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Genewashing Zika ... The Cover-up
Of Biotech’s Dirty War



By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense


It might well turn out to be that Zika is just a red herring and there is something else additional to Zika that makes those babies get microcephaly and not others. - Dr. Ahmed Kalebi
Uganda-based Lancet pathology research group’s director for East Africa (where it was discovered by the pro-eugenics Rockefeller Foundation)


Why choose Zika to disguise the gene-engineering that causes microcephaly? Because the Zika virus is structurally similar to the widespread dengue fever, now pervasive in developing nations with high birth rates. Zika virus is rapidly spread through human contact and not just mosquitoes, allowing the “preventative strategy” of a gene-suppressing protein to be transferred by mosquitoes to humans in dengue-infested zones. Zika does not cause fatalities, limiting the economic impact, while remaining narrowly focused against newborns. Unless the Oxytec program is halted, the result will be a dramatic decline in birth rates before 2050, when the global population based on current trends is predicted to reach 10 billion. The corporate elites and population planners launched the Great Cull in 2015, and by now thousands of infants are probably being maimed in the womb or tragically miscarried.

The sponsors of this ongoing genocide, however, were caught red-handed. Frantically rolling out misdirection and outright lies, the malpractitioners at WHO are panicked by online exposures of the Zika fraud and also by a simultaneous statement from the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) James Clapper warning of the emergent threat of gene-editing as a weapon of mass destruction. Gene warfare has been unloosed and even the highest level of the U.S. security establishment cannot put the genie back into the test tube.

The publicity machine at the World Health Organization (WHO) is unloosing cover-fire to help the Oxitec biowarriors evade detection after releasing their gene-transfer bioweapon under the camouflage of a Zika virus outbreak across Latin America. Corrupted by grants and job offers from partners Gates Foundation and Wellcome Trust, the WHO directors and executive staff responded to this outbreak by calling for yet another round of vaccine development. Even though their past vaccination trials proved to be dismal failures, the pharmaco-addicted bureaucrats in Geneva are eager to waste more scarce funding diverted from basic public health programs in order to perpetrate a cover-up of their role in promoting gene-based warfare.

WHO is further implicated in its providing a grant to Oxytec, which developed the method of inserting the RIDL protein that triggers the “death gene” in embryos. The Oxford-based gene-engineering lab, whose parent company is owned by CIA-linked equity partners, inserts a bio-agent via mosquitoes into humans. Inserted bio-agent blocks the GATA gene, which produces proteins that are essential to infant development of the brain, nerves, eyes, heart and blood vessels. RIDL stands for Release of Insects carrying a dominant lethal, the latter being a protein that blocks the GATA gene functions.

This bioweapon is the actual cause of microcephaly while the Zika virus is touted as the culprit, a big lie wheeled out by the WHO, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Attack on Women’s Reproductive Health

The plan for this clandestine war on the global population was methodically charted out with Powerpoint bullets. As exposed in Part 1 of this series, the gene-warfare program is build on six steps:

- first, identifying “enemy societies” affected by dengue fever-carrier mosquitoes;

- second, introducing Zika-carrier mosquitoes during field trials for “suppression of dengue”;

- release of bioagent-carrier male mosquitoes to transfer the RIDL bio-agent into wild females;

- then female mosquitoes pass on RIDL in their saliva during blood-feeding on humans;

- false attribution of microcephaly in babies to Zika’s neurological effects; and

- human-to-human spread of Zika and RIDL via saliva, coughing and sexual transmission.

Target Americas

History is an archive of extermination campaigns against peoples of the Americas by the mercantile elites of Iberian colonialism and U.S. power in the service of British imperialism. Unimaginably cruel methods of genocide-complicit medical doctors, biologists and anthropologists range from donating cholera-infected blankets charitably to Plains Indians to today’s deployment of a bio-agent to maim thousands of infants yet to born.

The present biowarfare program fits every criteria of genocide under international law, since its objectives are stark and direct:

- destabilizing nationalist-run economies to enable Western corporate takeover;

- population reduction of undesirables and malcontents wherever high birth rates prevail; and

- thereby eliminating the demographic support base for populist insurgent movements

As part of gene-transfer genocide, the following countries were targeted for political and economic reasons:

- BRICS, with Brazil as the initial target, to be followed with plans to release the RIDL “death gene” against India and China;

- The ALBA group, based on Simon Bolivar’s principles of regional sovereignty, especially ZIKA-affected Bolivia, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Ecuador;

- Insurgent-controlled areas including the Zapatista stronghold in Chiapas state of Mexico, and rural regions of Colombia held by the FARC militia;

- Independence-cherishing ASEAN nations Malaysia, Cambodia and Thailand;

- Puerto Rico, a U.S.-occupied island perceived by Washington bureaucrats as a welfare-burden; and Jamaica, a constant target of U.S.-British black ops since the gunning down of Peter Tosh and the release of a top-secret pathogen that brought about Bob Marley’s early death in Miami, Florida.

