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Fukushima Radiation Brutal
On Flight Crews, Passengers

From Graham Coleman


 I've just landed in Manila on Philippines Airlines (PAL) flight PR210.

 During the flight I addressed some of the cabin crew in the galley. I asked if any of the the crew knew of or had observed any health affects on colleagues flying the airline's Manila Vancouver air route.

 A regular PAL flight flies through the Fukashima radiation Jet Stream plume.

 A crew member told me they are aware and fearful of the radiation danger, but are continuing to fly the route in full knowledge that other airlines are now restricting crews to only one flight per month due to dangerous levels of radiation emitting from Fukashima.  

 Philippine airlines gives an annual health check to crew flying the route.

 Filipino life is clearly considered cheap.

 Filipinos deserve better protection.

 All Americans are now Filipinos. Nobody is saying anything to Americans, save for you and your regular guests, who are filling the gap in an otherwise premeditated and disgraceful main stream media blackout with malice and intent.

 My point to you is: the airlines are fully aware of the danger Fukushima presents. Your reports of radiation migration across the Jet Stream is no personal untested theory. It's real to those who work the skies. They know the danger is real.



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