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The Exeptional Nation

By Jim Kirwan

The current ‘Ebola Threat’ was hatched by Dick Cheney in 2001, immediately after 911. This was to be the first stage of the follow-on for “the much more lethal attack” that was designed to flip the USA into the pending but fake-martial-law: Created by the same creatures that planned and executed 9-11-01.

For those who haven’t been tracking it; these ‘people’ are the direct descendents of the Robber Barons from the 1800’s who ruled over Wild West American corporate-business, before they were stopped after the stock-market crash of 1929.

These are the troglodytes’ that practiced parasitic Vulture Capitalism, before Corporations illegally acquired the same rights as “people” through the intervention of the US Supreme Court in ­ 17 U.S. 518 (1819), the U.S. Supreme Court has recognized corporations as having the same rights as natural persons to contract and to enforce contracts. In Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad

That ‘Supreme’ Court did not address the fact that private corporations had none of the responsibilities that ordinary people have always had, which is what justifies the right of any people anywhere to be and to remain free.

This travesty has moved on from the 1819 Supreme Court ruling to attempt to create the still pending, but supremely-secret corporate “right”, to establish corporate states through both the Pacific and the Atlantic “partnership agreements”.

If the TPP and TAP succeed; that could soon grant private corporations the right to overrule all current rights of individual states to control their own rights and people, within the existing nations of the world. If this happens then all the nations on the planet will be taken over by corporate charters: making “business” the only thing that will matter anywhere in the world. People will have no rights anywhere and the elites will finally “Own everything”!

The “passage” of this illegal-change in global government is what’s hiding behind everything that’s been unleashed by the Rabid Dogs of War worldwide.

If these changes happen then private corporations will put an end to all nation-states; when it comes to what laws can be passed or enforced. Corporations have used their “rights-without any responsibilities: To bypass the laws that states have always used to keep corporations from breaking laws in every nation where these Corporate Outlaws now seek absolute control.

All of this was being prepared for, in the so-called “Free-Trade-Pacts” that Clinton paved the way for, by fast-tracking of all of these blatantly criminal actions against the planet. At the core of these free-trade agreements is the literal overthrow of any nation’s right to survive, in any international business—everywhere in the world today. The two SECRET “partnerships” are the final act needed to end the 220 nations of the world, as sovereign states in the global community of nations. This crime can never be allowed to come to fruition.


Meanwhile, the world can easily see how important all this is to the new Robber-Barons of today, just by seeing how much they have already spent to create total chaos: In order to mask what they’re trying to sneak past the rest of the planet with the Trans-Pacific and the Trans-Atlantic Partnerships that represent a global-guillotine meant to chop the heads off freedom-loving-people everywhere who have resisted this corporate-theft of the entire planet…

Trans-Pacific and Trans-Atlantic “Partnership”

This has been the bottom line of “the Exceptional Nation” and “the Chosen People” since before anyone alive today was even born. But it’s our job to end this global-crime spree before it’s allowed to take this final step AGAINST the entire human race.

This is part of the reason for all the panic terror and fear surrounding Ebola, which is what Ebola was originally designed to create, long before anyone knew that this was out there, just waiting for this moment to arrive…


The Case for Ebola Coming from a Bioweapons Lab


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