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Flipping the Script!

By Jim Kirwan

When the real DARKNESS on the planet is cast as


Then it’s time for the entire world to say NO!

When the image above is reversed:

With DARKNESS dominating, that’s exactly

What the West has actually embraced.

The West has labeled the former Darkness which was embodied by Bolshevik Russia under Stalin and the Judaic banks; as what is now represented by Putin and today’s Russia. That’s a massive lie that’s being spread by the Hydra (below) which owns and controls the global media.

In reality that ‘former darkness’ as labeled by the West, is rapidly becoming a new light for freedom. It’s a freedom that is challenging “the End of Life”, as that concept has been engineered and promoted by International Outlaws throughout the New Millennium.

Saying “NO” is not an abstract concept.

In fact the real consequences of our global failures to deal with ‘reality’, is the reason why the world is being rapidly turned into a global concentration camp where hunger, thirst and disease are now openly competing with bombs, bullets and missiles of the global barbarians as they race to end the world as we knew it.

Demonization” can never successfully replace the realities presented by failed economies and shattered financial institutions which are beginning to run riot in the wake of the Tsunami of Lies that the West is desperately trying to force down the throats of the world: The same world that “we” have been openly attacking for over a hundred years.

What makes this so true is that the cowards pretending to be warriors still ignore the damaged, the dispossessed, the wounded, and millions of the starving and homeless victims the world over. The casualties of war today are borne by civilians in over 90% of the numbers of those targeted everyday; which provides over 80% of those who are killed in these uncounted illegal invasions around the globe today.

ISIS is “Israeli Secret Intelligence Services”

Based upon the colossal failures of American and Israeli forces for the last 23 years of pointless slaughter in Iraq and elsewhere—Israel created ISIS as a new and “improved” killing machine to ravage the ruins of the war torn world—and they’re using “Social Media” globally to roll out this new and truly global destabilization force that uses every conceivable crime to further their reputation.

What “other force” has ever dared to use beheadings, crucifixions, the sexual mutilation of women and burying people alive to further their military image in the world? All of that on top of using disease, pandemics and global nuclear radiation leaks that were created from their early efforts just over three years ago via Stuxnet: To create Fukushima’s continuing global nuclear effects on the Pacific Ocean and the planet worldwide.

When ISIS was created to ‘help the world’ by “helping out the victims” that USI & Israel have created around the world—it appears that apparently we hadn’t yet helped those defeated nations ‘enough’. Initially we have “helped” so many nations to totally destroy themselves and in some cases whole nations have disappeared in that process. But according to Israel & USI apparently they haven’t yet been able to do enough—hence the new Barbarians. Consequently ISIS & ISIL were created to “help” the world still further!

The world has to say NO to the West, but especially NO to Israel!

Boycott, Boycott, Boycott ISRAEL

When the incredibly old and the obscenely corrupted global-outlaws created this situation: Their first target was to reduce the people of the planet to simple board pieces in their global-chess game. To do this efficiently, the West is committing genocide du jour, by classifying 95% of the global-population as non-people, useless eaters or sub-humans that must be killed; in order that “those who matter” can rule without fear from their remaining slaves. Of course once people can be classified as just ‘game-pieces’ then their actual lives can have absolutely no meaning: This is why no one seems to mind how many casualties are created every day from Gaza to Ukraine to Ferguson Missouri. It’s all just part of the path chosen by the Puppet-Masters on their way to global hegemony… or so they believe!

The war-makers are making unimaginable fortunes from the profits generated by the global War Machine. Those “profits” have become virtually the only productive “business” left on the planet. Oil, Asset Stripping and global financial fraud are important but everything really depends on the stability of MONEY that as things stand now, can no longer be stabilized. (Unless the world turns East to Russia and the BRICS for some potential solutions)

But of course that would be heresy for any nation in the West to resist what Washington and Tel Aviv have already dictated: But at least there are some real possibilities in that direction…

At the moment the world is being “threatened by the Russian Bear and the Chinese Dragon” according to Washington and Israel: But the real enemy is still embodied in the unfathomable darkness of the multi-headed Hydra which the West has always, but very quietly been: That’s why the world is facing global suicide, unless enough nations actually re-review their economies and their real potentials without the IMF, the EU, the World Bank and the Bank of International Settlements - which together have been trying to strangle the planet since the end of WWII.

Meanwhile everything is still dependent upon a “never-ending military production line” that only produces more global destruction, even though they’re running out of targets and will soon have to turn inward and begin to destroy themselves, as they are about to do inside the USA ­ again unless the ordinary people rebel in force!

Ironically far more money could be made by rebuilding this bomb-shattered world, than could ever be made on war machines alone—but then, those very, very few would not be able to control every cent of that—so that’s never considered as a viable way out of the cycle of

War, war and lot’s more war”

The self-centered alters created by the one-world-nightmare are filled with death and the globally dying concepts that will end this world unless the entire planet learns how to say NO!

Russia’s World View:

Everything positive about any country today is actively being opposed by the West which seeks to cast all such nations into OBLIVION ­ for daring to “Flip the Script” that can turn the permanent Darkness of Western Hegemony into a growing light which can rekindle the light that’s needed to reestablish freedom, growth and dreams, into this war-ravaged place. All of that has for far too long remained in the drug induced stupor of global tyranny; it’s time to kill those addictions now!

It’s also time for the world to apply the principles of “The Parallax View” to everything that’s coming out of Washington and Tel Aviv now and into whatever might be left of any real future for the planet…



A change in the apparent position of an object relative to more distant objects, caused by a change in the observer's line of sight towards the object.”


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