Bad Medicine

Here in a follow-up to the first breakthrough essay in this series, Part 2 uncovers more layers in this genocidal operation and outing medical felons who evaded our first sweep of suspects.

- The veterinary lab at University of Wisconsin Madison, under the maniacal super-flu researcher Yoshihiro Kawaoka, has been quietly doing mosquito-borne virus research in Colombia, including the Zika strain;

- Oxitec funder Asia Pacific Capital, a Hong Kong-based investment fund controlled by General Electric (GE) Capital, which is ramping up sales of medical technology and financiing of agribusiness interests in Latin America, Southeast Asia, India and China.

- A supposedly “ecological” anti-pesticide group at the University of Buenos Aires, a prime center for genetic science and biotechnology, which has audaciously tried to shift culpability away from Oxitec with a “genewash” campaign of misdirection.

This essay concludes with a summary of the political shifts in the U.S. defense research sector that led to the spillover of gene-based biowarfare into commercialization by university spin-off companies and agribusiness corporations, whose international operations can now easily evade the U.S. Bioterrorism Act of 2002. Alarmed by arrivals of ZIKA-infected illegal immigrants and its spread through human body fluids, the DNI is trying to round up the runaway horses long after they’ve escaped the corral.

Planet of the Apes

The reigning Caesar of Virology who “perfected” the lethality of the flu virus is seriously considered by some of his critics and colleagues as a pathological maniac who should be locked up inside a high-security prison. Now with disclosure of his associates’ field research in Colombia and Brazil, the animal lab at University of Wisconsin Madison is flexing beyond an urban myth into a juggernaut of global biowarfare. With the global threat of microcephaly unloosed on a defenseless humanity, Dr. Kawaoka must be doing a victory dance with his army of rhesus monkeys.

Here’s the great news from the ape lab: “Working with the Zika virus from the original 1947 discovery in Africa and from the ongoing South American outbreak, provided by UW-Madison, Jorge Osorio, a professor of pathobiological sciences at the UW School of Veterinary Medicine (SVM), and Matthew Aliota, a research scientist at the SVM, were first to identify Zika virus circulating in Colombia in October.”

So the first Zika virus sample discovered by the pro-eugenics Rockefeller Institute just happened to be lurking inside Kawaoka’s beer cooler along with a six-pack of Old Milwaukee lager.

Another member of Kawaoka’s crew in Colombia “Ted Golos, professor of obstetrics and comparative biosciences, studies how other infections during pregnancy impact newborn health. The research group has extensive experience with viruses in humans and nonhuman primates, such as HIV and influenza, and their work will be conducted in secure facilities designed for the safe study of potentially harmful viruses.That planning will soon culminate in some of the first experiments studying Zika virus in monkeys, conducted by a broad UW­Madison team that includes the Wisconsin National Primate Research Center and expertise in infectious disease, pregnancy and neurology.”

In the same time-frame, UW-Madison posted pathologist David O’Conner in Brazil, looking into the babies born with underdeveloped brains and small heads (who) were the relatively quiet beginning of worry over the spread of Zika virus.”

Just how astronomical are the odds for University of Wisconsin to have its professors in outbreak centers Brazil and Colombia, in October, the busiest month for teaching in the fall semester? The wager collapses with a peek into the resumes of his researchers:

- Jorge Osorio, veteran of the U.S. Army biowar lab AMRIID; former professor at Colorado State University at Fort Collins, location of the CDC insect-borne disease lab involved in the first modern Zika outbreak in Yap; senior scientist at Inviragen now conducting trials on a dengue vaccine;

- Matthew Aliota, assistant to Osorio, appointed as a Biodefense fellow at the Wadsworth Center for New York State Health Department’s biodefense program in cooperation with the NIH and Homeland Security;

- Thaddeus Golos, endocrinologist and a primate laboratory director who did NIH studies on maternal-fetal interface in Listeria (bacteria) induced pregnancy loss (miscarriages) and expert in transgenic stem cell research.

