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Fragmentation Of Galactic Proportions

By Dr G S Chiappalone
Doctor of Metaphysical Science
My Motto: Take it or Leave it !

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  • EBOLA is a Bio-weapon for the Eugenics Program. Notice how it parallels “HIV” in its development, location, and ABILITY TO FRIGHTEN THE FOOLS.


  • The Fragmentation towards Terminal Madness, Nuclear War and Planetary Destruction is inexorable.

  • And so we move on to the next step:

So now, let’s go to my assessment of what is to come on a Galactic scale!

Long ago, I stated that the KEY to collapse of the Virtual Reality on this level was the revelation of the Truth of 9/11

Let the Final Games on this level begin……

An Italian view:

New Loose Change, 2014 version:

Where is it going?


There are many more such videos of what really happened on 9/11

Why have I posted so many videos about 9/11?

It is because the Truth of what happened is the KEY to further developments..

It will be the major reason for the eventual Civil War that will engulf the Merry Cans.

What does all this say for the Justice System of the supposedly most democratic, most cultured, most industrially developed and technologically advanced nation on Earth?

It says that, inspite of the valiant attempts of ‘good men’, the Justice System is really an Injustice System.

The evil ones seem to have gotten away with this crime like they have done with so many others since the creation of this abomination called the Physical Universe. HIV and Ebola are just 2 more in the long list of crimes against “Humanity”.

Does this mean Evil is greater than Good?

On this level, the answer, illusionally, is YES.

That is why Evil is going to be destroyed by the following mechanisms:

  1. ISOLATION. This whole Galaxy is now in quarantine. The Light has closed it off in preparation for its total annihilation.

The putrefaction we are witnessing in all aspects of our existence and in the existence of all living things in the Galaxy is occurring in a sealed, isolated container!

All the aliens in the Galaxy are undergoing their own putrefaction and they will undergo the Terminal Madness affecting unprotected Human Minds and the minds of the beings in levels of Consciousness 1, 2 and 3

Each portion of the Universe that has been destroyed previously suffered the same fate of initial isolation from the rest by the ‘Forces of Good’. I have stated previously over 90 % of the Physical Dimension has been “corrected”.

In the beginning of this Physical Dimension, Evil cut itself off thinking it could survive on the energy of the True Beings it had trapped within it. To make things difficult for Light’s correction, it isolated each Galaxy from others, each Solar System from others, and each planet from others so communication would be minimized except for the Evil Archons. This mechanism of isolation was to prevent the trapped ones from awakening to what had occurred..

Each celestial orb was surrounded by Etheric and Astral layers that further prevented communication.

But this latest isolation of the Galaxy is being done by the Light in order to prevent any Evil consciousnesses within it from escaping their fate. In the past, some did escape such procedures and wandered into other, as yet uncleansed areas, and were allowed to settle in them. On this planet, they are called Star Children!

There is no guarantee that some will not again escape the “nets” to harness them, and they will escape to other areas of the remaining Universe, but they will be captured sooner or later for they will eventually have nowhere else to go.

  1. STARVATION from lack of available energy, which I revealed some time ago. As you will recall, I wrote that just on Earth alone, most True Beings, with Divine Energy within them, were lifted off the planet in November 1999 as part of this process of starving Evil which relies for its very survival on such trapped Divine Energy.

Since that time, activities on this plant have become more and more demonically exploitative in order for the demons to gather energy from any source that is exploitable and from anyone and everybody that has energy. Evil ones are doing this to remain alive, but the energy pool is becoming smaller and smaller, and as it does, fracturing of all systems will occur as we are now witnessing. Especially those of us with extended vision and true knowledge can now plainly see what is occurring.

Evil is being starved to death! To allow the few True beings left here to finish their work and for them and the robotic Viables to remain alive till the Rescue, the New Green Energy was introduced some time ago as I explained earlier in other essays.

I have approximately 1,000 Light Workers assisting me at this time on the planet. Our role is to assist, in energetic ways, the 9% of the population that are deemed Viable. That is some 650 million people.

