rural outback.

The larger cities are predominantly Russian speaking and many Ukrainians are not fluent in the language of their nation. All across Ukraine it is fairly typical that most of the people are either fluent in Russian and Ukrainian, or they are fluent in Russian and marginally fluent in Ukrainian. I know many Ukrainians that do not speak the native language at all.

In Odessa, an area that has long resented how Kiev treats the rest of Ukraine, the population is about 27% Russian, citizens and language for the entire state. You will see one area below in Odessa Oblast (state) with a much higher percentage.

Ukraine has been this way since the Ottoman Empire tried to invade into Europe and Russia stepped in to defeat them in 1791.

The Russian Empress Catherine the Great sent the Russian army to defend both Russia and Europe, and by presence Ukraine that had always been considered part of Russia almost as a huge state in and of itself.

Even being this far to the southwest in Ukraine, on the Danube and very close to Romania, this is the current demographics of this area of Izmail:

The current estimated population is around 85,000, with ethnic Russians forming about 42.7% of that total, 38% being Ukrainians, 10% Bessarabian Bulgarians, and 4.3% Moldovans.

When Yanukovych won he did not win all of Ukraine, especially those areas that are high percentage Russians, not Ukrainian. All over Ukraine there are pockets of Germans that have been there for centuries and holdovers post-World War II, and Russians, too.

The Far Right Anti-Jew Svoboda controls those three states in yellow. Yanukovych won the gray states and lost in the blue states. Poroshenko did not win a mandate over all of Ukraine, certainly not enough of a vote of confidence that Ukrainians are going to turn their back on Russia or the Russians that have lived in Ukraine for generations.

I for one would love to see Americans learn history as it is, not as they are told on American TeeVee.


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