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Exodus & The Global Trojan Horse


Jim Kirwan


The World’s Congested Human Migration Routes in 5 Maps”


The desperate men, women, and children flooding into Europe from the Middle East and Africa are not the only people moving along ever-shifting and dangerous migration routes.


Last year saw the highest levels of global forced displacement on record—59.5 million individuals left their homes in 2014 due to “persecution, conflict, generalized violence, or human rights violations” according to the United Nations. That's 8.3 million more people than the year before.


Now Europe’s governments are straining as hundreds of thousands more have been making the journey this year. A majority are from war-ravaged Syria, risking treacherous waters and unscrupulous smugglers as they push north for a better and safer life.


We are witnessing a paradigm change, an unchecked slide into an era in which the scale of global forced displacement as well as the response required is now clearly dwarfing anything seen before,” Antonio Guterres, the UN High Commissioner, declared in June.


Plenty of other nations are also experiencing exoduses or are grappling with becoming transit points, smugglers' routes, or desired end points for migrants. The routes, which are often secretive, are cutting paths through Central America and Mexico, the Horn of Africa (there are now nearly one million Somali refugees), and countries like Bangladesh, Myanmar and Malaysia, along with the headline-making migrations through East Africa and the Mediterranean Sea….”  


Here are five maps showing the migration routes around the planet


Contrast those 5 maps with the existing Arab- Muslim World below



The former population that once lived above, cannot fit into the EU, yet that is this diabolical plan, in its most basic form.

The EU has burned their last bridge between the people living in the EU and the supposedly legal association that has repeatedly failed to provide anything to its member states or the people of the EU in general. All of their policies have failed miserably ­ yet the ‘association’ absolutely REFUSES to alter the course of their non-elected leadership.


Therefore the fake-association of the European Union must be dissolved because it has not and does not represent any of the people that have been taxed to the hilt, to supposedly provide for any future in the twenty-first century…


When the process that has just begun reaches its designed goals, the women and children of the world will bear the brunt of everything that the savages among the actual refugees will bring with them. The EU is slated to become the twenty-first century Gulags that were the result of the communist USSR under Stalin.


The overlooked aspect of the tsunami of refugees, that is just beginning, includes the “what else” that will be imported into so many countries that have totally different cultures’ from the nations that are being deserted. And virtually nothing in their new homes will be the same as the places they left behind. The languages will differ, their religions may also differ and the customs may radically be different, and in too many cases it will be the countries that are now being invaded that will be expected to change their way of life to ‘accommodate’ this massive surge of humanity in need of somewhere else to go.


Couple all this with a totally unresponsive EU administration and it’s clear that this entire Exodus is nothing but a Trojan Horse created by the United Nations to destroy the last bastion of resistance to the New World Disorder, which is desperately trying to finish their take-over of the entire planet, which began with a Barbarian conqueror that took over the British Isles for a Jewish Pope and actually created the whole fiction of the “ownership of lands” which has led directly to the slavery we all live in today…


Who Owns the Land: Part Three


This is complicated by the fact that the Europeans & the West were and are still responsible for the massive and wholesale destruction of the ‘nations’ that perished in the new millennium; which the bulk of the ‘migrants’ and the DP’s are coming from. Until the ‘illegal-invaders’ (America and Israel mostly) accept their responsibility for the wholesale ruination they have caused—nothing will change.


Beginning at 12min 24sec: In the same link, a bit further on, there is news of this important challenge that is being leveled against the leadership of Saudi Arabia.


How could we accept involvement in military missions, the risks of which were totally miscalculated, like the military attacks on Iraq and Syria and the war in Yemen?


In light of the sharp deterioration in political and economic conditions, the drastic drop in oil prices, and the soaring public debt, we appeal to all the sons of King Abd al Aziz, to summon an emergency general meeting.


They should isolate the incapable king Salman bin Al-Aziz, the extravagant and vain crown prince Mohammed Bin-al Nayef, and the rotten thief Deputy Mohammed bin-Salman…”


kirwan: Of course this leaves Americans to wonder why we have not drafted a similar letter for removal of the entire U.S. Incorporated ‘privatized-corporate-government’ that has been leading every war upon the world for the last fifty years, to absolutely no avail?


The ‘’country of Saudi Arabia” is a fiction created by the linkage between the Rothschild’s, GHW Bush and his family cabal in tandem with the global-war-machine, which took Bedouin tribes with lots of sand and a huge amount of oil into the nineteenth century, as if they were a credible nation.

There is a huge disconnect between the leadership ‘role’ which Saudi Arabia has enjoyed and what any real nation needs to practice, in the modern world.


If we look carefully at the behavior of many of the tribal associations that have now been included with the displaced peoples of the world, it’s easy to see that there are many who look on migration as their chosen path to plunder and rape, the white Europeans, as part of the way they’ve chosen to be seen the world, for far too long.


If this world were worthy of saving then both men and women, of any color, race or ethnicity, would have been treating women in the same way that men are treated around the planet. This has not happened, due in large part to the 2000 year old Judeo-Christian Ethic by which the world has largely been claimed as a Paternal Society that has no use for the Maternal Society: Wherein men and women in a real society were recognized as different but fully equals partners in life.


Women comprise over half the population of the entire world—and there is no one alive today who does not owe the fact of their birth to a woman—yet millions of people today continue to treat women and children as sex-slaves, illicit organ banks or sub-human chattel.

It’s not just underage girls that suffer in many of the countries from which the refugees are coming, it’s happening to young boys as well.

More on the Islamic practice of kidnapping young boys, enslaving and raping them, and killing them if they run away.

Ironically women and children will bear the brunt of most of the coming crimes that are about to be forced upon the people of Europe and the world. In the past, no one has been able to recover from these tyrannies since the global-criminal-owners began to harvest people instead of crops…


The Handbook of Human Ownership


Until the world is forced to accept the natural fact that women have as much, if not more to offer the world than men:

Nothing will ever change!


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