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The Lords Of The Flies Take Over

By Jim Kirwan

Damascus, from the Times of Israel


When George Bush supposedly “won” his second term in office there was a conference called between the BRIC nations, China & Russia. It was decided that the criminal US & Israeli pact for Global-War and World-Hegemony, over the entire planet had to be stopped—regardless of how difficult that might prove to be.

Now it’s happened, thanks to the criminal-involvement of the United Nations, NATO, Jewmerica and the Zionistas in the few remaining hours before the bombs begin to fall.

The UN was supposedly created to prevent this kind of situation from ever becoming open and unrestricted war. Just as NATO was supposedly formed to protect people in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization from becoming embedded in a third world war: Yet both organizations have abandoned their own founding documents because now they’re all working together again, just as they did when they bombed Libya back to the Stone-Age!

Given that the Zionists can’t wait to unleash nuclear-weapons against Syria and Iran, and the Jewnited US has become the Bitch of Israel: The entire planet is about to engulf the world in a nuclear holocaust that will end civilization as surely as the sun rises in the east—unless sane-adults are able to override the “go-orders” that seem to be so imminent.

This slaughter has been in the planning stages long before the war on Syria was begun. This was never a civil-war. This was always intended to be a hostel-takeover. To that end, the same creatures that did Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya are the exact same players that are now trying to force Syria to join Libya as another failed and broken ruin—once Syria was targeted yet again by the savage-barbarians of the New Millennium.

Now with a truncated procedure that mimics the same exchange which took place between Saddam & Bush junior ­ the whole world can see that nothing but world-war is what’s been planned to end Syria as a nation. The outcome will be savage and in the end this was designed to be handed-over to Israel, after a “strategic attack”. Some might remember that Iraq was going to take just 3 months, and cost almost nothing because we were going to use Iraqi oil to pay for that war? The Iraqi oil now amounts to only a bit over 10% of what was there that’s useable. The cost to us for that war and Afghanistan is over $6 Trillion and climbing. So much for the wisdom and accuracy of our gods of war.

Israel sees this war as just another trophy-war: Unless the world resists what’s coming now, it will be. This will happen if we continue: And it will end life on the planet. That’s something that the ordinary population of the planet knows all too well tonight!

This time no one is asking how much this will cost or what might be left once the Lords-of-the-Flies in fake uniforms begin their own self-sabotaged attempt to destroy that which was never theirs to decide on in the first place!

There will be a real response this time that will involve Russia, China, Hezbollah, Iran & Syria to start. When it’s over, the oil fields in Saudi Arabia will be gone, Israel will be turned to glass and most of Americas’ forty-odd military bases that surround Iran will be gone. The American naval forces will be badly damaged if they survive at all. Qatar, Egypt, Yemen, Pakistan, India, Somalia, Mali, the whole boatload of nations where Amerika has spread her corruption over the earth will become targets. No matter how the attacks on those nations turn out there will be counter-measures and counter-counter measures against every state involved: What’s left of the Western-powers using worn-out WWII weaponry, of the Jewnited States, against what has replaced us in other countries as well as in Russia, China and Iran: The bring an end that will not be worth living in.

This is insanity on a global scale. There is nothing at stake that cannot be diplomatically solved: Except that neither Israel nor the already conquered US, are interested in finding a peaceful solution at all. NO, they (Amerika & Israel) are only interested in full out war upon the planet. They have decided that they can survive this shameful slaughter of millions upon millions of innocent people: Just because Netanyahu & the Traitor in the Tarnished House can’t keep anything together without this war.

Apparently no one has weighed the costs to the planet, the long term death of the soil the water and the earth that all that nuclear waste and fallout will bring? No one, that “matters”, is willing to listen to reason any longer. Which is why no nation should be allowed to have psychopaths or a madmen any where near their nuclear triggers.

But Israel & the Jewnited States only seem to choose this exact type of human-failure to lead them into WAR, WAR & LOTS MORE WAR!

It seems that only using defective leaders gives these paranoid nations the kind of leadership they seek. If the world had any guts we would collectively send snipers in to put an end to both these creatures so that the world could pull back from Armageddon. Most probably no such solution will ever happen!

The only decent thing to come from this will be the permanent end to Israel & the fake-power of the Jewnited States. But the cost of that removal may well be the life of the entire planet…

As of tonight it’s SHOWTIME FOLKS, and since there’s never been anything like this it’s impossible to say what will or possibly can happen this time. All because we let these cancerous-parasites live long enough to put us all in this

terrible and totally untenable place…

Good Night & Good Luck World,

We’re all going to need it!





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