All the required skills for the Brazilian microcephaly surge were pre-positioned and forward-based in Latin America, at a time when professors at one of the Big Ten state universities were supposed to be teaching class.

O’Connor fired a warning shot across the bow, saying: “The more hyperbolic the media coverage is, the more it gets repeated, reposted, retweeted. The key message is that we don’t know a lot.”

Yes, sir. Let’s translate that into simianese: Remember you lowlife humans, the rules on Planet of the Apes are simple: “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Hail Caesar!”

Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina

Out of the endless sea of pampas grass came a forlorn call for fairness instead of assigning blame on the maligned British researchers from Oxford. The gaucho sang a catchy tune: the real perpetrator behind the Brazilian microcephaly surge is an evil Japanese chemical company that sprayed a growth disrupter called pyriproxifen over populated Brazilian towns.

Nobody should ever doubt that Sumitomo Chemical is a violator of public health, which started right at its inception in the 19th century as a copper mining monopoly that poisoned vast swathes across northeast Japan, leading to untold numbers of deaths and injuries. Its horrific past record and massive fraud in copper trading, however, do not automatically prove that Sumitomo is guilty of causing microcephaly.

On February 9 this year, a public-health advocacy group that calls itself Argentine Physicians against Crop-spraying of Towns issued a statement charging that the cause of Brazilian microcephaly is the use of pyriproxyfen as an agro-chemical insecticide.

Since the second half of 2014, the Brazilian Ministry of Health stopped using temephos (an organophosphate agrotoxic to which Aedes larvae became resistant) as a larvicide, massively incorporating the poison pyroproxyfen, commercially known as Sumilarv and manufactured by Sumitomo Chemical, a Japanese company associated to or subsidiary of Monsanto in Latin America.

To clarify distinctions among these criminal corporations, Monsanto is not a major promoter of pyriproxifen. The Sumitomo-Monsanto accord is based in glyphosate-based Roundup Ready, a most-certain hazard to health and the environment. The two companies are not partnered in pyriproxyfen. In fact, there is no patent on pyriproxyfen, which is also marketed by Bayer, Syngenta and dozens of pesticide producers in China.

This poison (pyriproxifen), recommended by the WHO, is a growth inhibitor of mosquito larvae, which alters the development process larva-pupa-adult, thus generating malformations in developing mosquitoes and causing their death or incapacity.

Correct on this point. Next, the giant leap of logic.

Malformations detected in thousands of children from pregnant women living in areas where the Brazilian state added pyriproxyfen to drinking water is not a coincidence, even though the Ministry of Health places a direct blame on Zika virus for this damage, while trying to ignore its responsibility and ruling out the hypothesis of direct and cumulative chemical damage.”

This accusation is absolute nonsense and patently false, an apparent attempt to divert attention from Oxytec’s RIDL-carrier mosquito releases, which began in 2011.

- The spraying of pyriproxyfen in Brazil began in the third quarter of 2014, much too late to account for the mycocephaly surge. The low-dosage pesticide would require repeated exposure over long periods to affect humans and domesticated animals, if at all.

- The surge in microcephaly cases began in 2012 and peaked in early 2015, according to the major Brazilian medical study Microcephaly in northeastern Brazil: a review of 16,208 births between 2012 and 2015 (Soares de Araújo, Regis, Gomes, Tavares, Rocha dos Santos, Assunção, et al.

The New Green is Genewash

Pyriproxyfen is already widely used as the active ingredient in newer types of flea power. Sergeant and other pet-suppliers switched to pyriproxyfen in the wake of complaints against previous flea-killing compounds, particularly organophosphate nerve agents imidacloprid, arylheterocycles and selamectin.

Yet another spurious claim from the Argentine doctors group is: Malformations detected in thousands of children from pregnant women living in areas where the Brazilian state added pyriproxyfen to drinking water is not a coincidence, even though the Ministry of Health places a direct blame on Zika virus for this damage.

Sumitomo has developed a slow-release dispenser for open water jugs used by rural households, but sales are awaiting approval from the WHO and FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization). Sumitomo Chemicals conducted most of its open-field research on pyriproxifen in Sri Lanka, where there are no reports of a notable increase in microcephaly or onset of a Zika virus outbreak.

In the same breath, the Argentine doctors “gene-washed” Oxytec’s role in the microcephaly catastrope. Currently in Brazil nearly 15 million GM mosquitoes have been released, and the failure is complete. Where field tests were carried out, less than 15 percent of larvae were transgenic, that is to sat wild females are not accepting the English mosquito from Oxitec.

