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Four Wars One Enemy!

By Jim Kirwan

The attack launched against Iraq by USI owned ISIS kicked off this global war for hegemony, not just in Syria & Iraq, but throughout the region. Ultimately this invasion will soon come in direct contact with Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordon and Iran; on either side of the current fighting, once the real war begins. Israel, while not named, is just south of Lebanon and just East of Jordan, and yet they will be everywhere in this war that is slated to ‘break out”!

What makes this so important is that since USI has dumped their remaining heavy weaponry into DHS to create the CEO’s promised private army of mercenary forces, for use against the American population: There must now be another massive infusion of more heavy weaponry re-injected into USI’s pathetic military forces that have already lost in 1991-2003 and 2003-2011 in Iraq.

The obscenity lies in the shattered USI chain of command that has again appointed itself to decide which nations can fight against which enemies’ and in which theater of operations—despite the fact that of all the participants the USI has been the major loser each and every time they’ve invaded, in any nation in the Middle East. With that track record and the total obliteration of Libya; why would any “nation” listen to anything that USI has ever said? And their partner in all of this is the only nation to have more of a losing record than USI: Having been losing for the last 66 plus years throughout the region to Lebanon, twice, to Syria and Jordan several times and they have still not been able to attack either Iraq or Iran themselves to get what they have demanded from those nations, which is why this war is happening now!

It’s clear from this article below, that all the decisions are being made in American think tanks, mostly owned and controlled by Israel. The ‘troops’ and air attacks will be provided again by the failed CEO of USI who has absolutely no military experience at all.


Yet Obamanation is about to order more troops back into Iraq: It’s time for the American’s that care about their loved ones to begin ‘a whispering campaign’ to urge no one to answer the Czar’s call to fight again, inside Iraq or anywhere else.

America does not currently have a legal commander-in-chief, because that requires a decision by the congress which neither Bush nor Obamanation ever managed to get. So Obama is just a self-appointed fiction, hiding behind truck-loads of illegal orders—and he’s an unindicted traitor to both the Constitution and the people of the United States. He’s never been a leader of anything but his own twisted LBGT version of this failed nation that was once called America.

This third war on Iraq is being directed by the same forces that have been beaten there, twice before. And USI has been on the losing end of the mercenary war on Syria for the last three years. Yet now they have decided to start that war again against Assad, (Using ISIS and ISIL to do that for him), despite the Syrian landslide election and all their previous failures. Still these “losers” are giving orders on who can fight against which invading army, everywhere throughout the region.

The plan is simple. Wait until ISIS creates a massive slaughter to piss off every American, like an attack upon the 5,000 US employees inside the Green Zone, (the largest embassy in the world) and then demand that Americans back this new war to the hilt.

This could happen because of an intensified version of the four military contractors who were murdered and burned then hung on a bridge that created the justification to liquidate the entire city of Fallujah, during the second war on Iraq. Once a large enough obscenity is created, then the CEO will return to the podium and demand “justice for the glorious dead”: Then the whole hideous charade can begin all over again that will be a massive bonanza for global war machine around the planet.

Once begun there will be ‘Air Strikes’ and continuous drone-attacks but not just on the invaders inside Iraq: Look again at the map:

It would appear that to be successful USI will have to go straight into Syria and insure that this time there will be nothing left of that nation to refute the absolute control of Israeli-directed USI actions, in the air or on the ground.

It was not possible to defeat the two separate nations of Iraq and Syria. But if they can be “combined”, as they now have been by the introduction of ISIS: Then USI can take the lid off Pandora’s Box that would end both nations forever while finally giving Israel most of the land that she’s coveted since long before that shitty little backwater first began to dream their impossible dream, of absolute global dominance over entire the world!

But the magnanimity that this will grant to the global war machine doesn’t end there. There will also be the war in Ukraine and the coming shut down of the USA that will each require continued re-supply as well.

Establishing this Pattern of Deceit is the continuing brainchild of the Neo-Cons to re-establish their global fantasies. This scenario can only happen if they can keep the FED from being ripped apart from inside the United States? If the public here could silence those printing presses and arrest the Israel-traitors who pretend to be Americans: Then the entire charade will die before it can even begin to follow through with what they’ve already set in motion, using a reincarnated Caligula, that calls himself the leader of ISIS and ISIL to end the existing world.

This slaughter has been going on for over a half a century of “covert operations” with only more failures to show for all the tens of trillions of dollars, not to mention the tens of millions of people that have been murdered, that were totally wasted throughout this entire effort.

Until now the American public has not cared enough to disturb themselves at all. That’s why this horrific obscenity is required to once more try to hang the sentiments of a dead public upon yet another series of massacres ­ to keep all the wars going on into absolute oblivion. That’s their plan. And it’ll work, unless enough of us stand up and smash it and them - back into that same oblivion they designed just to wipe us out.

Ukraine and the open hole in the US Border must also be solved, not just mentioned, while the planet waits for the Outlaws to attack the world over and over and over again, in the Middle East and now in Europe. All the various maps available today are beginning to look more and more like pre-World War II, than they have in a very long time…

To be continued…



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