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Everything Is Coming True

By Jim Kirwan


The SEEKER is blind & the THINKER has been forgotten.

This place has become so obsessed with telling everyone what to think, how to live and what we must all do every minute of our lives: That we’ve forgotten that there are huge limitations on how many laws can be written and on how much of an intrusion this government is permitted to make into the everyday lives of the people that pay for the government. All this government has done is to write laws unending.

In the last two years before 2015 began there were over 70,000 new laws that were added in 2013 & 2014 to what we MUST do to live within the shattered-by-laws of this place, and that doesn’t even count the hundreds of thousands before that, or any of the additional garbage that was added for 2015.

To be in compliance with all the laws every man woman and child in this country would need their own private legal team just to work on everything we do with our lives every minute of every day: That’s how outrageous this tsunami of filth which passes for “our laws” has become. And it’s not limited to the congress: Obamanation is writing all his own laws along with deciding which laws he will enforce and which ones he plans to ignore. Barry’s additions to what Bush Jr. created and then decided, which laws he would sign and what laws he might sign, but would not enforce. No one stopped him and that made the Empire under Obamanation possible.

No one in congress ever tries to get rid of the useless or massively expensive laws that have never worked. That’s why if you want to be in compliance you must have your own team of private lawyers just to keep you from breaking any of the millions of laws, 90% of which are meaningless to the health or the welfare of this or any other nation: In fact those “laws” are detrimental to the survival of the people of this place and everyone knows it.

What happened to prosecuting the government, or any of its servants when they do things like “losing trillions of dollars”, as Rummy admitted one day before 911 happened, without any explanation or investigation? Every month we waste billions on Israel which has become the most visibly Barbaric place on the planet, per capita, yet no one even raises an eyebrow. All these wildly outrageous laws are written to insure that no person can ever do anything without the permission of some form of government; local, county, city, state or federal and sometimes all of them have to sign off before you can legally do whatever it is you want to do.

Their cops slaughter the public, they rape, torture and taser ordinary people for no reason at all, and there is no punishment at all for any of them. But if any citizen breaks any of the thousands of laws, that’s automatically jail time, sometimes without a trial, isolation from family, friends or lawyers and all of that is now absolutely legal… and on top of that we need even more laws to punish us even further every hour of every day ­ Why is that?

The constitution blocked everything this filthy bunch of outlaws continues to do: Yet Amerikans pay virtually no attention at all to these massive abuses which the so-called government continues to do to all of us every day.

The taxes that everyone pays are astronomical and we “get” absolutely nothing for all that money which is stolen from every person here, every day. And if anyone dares to question any of these crimes against us, that can be answered with arrest and imprisonment ­ just for asking the questions.

Along with writing multiple-thousands of unneeded laws, the representatives and the Administration are supposed to see to it that the laws of this country are faithfully enforced ­ Hah! That hasn’t been done for decades, and the result is what the global headlines are bringing to us every day now.

It’s all coming apart and it will only get worse because everything that is at issue was always faked, and everyone knew that as well. There is no economy, the oil industry was a globally fixed criminal-enterprise and there is no global-economy: There is only global-theft which always goes to the most corrupt who are those that can still wield the biggest lies.

USI has just one message for the planet: Every nation that does not bow down and totally surrender to the Western version of the Global-Empire must have their ‘regime-changed’ or face extinction. Russia and China have answers for that and they’ve already begun to implement those parts of their plan that can lead the way out of all these lies and all this global-theft and unadulterated deceit.

This is 27 pages of very concise policies and events already underway that can and will lead the planet out of this rat-race, if we can avoid WWIII. Read it carefully and compare this to what is not being offered to anyone who cooperates with this already broken one-world-circus that’s crashing and burning because it has never made any sense at all, to anyone who thinks.

The Double Helix: China Russia

In the headlines today the Dow was down 331 points, and oil was falling still further below $50 a barrel. All of this you were warned about, but few paid any attention to it. Oil companies everywhere are having to eat their fake investments, and they’re losing it right and left, because of the greed that started it all. Money will probably be next, but most of this matters not in the least, because all of this was announced to all of us years ago and we did absolutely NOTHING!

USSA is announcing that they will supply gas and oil to the troubled nations of the EU. But has anyone bothered to figure out just how that will be accomplished? Europe is half a world away from the Disunited States, so how will be export all that needed oil and gas to Europe or to anyone else that we’d like to become the main suppliers’ for?

There’s a mid-ocean island of empty oil tankers, it’s a huge number of anchored ships in the South China Sea, or thereabouts. Many of them are brand new, but were never put to use because there were not enough customers to keep them profitable. Maybe the US is planning on using that whole ghost fleet, maybe they could create a floating pipeline made out of tankers, to supply the needs of the EU this winter?

How else can the US afford to supply anyone outside the North American continent with black-gold because it’s far too heavy and unwieldy to fly that stuff around, which makes oil tankers about the only way to move the needed cargo? Oh yeah and you can bet that American oil or gas will cost a lot more than Russia would ever have charged all those customers!

For that matter has anyone bothered to wonder about how all those military bases of ours, all over the planet, will be able to keep the supplies of oil and gas they’ll need with all of the interruptions around Europe and elsewhere, which we created with all those totally counterproductive SANCTIONS?

On the other hand: Out there on the high seas, all those tankers could be floating targets just waiting to be hit or sunk by any of the enemies of USI. Of course if anything happens to any of them: USI would scream RUSSIA to the high-heavens, because as they’ve been saying since the cold war ended:

Whatever’s wrong will always be the fault of Russia

Just for being there!

In the last few years we have made so many more enemies, that the new enemies might even eclipse Russia because there are now so many that will hate this place for centuries, that it’s no longer something as simple as “Russia Did It”. Russia has no need to attack us, we’ve been doing that to ourselves in spades, all by ourselves, for decades and the Vultures are coming home to roost.

Bottom line on this part of it is that USI has never thought through anything they do, like any sane business person would have to do. They’ve been playing with jacking up oil prices artificially for years, with no regard to what that would do to those slave states that have followed them through hell too many times already: Only to finally get screwed by us in the end, just as we did to Saddam and to every other outlaw in waiting that went along with whatever insanity we demanded they follow us into, as part of whichever nightmare we were in the process of creating: Whether that was just another war or a version of national suicide, just to keep the profits rolling!

But now USSA has completely lost whatever’s left of its collective mind: And nothing can save them, or us, from the chaos that’s building just behind the impending horizon…


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