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Life Liberty & the Pursuit
of Everything!

Part Three of The Hunger Games

By Jim Kirwan



Yesterday I cited an article but only included about the first six minutes of it in transcription. Apparently many missed the rest of that video which went on to graphically explain what should have happened to the nation during the Cheney-Bush Years. Of course that did NOT happen because it would have involved ending the free-trade agreements that Clinton committed treason to create, inside the USA. “Detroit ­ A Test Case for Genocide” (1)

A number of people seemed to think that when I spoke about losing everything ­ I meant “things” instead of values and our entire way of life—so I want to try to add to what I mentioned in Part Two.

When Detroit and Michigan began having trouble under Bush because of the Free-Trade restrictions that were imposed from the outside by free-trade global-rules - there was a response from those who saw this as an opportunity to not just fix the problems, but to use the opportunity to do what was done in WWII: Turn Michigan, Ohio and other states back into a national engine to rebuild America by modernizing America: To both free us from national-poverty while we took back our leadership of the manufacturing and industrial base of the world.

The administration blocked that and simply blamed Detroit and Michigan’s problems on corrupt unions which ended any national discussion. The union-movement was finally murdered. Americans officially became slaves of the New World Order.

Here was what was formally suggested and then denied by the corruption that already owned this country…

6 min 24 sec. “…Truly a test case for genocide…

“…If we don’t get Glass-Steagall through you can forget the United States & Europe for an indefinite period to come. Even possibly forever. What the intention is, and this is what you have to really understand: That first of all you have to defeat Glass-Steagall, that’s their first objective. ~ There is no way in which the trans-European area can possibly effect a real bailout of themselves. They are hopelessly bankrupt. Their answer once Glass-Steagall (is) eliminated ­ then they would simply just shut off all payments to their debtors ­ which would mean that you would throw a major part of the United States into a condition where they would sit on the streets and starve to death. That is exactly what the intention (currently) is. ~ All you have to do is look at the figures. The amount of debt, the rate of increase of that debt, of the Wall Street kind of debt: There is no possible way that they can, as the Wall Street Gang ~ avoid discrediting all their debts to the people in general. That means that the people will be shut off from all sustenance: which means mass death coming on fast. Inside the United States and also Western and central Europe, to a large degree. ~ there is no way that debt, the wall street kind of debt, could ever be covered by obligations ­ never ­ it’s past that and going further.

So the option is they stall everything as long as they can. Prevent Glass-Steagall from being introduced—and if they do that then they CANCEL their DEBTS—now that Glass-Steagall has no claim on them. They will simply cancel the debts of Wall Street and similar forces around the world. What will happen to the people? Their obligations to the people (will) simply not exist—because the DEBT is REPUDIATED. That’s the situation we’re in now, (because of Detroit).” (1)

(14 min 52 sec) The video begins that tells the story of what was offered to us all, as a way to solve the problems of the industry and its people, in the USA ­ but which was rejected by government fiat without asking the public if they wanted a real solution.

Under Roosevelt the heavy-industries of the United States were converted to making weapons - as a modern ‘Arsenal of Democracy’ then. Now we could have concurrently produced a reconstruction of what the Second World War left ravaged here in the states.

After WWII we created the Marshall plan to rebuild Europe with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, while letting our own industries fall into rust & ruin. Europe provided health-care, paid vacations of up to a month for their workers and we could not compete. It was decided to create the “FREE-TRADE-LAWS” that would punish any state that tried to maintain their own laws and commercial-practices in the face of new standards. This would punish the US and reward every other country that previously could not compete with us.

Clinton killed Glass-Steagall; murdering competition and real national commerce in favor of creating cheaper costs for every industry, by sending every decent job off-shore killing our ability to survive (all of which is still unconstitutional).

If Americans had decided to rebuild the domestic and commercial infrastructure of the nation - into an Arsenal for Prosperity, instead of continuing to fund and funnel everything into global-wars, we could have ended it all under Bush. Of course this would never have been allowed to happen!

