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The Fabricated Trials in Oregon are Over

By Jim Kirwan


Satisfaction for the Law Vs. Frustration for the Lawless

On the fourteenth of September the fake trial of the Bundy's, the Hammonds, and the Patriot Movement have now turned the tables on U.S. Inc. & the District of Columbia: Which are now facing criminal-trials themselves.

This has been a very long time coming, since the government attacked the Bundyville ranch in Nevada in 2014.

The Fifth Wheel


Nevada ­ No Victory Yet

Many had given up on any real chance to stop this total railroad of honest families that were doing all they could to force this government to face the illegality of this situation and back down from their outlaw stance against the legal and responsible individuals that have been fighting for their lands for decades.

Yesterday those wronged individuals managed to obtain a ruling from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals that not only vindicated their position, but virtually mandated new trials for the state & federal officials that had ignored or blocked their efforts until 9-14-16. This goes way past a watershed moment - this is more like a Tsunami that will set this government way-back, by forcing the return of virtually all the lands in the West that these outlaws have stolen...

In the case of the Wildlife Preserve and the Uranium beneath that land which Hillary Clinton illegally sold to Russia and their company “Uranium One” for billions of dollars; when those mineral rights were never Clinton's or the property of the US government to sell in the first place...

Scandals and charges are going to fly and courts as well as judges and agencies will finally end up in jail, at the very least, while others will lose everything on top of facing lengthy jail terms or death, depending on the case or cases being tried.

Many individuals and several agencies are going to have to pay for the assassination of Lavoy Finicum, and the attempted murder of Ryan Bundy, and this should include everyone from Sheriff Dave & County Judge McNasty, to Oregon's criminal Attorney General & the appointed governor of Oregon ­ along with The US AG, Loretta Lynch and Barrack Hussein Obama ­ all of whom were involved in ignoring the laws of the United States as passed and approved by the Congress of the United States, going all the way back to the 1800's.

Indeed there are so many criminally directed projects that have gone on in the 'WEST' ­ including having thrown people off their lands: Some 56 other ranchers, mine owners and timber companies that had their lands stolen in the exact same way but lost their properties­ because they failed to fight the government successfully. In the whole country, the red areas above, indicate the disputed lands which this court decision yesterday will now directly affect.

P.S. The so-called president could and should be impeached now for his enthusiastic part in this entire proceeding ­ because he has represented the breaking of so many laws of the United States throughout his two terms of “office”, this being only the latest even if it is not one of the most egregious...

To understand what just happened you need to follow what took place. This is all laid out very carefully by a supremely dedicated researcher who has devoted many years to unraveling this monstrous-plot against these ranchers and the people of the United States. Her name and site are below:

MrsB Stacy


The audio on the VIDEO is long but extremely precise ­ you might want to start by going to the eleven minute mark. The video which is 99% audio, lasts 1hour, 38min, 23sec. But the complexity of these issues mandates the length of this report, as you will see.

That's roughly an hour and twenty minutes that can change your view of life forever ­ but only if you want to know about what these outlaws have been doing to us since the late 1800's?

Spread this far and wide, because these coming events will begin the take-down of the criminal-government that's never been legal since their meeting on Jeckel Island in 1913 and once USI was illegally formed...



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