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When Everything Old Is New Again

By Jim Kirwan



When what has just happened was in theory “new”: It was already ancient history. Because all of what has just been “revealed” has been going on publicly since before the Supreme Court gave the Tarnished House to Bush Jr. on 12-12-2000. That piece of treason took place fourteen years ago! I wrote about it and illustrated this article in 2003.That year I wrote 23 articles as an unknown commentator.

In the last few days a number of excellent articles have been published that explain what’s been going on since the Old World Order used the plight of Bush Junior’s failure to win election in 2000. With the cooperation of the ‘supreme’ Court they allowed themselves to rearrange the global-chessboard to accommodate current global criminal activity, disguised as “unending-global-wars”. In 2002 I wrote just five articles which of course went largely unnoticed.

This presidential “Intervention” was committed in tandem with the crimes of the U.S. Supreme Court that took place fourteen years ago, but those crimes weren’t publicly mentioned until 2002. The oligarchic-owned global-media have never allowed any real discussion of these events: Maybe that’s why so much of the recent revelations appear to be “new” to so many people who actually lived through the entire event the first time around?

Here’s a huge key part of the latest revelations from Zero Hedge:

And from ‘Veteran’s Today’ a major crystal-clear analysis:

These articles are exceptionally direct and need to be distributed!

We’re “there” now, in that place where it’s no longer possible to continue to ignore the brutality of the truth. Admittedly there’s a massive global-storm brewing in virtually every area of society—worldwide. But too much has already happened to bring us back from the edge of this potential oblivion, without some major chances being directly taken by the American public.

RISKS” are after all a major part of every life and as most active individuals know you can’t live your life without taking some risks from time to time: Especially not when your lives and our entire future is under permanent threat. This is no longer just a “Political Freak Show”: It’s become a full-on global mad-house!

Given all the shadows that abound and all the global-threats that so many have ignored ‘forever’: It’s way past time for the public to begin to take on these mercenaries and pull the plug on this continuing global crime that obviously believes that their creators can never be stopped.

Their “EGO’S” are what’s really at stake: Everything else, including their fake armies are all beside the point because it’s the excess of petty-ego that always defeats ‘Empires’ from within, every time. And now that they’ve coopted even “global WARS” to serve their criminal ends: This cannot continue because there’s not enough money in the entire universe to keep this farce alive now that there is no way to ‘trust’ anyone or anything anymore… It’s time to stand up and begin to knock them down for a change!


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