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Galloway 1

By Jim Kirwan


Galloway Does What American’s Won’t!


There’s a completely unique individual, in England, who represents the best in what it means to live a full and useful life. A fighter for those that actually work for a living; George Galloway is an amazing individual. After leaving government Galloway is launching his own particular way to publicly bring down Tony Blair, the penultimate global-criminal and former leader of Britain.

RT interviews George in a 13min 6sec VIDEO, which I’ve transcribed below, in two parts, for “Amerikans” that still have no clue about the scale or the scope of the global-élites’ that continue their ownership of too many people in the world today…

RT: “Last month RT announced a new opinion show called Sputnik: Hosted by the Respect-party member George Galloway. Now if you’re not familiar with George Galloway, you should be.

Whether it’s taking on the UN on its Oil for Food Program or blasting the Empire in the halls of Parliament. Galloway has ‘done it all’ in the course of his decades long political career.”

kirwan: This alone should make Americans wonder why we have no American-counterpart to Galloway’s resounding style. Galloway does not stop with words; he continues to take the heaviest of issues into the blackest-hearts of this global-nightmare; whether ‘in office’ or now: After he’s become a private person once again.

His target now is Tony Blair. But where are the Americans willing or able to go after Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Obama, Pelosi, Feinstein, Schumer, Biden, Bernanke, Bloomberg, Kissinger or GWH Bush: Or indeed any of the dozens and dozens of international criminals that have done the same crimes that Blair did: But now these Zionist-Amerikans have no fear that they might ever be targeted by any real Americans, in the ways that could and would bring any of the these traitors down!

RT: “Earlier this year Galloway launched a kick-starter to create and promote a film called The Killing of Tony Blair. Although we only asked for 50,000 pounds to make it: He has received well-over 160,000 pounds for the project to date! …I first asked him what he’s hoping to achieve with the film.”

Galloway: “Our first objective is to have Mr. Blair removed as the so-called “Peace Envoy” which is the most inappropriate appointment since Caligula appointed his horse as a pro-counsel of Rome.”

kirwan: This brings to mind Barry’s Nobel-Peace-Prize, that was given to him before he became the globe’s leading butcher of innocent-civilians in the world today. And of course Obama has become the global-leader of slaughter by drones, while retaining the Nobel Peace Prize. Of course as we depend on Hollycaust to produce all our films—that could never happen here—or could it?

Galloway: “Secondly to make him so-toxic decent that people and decent corporations, if they exist, will no longer wish to hire him. And our highest aspiration is to have him on-trial at The Hague on charges of Crimes against Humanity and War Crimes. Now that’s a very ambitious movie. But it’s not as far-fetched a set of objectives as it once would have looked. And so we now have more than 6,000 donors to this movie, growing every day, and I think that this film is going to be one of “THE FILMS of 2014”.

I hope so and it has a raft of executive producers of note. Including Max Kaiser and Abby Martin of RT.”

RT: “A proud producer George, I’m really excited about how well the film’s coming. I cannot wait to see it. Other than doctoring up evidence for the Iraq war, briefly touch upon the other crimes that you think Tony Blair’s responsible for that we might not know about here in the U.S.”

Galloway: “Well the title “The Killing of Tony Blair” is a triple entendre. The first killing was his killing of the labor-party, as we knew it. And I was a member of it for 36 years, before he expelled me in 2004 and abolished my parliamentary constituency, hoping that one way or another he’d be rid of me.

The killing of the labor party was a crime against the working people of Britain because every country needs ‘a labor party’ including your own country, I may say. A party that will stand up for working people whose interests are entire and separate from the interests of other classes, in the society.”

kirwan: Of course in the U.S. there are no longer any class distinctions here except between the filthy-rich and everyone else. And since we are now eyeball-deep into the fascist Police-State that is bordering on an open declaration of Martial Law ­ this type of political-distinction has been permanently eliminated from any real consideration, as all that most Amerikans worry about today is when the Free-Fire-Zones will be coming to their homes: Will that arrive before or after the financial meltdown, will it involve total chaos or just more of the snatching away, in the dark, of whatever’s left of this place?

Galloway: “The Second Killing is obvious. The killing of a million people in Iraq and in Afghanistan and by extension in Lebanon and in Palestine and in many other places. And the Third Killing is the Financial Killing that Mr. Blair is making out of the previous two killings! By destroying the Labor Party he made Britain safer for the Corporations. He made (their) tax bills shrink, he made regulatory bargains disappear—and now they are rewarding him for ‘all of that financially’. By paying him sums of money, that are simply eye-watering. He has now entered the Sunday-Times “rich-list”. He is officially one of the richest people in Britain.