To correct the doctors’ confusion about the efficiency rate in mating, 15 percent of the affected larvae survived, and not 85 percent as claimed. Can one detect a tone of hurt Latin machismo in the put-down of English males? Cool it, physicians, Brit blokes can’t tango so why get testy?

Crop-spraying is a horrible practice, since there are safer methods for suppressing mosquitoes than bombing swamps with pesticides. Other than praising “community-based methods”, Argentine Physicians against Crop-Spraying are not offering any practical solutions for rural villagers and townspeople.

The Argentine Physicians group is based at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), which is the biggest promoter of genetic engineering in Latin America. The microbiology, agronomy, veterinarian science and medical departments cooperate in advanced genetic research with the WHO, CDC and NIH. Whatever romantic image foreigners may harbor, Latin Americans share the Spanish enthusiasm for Cartesian linear rationality, in the guise of molecular biology, on campus and in restaurant kitchens like El Bulli, engineer of the artificial egg.

Similar unproven claims by Argentine Physicians leader, Dr. Medardo Ávila Vazquez, a UBA graduate, reportedly led to strong criticism from the faculty of University of Cordoba. A petition against his skeptical critics at Cordoba University was signed by more than two dozen British and American molecular biologists at an April 2015 food security forum in Yunnan, China. The only reference document available, however, was in Spanish, meaning the grounds for judgment were based on Aliva’s version of the dispute rather a balanced review of the facts.

In his favor, Dr. Avila has rightly linked the massive spraying of pesticides to the increased prevalence of cancer in rural regions of Argentina, but his crusader mentality has failed to properly assess the emerging threat of gene-transfer strategies. While many more people, including unborn infants, are being routinely killed or maimed by pesticides, including Monsanto’s glyphosate, than by gene-suppression, the relative threat not simply based in the body count.

Distorted rates of population growth have revived the sort of thinking formerly associated with eugenics, the medical program of racial selection in birth rates. The imbalance between the advanced economies of the North and the tropical societies in underdeveloped South is approaching the symbolic milestone of a world population of 10 billion. Covert attempts to deploy biotech-based population reduction are bound to backfire, as is already happened in the Brazil microcephaly case. Triggering a global race war is suicidal for the West.

Media exposure and academic condemnation of this disturbing Oxitec case is needed to open a new round of dialogue with leaders of the Catholic church and the major branches of Islam. Repeating the imperative to procreate in polygamy from a past millennium is not faith, it is sheer stupidity. Biological warfare will only add to the coming disastrous death toll from famine, epidemic, deprivation and poverty. Population-reduction freaks like Bill Gates are certainly genocide-minded felons, but religious clerics who refuse to accept the needs of their impoverished followers bear an equal share of moral guilt. A serious discourse on the so-called population bomb is sorely needed. With the arrival of gene-engineered destruction of ovaries and embryos, humanity is staring into the abyss.

General Electric Moves onto Agribusiness Finance

By coincidence, the head of General Electric in Latin America, Alejandro Bottan, is also a graduate of University of Buenos Aires, yet one more disgrace heaped on the alma mater of Bolivian revolutionary martyr Dr, Ernesto Guevara, better known as “Che”.

In 2012, Oxitec signed a partnership deal with Asia Pacific Capital (Hong Kong), a front for GE Capital to tap into China money. The accord was aimed at promoting Oxitec across Asia and Latin America, including Brazil and Argentina, along with India, China and Southeast Asia. General Electric is positioned in the Argentine energy, health care and large-scale lending to agribusiness in Latin America.

Gage McAfee, managing director of Asia Pacific Capital, said: "Asia Pacific Capital focuses on the 'Asian Tiger' economies of China and India, where insect-borne infections and food security are increasing problems with serious economic consequences.

The India partner-company of Oxitec is Gangabishan Bhikulal Investment and Trading Limited (GBIT) headed by Badrinarayan Ramulal (B.R.) Barwale, a businessman who founded the subcontinent’s hybrid seed industry. Considered one of the pioneers of the “Green Revolution” in Asian agriculture, Barwale got his start as a protege of the Rockefeller Foundation and American geneticist Norman Borlaug, who created the concept of “food as a weapon” against the regional spread of agrarian nationalism. Besides bypassing the heritage seed collections of local farmers, the Green Revolution promoted the use of expensive chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, the cost of which bankrupted millions of Asian farmers while enriching the chemical industry, farm machinery suppliers and the money lenders.

