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Forgetting Memory


By Jim Kirwan



Our Path to National International Oblivion

Memorial Day has become the Day for Forgetting the Forgotten Dead

of all our wars: It’s not just the end of national memory.

Over 73,000 Americans died in the first Iraq-War”.

That warcrime was committed by Bush senior in 1991. The number of American dead was erased from national memory because the propaganda arm of the media of Bush-the-Lesser had officially “classified” the number of all dead Americans and kept them officially secret. The Bush Doctrine of 2002 led directly to “Coming back from Iraq” in 2003 where “military deaths and damages” were no longer officially counted. That’s part of what happened to the public “memory of things past”. Here’s where that attitude has led the public to ­ on this Memorial Weekend.

Americans Forget the Meaning of Memorial Day

After Vietnam we stopped officially “celebrating” the dead of all our wars when we turned ‘Memorial Day’ into a weekend of private remembrance for the fallen. That was forced on us by the fact that since WWII the US had stopped “winning” our own wars against the entire planet. This began with our defeat in Vietnam and it has continued with our official departure from Iraq and Afghanistan that marked over twenty years of failed war-policies, which we’ve had to go back on ­ again and again.

It’s no wonder we don’t want to remember all that shame or all that needlessly spilled blood ­ just to keep the military war-machine contracts at full roar. America lost hundreds of thousands, but the world has lost millions upon millions to our lawless military adventures, worldwide.

With over 720 military bases scattered all over the planet among the slightly more than 200 nations of the world ­ Amerikans are leary of “celebrating” the treasons which “American-troops” represent, around the world today. That number of our ‘troops’ became further politicized when the draft was ended in Vietnam that gave the current US mercenary ‘volunteers’, who work in the global theater, that has produced nothing but failed performance’s wherever they appear in the war-torn world of today.

But especially now everything has become even more twisted, beyond any and all reason, as the United States is in the midst of turning the full weight of the American military against this nation that paid for them and created the uniformed traitors that are planning to attack the public on or about JUNE 15, with Operation JADE-HELM-15.

terrorist incident in U.S. was a false flag ?

Military Reveals Martial Law and Dissident Extraction Plans for US Citizens

Ask yourself “who will be operating all those tanks and Humvees”, not to mention all that armor that’s being stored all over this nation?

Obamanation confiscated all the National Guard Blackhawk helicopters that the states could have used to keep track of what is going on: And the Dictator refuses to discuss it.

The public has still not been told directly what’s going on with

Special Forces, the Marines, The US Air Force or the rest of this illegally

Assigned FORCE that is about to create

The first ever FREE-FIRE-ZONE in AMERICA

Inside the U. S. with JADE-HELM-15

That will commence on June 15, 2015?

And as if even that is not enough, the global earthquake activity around the planet is also heading into over-drive:

5/22/2015 — West Coast, East Coast, Southern US Earthquakes strike the Craton Edge — Plate pressure obvious

It is time to decide.

How will you personally react to this blatant new series of threats?

This is treason on so many levels ­

That it can no longer be ignored, by anyone on any level…



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