Our work is mainly in the subtle level and we do not need to be consciously aware of who we are, and we do not need to meet in the physical at this stage.

What is the likelihood that I have made all this up? Well, it seems too far-fetched to think I have made this up. If these things I write about come from implanted thoughts into my lower mind, they seem to have some validity, for the script is running true to predicted form. If I have been deceived in some way, and in turn I have unintentionally deceived my readers, then we have all been fooled. But, the accuracy of what I have been told and have relayed to you seems to justify the belief that this is a true prediction for what is happening and what is to happen in the immediate future to all of us.

I have revealed a very small percentage of what I know for various reasons. One of the things you should know that greatly validates my true role in all this is this: “I” have been involved in the destruction of all that part of the Physical Universe that has been thus far destroyed. I am talking of my “Higher Consciousness”, not this silly cardboard box I am renting off the Evil Empire just to be planted physically on earth. What is in the body at any one time is a splinter of the far Greater Consciousness present throughout the Universe. It could be no other way. And some of you are starting to realize you are a splinter Consciousness of my consciousness. You sense this by the affinity you feel for my energy. When I write things they seem to resonate within you as if you already knew them!

Always go by the energy of persons and things. That way you will not go wrong.

For example, many of you have written saying that, once you bypass the pollution of this horrible level to a major extent, you feel uplifted and joyous with what I have written in the website posts, in my books, essays, poems, etc., etc. That is because you are connecting to the Core of Light from which we came,

In contrast, and this is an important point, many of you have written stating that reading Amitakh and Steffan Stanford’s website makes you feel nauseated and ill. I mention this, not out of any animosity or vindictiveness towards these two, but because they are our direct enemies on the spiritual level. They belong to the opposing essence. Many of you have been fooled by them. If there is any spark of Light left in you, wake up! If you cannot see the evil within them, then it is ‘Adios Amigo, you are lost forevermore!”

  1. FRAGMENTATION of the Virtual Reality. We are definitely now witnessing this. As a consequence of this loss of energy, all systems will fracture and implode. My essay of July 30 posted above gives details of the fragmentation we are witnessing. Those facts are not manufactured. They are a reality.

Thus, of even the most unaware beings on the planet, we need to ask: Are such fragmentations and implosions not already obvious everywhere on and in the globe?

Alas, why bother with the lost Fools? Minds are erratic. It is called Terminal Madness of the Endtime.

As systems on Earth fragment and affect us all, systems outside of Earth will also fragment and affect us.

Thus, rogue comets and other heavenly bodies will affect the Earth and us.

Not only are collisions with heavenly bodies a danger, but also radiation from many sources presents unforseen dangers. CME from our dying Sun are a classical example.

Some of the evil ones (Archons and their selected Minions) have awareness of this and so they are intending on living like moles in their underground lairs as was seen in a video I posted recently. How long do you think they can survive there? They think forever, obviously. But, they are fools, for other factors are at play as I will explain below. No aspect of the Physical Dimension is safe! It must all be eradicated. It will all be eradicated.

I have told you that Aliens lived, and live, in mountains, in subterranean cities, under the sea, in the hollow Earth, etc. Here are some points for speculation:

Intuitive and Prognostic Dreams: It is most remarkable that more and more people are dreaming of the End, of Divine Rescue, and of being in the New Dimension. Do you think this is coincidence? How does one control what dreams one has, or what thoughts are going to be implanted by mechanisms and Beings unknown while the physical body is asleep?

I cannot be making any of this up, surely?

How could I or anyone else on this level influence what people dream about at night?

  1. Eventual Transmutation of non-Viable consciousnesses. The aimed outcome is, of course, the elimination of ALL these Evil Energy suckers who have trapped Light Beings, and also the total and permanent liberation of such Light Beings so that they can proceed, in a normal, non-evil manner, towards their Divine Evolution.

I realize these are just words which at this stage are rather meaningless and the concepts need a lot more explanations. For those explanations I ask that you read my books if you are interested further.

Thus, you see, this whole Galaxy has been ISOLATED. That includes this Earth.

That is why many of you have been unable to connect to Higher Sources for some time.