Even more aggressive industrialization of agronomy and animal husbandry has displaced family farmers and destroyed forests across Latin American, which is now a monoculture factory plantation of soybeans and corn for ethanol fuel. As Dr. Avila of Argentine Physicians against Crop-Spraying has correctly pointed out, the contamination of land, crops and water supplies by chemical spraying, with the loss of ecosystems, has become a major driver of cancer and promoter of other diseases. Instead of reversing this exploitative trend, agribusiness and the sold-out medical authorities are adding a new lethal layer, with the introduction of gene-transfer methods. Even Monsanto is joining the gene-suppression bandwagon with its purely semantic declaration of ending genetic modification (GM defined as older methods of gene-insertion) within two decades.

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Designers of Outlaw Gene Science, the pit bulls of molecular biology, are off the leash due to shifts in White House medical-research policy, especially at the Health and Human Services Department.

Preliminary work on the Zika and gene-insertion in mosquitoes, covertly tested in the 2007 Yap outbreak were conducted during the administration of George W. Bush and his second-term Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt. A Mormon from Utah who voiced support for polygamy as a “religious freedom”, Leavitt had served as a former staffer with Sen. Orrin Hatch and served on the Homeland Security Advisory Council following the post-911 anthrax letters scare.

Leavitt’s term at HHS coincided with the Asian avian influenza outbreak. He called bird flu the most serious threat to American security, putting himself into a working relationship with the WHO. He routinely used a 14-seat CDC airplane as his private jet, an intriguing point due to his security focus on pathogens since the aircraft gave him carte blanche to travel to smaller airports near isolated research labs. Leavitt’s keen interest in biotech is probably related to the presence of the US Army’s Dugway Proving Ground in Utah, the postwar home base of Japan’s notorious Unit 731 bioweapons group. Militaristic methods and murderous endings overshadowed biological research in the lae Bush era, as demonstrated by the violent death of British microbiologist Dr. David Kelly.

As stated by a microbiologist in exile who has done research for CDC, NIH and DOD, the Bush Health Department would have “locked me inside a top-secret lab and I would have never been heard from again. They want me for the Iraq situation.”

Leavitt was described as “Mitt Romney’s government-in-waiting”, putting him on the outs after Obama’s inauguration in January 2009. The incoming Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius initiated a gradual process of ridding the government labs of its biowarfare fixation. Over the next 18 months, it was safe for microbiologists in exile to come home to the USA, while the most compromised bioweapons researchers retreated to military-run labs or moved en masse into the private sector, where they were sustained with grants from neocon bureaucrats and private sources like the Gates Foundation, the major pharmaceuticals Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline, and the new Walmart Foundation.

This exodus of biowarriors explains how gene-interference technology for dengue and Zika virus was transferred secretly and probably illegally from CDC-VBD Colorado and NIH to the Oxford and Pirbright Institute’s commercial spinoff Oxitec, where it was safe and secure from investigation by U.S. counter-proliferation officials.

At the start of Obama’s second term, Sebelius was ousted at Health and Human Services. Her replacement was Sylvia Mathews Burwell, head of the Walmart Foundation and former president of the Global Program of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. She earlier served with the Washington State Medicine Board, the Aspen Institute and the Nike Foundation. She graduated cum laude from Harvard and was a Rhodes scholar.

A look at these bureaucratic turf wars help to decipher Director of National Intelligence Clapper’s concerns about gene-editing as a weapon of mass destruction. America’s once centrally administered biological warfare research establishment has split apart into different camps - the most cynical Bush-era biowarriors moving on to foreign labs or hidden in the pharmaceuticals and biotech industry; others posted inside obscure corners of the US military and its spin-off companies; and younger microbiologists trained under the Bush bunch being regrouped in Health and Human Services or channeled into CDC, NIH and major research hospitals. Even the most powerful intelligence official does not have control over these dispersed elements and cannot trust his own chain of command.

Gene warfare was unloosed on Brazil by pharmaceuticals and foundations with larger financial resources than the federal government, and the intelligence community is trying to catch up with the perpetrators. With presidential elections on the near horizon, bio-security is starting too late. While Oxitec could take the fall for mass destruction of Brazil’s next generation, the biowarriors are likely going to make a comeback in 2017, unless the next president takes an ethical stance in support of public health and overhauls the gamut of bioweapons development. Don’t hold your breath unless someone nearby sneezes.

Yoichi Shimatsu, an Asia-based science writer, led a public health information team of microbiologists and toxicologists during the SARS outbreak and Asian avian influenza pandemic.




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