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Everything Dies, Especially Empires


By Jim Kirwan


This world is living far beyond the capacities of any civilization because we have refused to force the barbarians that declared this war upon the planet, to take any responsibility for all that they have already done to the populations and the planet worldwide. Everything began with the USSA CENSORSHIP of the United States as censorship-of-all-of-us was accepted in the sixties under LBJ.

It's clear that the Department of State, the War Department, the White House, the treasonous Congress and the nine traitors of the 5-4 LGBTQ 'Supreme Court' have each and all consorted to bring this country to our knees: To allow the conversion of the USA into the communist nation which Obamanation and his appointment of over 75 CZARS, that have been enforcing with their Fascist Police-State; as demanded by Israel in accordance with the United Nations and NATO to takeover what remains of the United States.

All of this has been done in preparation for the disarmament and occupation of America to complete the Khazarian 'Full-Spectrum Dominance' that was dictated decades ago by the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia through their criminally private and corporate global banking cartels.

Israeli-American Terror Machine exposed, checkmated and decimated in Syria

What must happen now is that people in the U.S. must remove the global parasites that have reintroduced Fear & Terror into the Twenty-first Century. This must be accomplished because what is now being dictated has exceeded any and all other Dictatorships or Empires, which ever threatened to do this throughout global-history.

After all is said and done: It's clear that neither the Ancient Romans, Genghis Khan, or Stalin were even remotely capable of doing anything even close to what these barbarians are attempting to do today—because this attack upon civilization is GLOBAL and there's nowhere that anyone can escape to; if these outlaws are allowed to continue their efforts they will end this world completely.

Computers and the global-slumber of the world have made this possible, but it must be stopped dead in its tracks, if there is to be anything left of this world to live in tomorrow.

Life is hard and all of us make mistakes, but never before have we ever been this corrupt or this lawless in world history. The level of corruption in the United States is profound and it's now deadly to the extent that this crime was never envisioned before.

Americans tend to think that the bulk of the nation is made up of good people that will come to our aid, in this hour of our need: But that is a colossal-lie. I know because I've been living on the edge of the realities of this world since the late 1950's ­ from then until now everything has continued to get much much worse each and every minute. This was the reason I began to paint, in order to bring about some recognition of the horrors that waited for us all, if the public did not come to understand the way the world works: And that was 58 years ago. The partial image at the top was part of the way the world had become by the early 1970's The full image is at the bottom of this link, go there scroll down:

Take just a few examples of this criminality: The extortion of forcing the public to buy automobile insurance, and virtually all forms of insurance: “Insurance” was always supposed to be a voluntary affair, but now everything is mandated by the government, in every aspect of our lives. The insurance industry is no longer optional, it's a government requirement which the industry paid the government to create. Banking has been freed from any and all penalties for their crimes against everyone who is not rich. The same goes for every area of so-called government oversight along with the total corruption of the Department of Just-Us, that's crooked all the way down through almost every judge, prosecutor and lawyer: Thanks to having privatized the law and the entire prison system, to furnish corporations cheap labor from the now mandated prison populations that require 95% capacity rates to keep the free labor flowing for the corporations.

Every profession has now fallen victim to total corruption of responsibility or expertise. Medicine, Law, Professionalism on any level regardless of the area of practice, Education has become a training ground for human cannon fodder and future criminals. Politics is renown for illegally licensed global-theft of anything and everything that only exists to be stolen—and the courts just rubber-stamp every crime imaginable, along with every new obscenity, T-TIP is the latest!

The unnoticed truth is that every elected office is now part of a giant ladder that leads directly from local and civic leadership to city, county, state and federal office holdings. The higher-up you go the deeper and more intractable are all the lies. Hence there is almost no chance of ever making the current system respond to any crime or violation of any so-called law.

There is no longer any one to turn to, to correct any of the massive criminal activities that are now part of the biggest mob rule in U.S history, which is owned and operated by the fake-government of United States Incorporated. In this the 'police' that once were supposed to protect the public now use us for target practice, rape and murder ­ and the government doesn't even bother keeping track of how many they have injured or killed in their corporate-practices' that serve only the outlaw state of Israel and the global-war-machine.

BTW: People everywhere really do know exactly what's been going on, and the boiling point is almost here given this reporter's response to orders from on-high: He ought to apply for work with RT:

Reporter Gets Angry and Tells Us the Real News

This system cannot be fixed from within, it must be totally destroyed by the citizens that are the only part of every decision that still has no voice or sway in anything that becomes policy: And given how much of what has happened to us all, that day has now arrived.

'Our money is absolutely worth nothing now; which makes human life worth absolutely nothing as well.'

When everything is made of nothing but lies then the immediate end of such a construct becomes the only option available, or as GWH Bush said:

'If the public every finds out what we've done to them, they would lynch us and hang us from nearest lamp post'

And we should start with 'Poppy', if that war-criminal is still alive!


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