RT: “Let’s hope that when Tony Blair is brought to the Hague, because of your film he’ll not plead “Afluenza” ‘Too wealthy to have a moral-conscience’ which is what we just saw here in the US, as shocking-precedent set here ­ let’s move on to Parliament though. Recently the Editor in chief of the Guardian along with journalist Glen Greenwald were called to testify under Britain’s Terrorism Law. Greenwald said that Britain’s trying to equate Journalism with Terrorism. As a member of Parliament yourself what do you think is the real purpose of these hearings?”

Galloway: “Well it’s a reign of intellectual-terror basically and edging into a physical terror. The British security services actually entered the editorial rooms and the editorial floor of the Guardian Newspaper and broke hard-disc’s on a Newspapers’ computers. Actually smashed them into pieces. This is by even the standards of the British State, not only one too far, but one that has never been taken before, at least not in ‘peacetime’. Although I suppose we are perpetually ‘at war’ now, so that’s what they might say in ‘justification’. But of course the Guardian was only telling us what our ‘rulers’ are doing: And doing with our money—and in our name!

The idea that they should be allowed, not only to keep these things secret but when these SECRETS are revealed; take such Draconian punitive hieratical measures, as invading newspaper offices and breaking up their hard-discs is truly extrodinary. And more shocking still is that the rest of the British media has completely ignored this story.

As indeed they have more-or-less completely ignored the Snowden Affair in any detail right from the beginning.”

kirwan: “Ironically Americans have never paid attention to what goes on in Europe or Britain. Every offense against Americans is always done first in Europe to get the potential-bugs out of their presentations before bringing whatever it is to the states. It was true of the 2 million person march Against the Iraq War, just as it was also true of many false flag attacks to try to gauge the European-public’s acceptance of fake-attacks to bolster terrorist-stories that had no terrorist components at all.

The rape of Ireland’s pubs, the shut-down of public gathering places and the millions of surveillance cameras throughout London which preceded the US Zero-tolerance polices all of which were trial-tested first in Europe.

Americans, because we no longer have any “foreign-news-bureaus” have remained totally in the dark about everything that goes on in the rest of the world ­ and its been that way since the days when Peter Jennings was still alive. This is why virtually everything that happens today always comes as such a shock to Amerikans!

That’s also “WHY” Press TV & RT are always way ahead of every American “news-service” from CNN to ABC, FOX, CBS, NBC and PBS. It’s why most here remain dumber than the proverbial box-of-rocks. Hell there are hundreds of on-line services that are light years ahead of the garbage put out by any American news-organizations. America’s news-providers ought to have their charters revoked if they continue to fail to cover the world today, because like-it or not, we live in a global society and not the pedestrian-localized-village-point-of view which is all that gets covered by most if not all of American media today!

The point here is that whatever is about to happen here is débuted first in Britain. This part of this interview is a preview of what will soon be happening in the USA and to newsrooms here, as soon as the Brits get the bugs worked out as to how NSA, DHS, CIA, FBI and the rest of the thug-bureaus here need to be ­ before we do exactly the same things that RT & Galloway are talking about in this clip.”

If Americans made the time to keep up with what the rest of the planet is doing ­ then none of what happens to us each and every day ­ would surprise anyone anymore! But if only more Americans would take the time; then we couldn’t remain behind the curve and more of us might be doing what Galloway is doing instead of just hiding under-the-bed and waiting for the storm-troopers to kick down our doors!

RT: “I want to move on to Syria because there’s a huge story of course that relates to you directly, a Doctor Abbas Kahn, the man held by Assad forces that was scheduled to be handed over to you and instead he was found tragically dead. According to Security Forces he committed suicide. Can you tell us anymore information about this case?”

Galloway: “It was to be “a Christmas Gesture”. And four days before my departure he was found ‘dead’ in his cell. Now there are two things that must be found obvious here. First of all Bashar Al Assad did not order the killing of this man. That would be simply absurd because if he was going to do so why would he make such extensive arrangements for me, of all people, as someone who has stood by Syria through all of this terrible three years to go to Damascus to pick up the prisoner, if he was going to execute him he would definitely not have done that. Equally, obviously though, I’m sorry to say it’s pretty inexplicable, pretty implausible that Dr. Kahn committed suicide,

because he knew I was coming in four days to take him home. He was elated at that news; he said so to his mother and in letters home to his sister and brother. And so the idea that Dr. Kahn committed suicide just before getting his freedom is equally implausible.

That I’m afraid leads to a very, very dark third option. And that is that somebody inside the apparatus of the Syrian State is not under the control of the president and in fact set out to wreck a gesture being made by the president and that does not augur well.”

RT: “And unfortunately there are so many state actors involved with all their state interests, it’s really hard to tell ‘whose telling the truth’ without being a pawn in this global-chess-game. George I’m really happy that you’re keeping up the pressure; hopefully we’ll get answers soon.” (1)

@7min 12 sec ­ this concludes Part One of the 13 min tape

1) Why MP George Galloway is Killing Tony Blair



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