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I Think We Are Looking At A Failed Presidency

By Frosty Wooldridge

Recently, television news anchor and commentator Brit Hume said, “I think we are looking at a failed presidency.”

For the past five years, Mr. Barack Obama failed the American people as to jobs for our 48.1 million Americans subsisting on food stamps who cannot secure livable-wage jobs. When Obama enjoyed tremendous power to reduce massive trade deficits five years ago by bringing manufacturing jobs back to America, instead, he increased food stamp recipients from 36 million in 2008 to 48.1 million in 2014. He forced all those Americans to be fed on the backs of American taxpayers—who still work jobs.

He oversaw some kind of “Fast and Furious” gun running operation on the Mexican border that failed and it failed miserably. He failed to secure and protect the embassy at Benghazi, which killed four of America’s finest. He allowed millions of illegal aliens to cross America’s borders along with millions overstaying their visas to blend into the illegal mix across the country. He lost respect from Russia’s Putin who made bold steps in annexing the Ukraine. He watches helplessly as Islamic terrorists retake Iraq. He watched 68 percent of African-American children being brought up by single mothers on welfare—without bringing any “Hope and Change” to better Black America.

He sued states and blocked their efforts in trying to stop illegal aliens from overwhelming our American work force. He fails at his job, but he won’t let “states rights” secure their own rights. One in five American children today, face hunger issues. (Source:

“Feeding America is a nationwide network of more than 200 food banks and the nation's leading domestic hunger-relief charity. Together, we provide food to more than 37 million people through 61,000 food pantries, community kitchens, and emergency shelters across America. Feeding America also supports programs that improve food security among the people we serve; educates the public about the problem of hunger; and advocates for legislation that protects people from going hungry.”

In America? Yes! In Barack Obama’s America. In five years he failed to change these numbers, but he played a lot of golf.

He broke the U.S. Constitution by giving amnesty to illegal alien children without warrant from our U.S. Congress. He’s pushing to get S744 amnesty bill passed to give total amnesty to over 20 million and possibly 25 million illegal aliens who live and work in America against our laws. It’s ultimate impact: it guarantees to add 300,000,000 (million) immigrants within the next 70 years. In the past few months, he watched powerlessly as 50,000 illegal alien children overwhelmed our borders because he fears placing our armed forces on the border to stop an “unarmed invasion” that I wrote about nine years ago in my book: Immigration’s Unarmed Invasion—Deadly Consequences. That book will prove the epitaph of America’s demise into a third world country.

Today, on our southern border, illegal aliens cross with impunity. Tens of thousands of children cross with total immunity along with immediate taxpayer billions of dollars to resituate them in our country.



Watch, and Let this sink in!

The person in this video is a professor (Ph.D.) at Yavapai College in Prescott, Arizona. He puts a different spin on what Obama’s actions in Arizona.  Must be why he's rated highly by his students - 3.8 on a 4.0 scale. This may be the best video produced on the illegal alien problems that are being experienced. Watch the video, it is short and makes a lot of sense.

Washington Post columnist George Will wrote about, “Stopping a lawless president.”

Will wrote, “Serious as are the policy disagreements roiling Washington, none is as important as the structural distortion threatening constitutional equilibrium…Obama’s offenses against the separation of powers have been egregious in quality and qualitatively different.”

Obama suspended immigration laws, increased welfare, which proves self-destructive to every recipient, caused educational chaos, confused drug policy and more. He created a nightmare with Obamacare that will take years to untangle.

In short, Obama fails to take logical, rational and meaningful steps toward moving America in a positive direction. We face more racism and racial divide in the past five years than we experienced since 1965. We face more unemployment than ever before. We suffer 20 million criminal aliens and their employers who steal and displace jobs from Americans, but Obama supports and represents them over American citizens, especially Black Americans.


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