The Higher Consciousnesses have left the Galaxy in preparation for its total destruction.

The ‘starvation’ of the non-Viables comes in the form of reduced energy in all facets of existence in this Galaxy, in this Earth. If it was not for the New Green energy I keep telling you about, we too, as Viables, would also starve to death and be victims of Terminal Madness of the Endtime.

But, thanks to the NGE, you are, in fact, noticing that you are making more and more sense of what is going on and have a clarity of vision that is envied by the failed, doomed morons.

My Higher Consciousness now declares that all the work that needs to be done to end this Galaxy and all its contents, including Earth, has been done.

Viables are now waiting for extraction out of the dimension.

If what I just wrote is accurate, it must surely mean the End is very, very close!

Many of us will be contacted by the Rescuers, the Superior Consciousness, when the Rescue Crafts enter the dimension, and I will make that event public so all who are to be rescued can prepare themselves for final lift-off.

Don’t forget, all consciousness in all levels that is viable is to be rescued. Thus, your pets are definitely involved. Consciousnesses in the Mineral and Vegetable Kingdoms are part of the Rescue too. Us you might expect a far higher ratio of Mineral, Vegetable and Animal Consciousness have remained faithful to the Light and are Viable!

In the meantime, until contact with the rescuers, we wait. Make the best of a bad situation. Avoid evil traps as much as possible. Elevate your minds to Higher Realms.

We will suffer in the physical. Of that there is no doubt. Prepare with food storage, water, extra supplies, etc., just in case you are caught in the maelstrom for a short while. Remember to stock supplies for your pets, your regular medicines, solar generators, etc., etc.

On some days, especially if your Higher Consciousness is out of the body, perhaps helping others around the globe, you may feel horrible. You may feel listless with lack of energy. You may feel useless, abandoned, unhappy, depressed even. Just hang on. Don’t do anything foolish. Tell yourself it is a passing phase and you will be better soon. Remind yourself that such episodes have occurred before and they passed surely enough.

While is such a state of despondency, make no firm decisions about anything. Don’t argue. Don’t attack your friends or the Light. Apologize as soon as you come to your senses if you have offended anyone.

It is hoped that the End will come in a fulminating moment and we will be lifted out simultaneously as the annihilation of matter occurs. But, delays can happen, so mentally prepare for variability.

Communication via air travel, the Internet, snail mail, etc., may be cut. Adjust accordingly.

If you find my website and books are of value and comfort to you, copy them and print them out so you will have copies when the Internet vanishes as it will.

I mentioned very early in my writings that Australia will be one of the safest places until the end.

Do you want to migrate? That is up to you.

I know many will want to be with like-minded people at the end.


How can the Galaxy be decimated in and interval which will seem like an instance?

It involves instantaneous liquefaction of matter and its drainage into “vats” which will allow transmutation of unwanted consciousnesses. Valency bonds between molecules, atoms, sub-atomic particles, etc., will vanish. In other words matter will liquefy into what would appear to be nothingness.

The fall of Galaxies into Black Holes has been witnessed through modern telescopes. Some have psychic awareness of such events. Once all the structures of a Galaxy are liquefied, they can be poured into any container the Divine wishes.

Enough wormhole-type structures (apertures) will appear instantly throughout the Galaxy to allow this filtration of liquefied matter. Suction will be at super-luminal speed into a contained Divine Dimension. Hence, the end of the Galaxy will have occurred in what will appear to be an instant.

Simultaneously, Rescuing Spacecraft will elevate viable consciousnesses via a form of suction and deposit them into the Villages prepared for their arrival in a New Dimension. I had mentioned this previously.

What is to occur is on the grandest of scales, and will make the punitive events of our miserable lives perish in an instant and they will become truly insignificant.

If you had connected in any way to Higher Consciousness you will have already reached that state of bliss to some small extent, and somehow know enough not to worry about the doomed Evil and all its minions and miscreants causing havoc all around us.

What I have described here, namely the end of this Galaxy is destine to occur (well before) 2035!


Dr G S Chiappalone

Copyright August 6, 2014



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