How did we remain so blind?

That’s simple—we thought we were extensions

Of machines & computers

Business has been our God for so long that we think it’s a natural part of everyday-life. Nothing could be further from the truth. We began to leave real-life behind when Herbert Hoover told us:

The Business of America is Business!”

And that’s bullshit!

Americans need to explore what else there is in life besides ‘B’NESS”. Of course traditional-business is necessary as it’s a part of life. But there’s another side - unchecked greed! Business can be healthy and contribute to better living when based on actual needs and services. What we have now is an out-of-control global-criminal-enterprise based on egoistic hungers that have nothing to do with legitimate needs.

Businesses, like people, need to have to pay for what they use to make money—contemporary business simply steals as much of the raw materials as they see a need for and pass those bills on to the public. Commerce has wildly-polluted the streams, lakes and rivers of many countries, but they are never forced to pay for any of the damages they continue to cause. Entire forests are liquidated, burned or simply harvested, with no thought as to what that does to the earth for the rest of humanity. The ancient redwoods, some of which took thousands of years to grow, are almost totally wiped out and nobody seems to give a damn.

Toxic chemicals have permanently damaged the earth in so many places that the sites are almost uncountable. Yet because that pollution is either about war-profits or corporate products; the world simply takes it all in stride, as if the toxic land-fills never happened in the first place. Had we not declared total-war on nature and on women maybe we could have developed ways of production distribution and consumption that enhanced natural resources rather than just wiping out whichever resource some god-damned corporation thinks it needs, just to enhance its bottom-line.

We do the same thing to people, as we do to the natural elements of the earth. We literally destroy irreplaceable resources for the private-profit of mega-corporations and fascistic governments—then we call all of the above just “B’NESS”!

Given the quantitative ignorance of the public over the last fifty years, there is almost no outcry against the businesses which have killed the earth and imprisoned billions of people. These crimes, nurtured and created thru our now totally corrupted school-systems, have destroyed everything decent or interesting in almost anyone who gets caught in the System. This farce has stolen our children and their souls.

Why Johnny Can’t Think” from a 1985 article in Harper’s Magazine. (2)

B’NESS has been a contemporary curse upon the planet. Not because money is evil but because the pursuit of money is a hollow and basically empty enterprise. Money creates nothing until the money is used. We tend to use it only to make more money—and therein lies the rub. We are supposed to live our lives fully and to enhance the universe and the planet with improvements to the human-condition that some of us can create. Doing this right takes hundreds of thousands of occupations, true individuals and real people that were not produced in the cookie-cutter schools we see as necessary “to supposedly-educate” future generations. Nothing of the kind is available any longer to free and curious individuals in this sterile-national-prison that we still call the USA.

Instead of choosing LIFE and all its challenges, we have gravitated toward slavish acceptance of rote-dogma designed by the criminals that gave us the New World Order. Now most people are chasing perpetual-war as the best way to make even more obscene amounts of money for the filthy-few (and maybe some of the wannta-be’s). These parasites believe they have cornered the most profitable markets-in the world…

Throughout this national-international-charade, ‘Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Everything’ has not just been orphaned—


Hell we’ve gone so far now as to create a 47th Chromosome for humans. Thus bringing humans closer to emulating machines.

Alternately, the 2011 movie In Time portrays a dystopic future where humans are genetically programmed to stop aging at 25 and could live forever — so long as they earn enough “time credits” to afford to stay alive; the poor perish swiftly under an artificially skyrocketing cost of living that times out their clocks, while the rich who steer the technocracy are gaming the system and living indefinitely.

Such nightmare scenarios place obvious restrictions on the natural right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Back in reality, alarmingly similar ends are being pursued.

DARPA, the Department of Defense’s research arm, has just put out a new solicitation for a project called, “Advanced Tools for Mammalian Genome Engineering” on the government’s Federal Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) site.

This project isn’t just for engineering any mammal’s genome, however; it’s specifically for the bioengineering of humans.” (3)

Humanity must return to living life and loving the freedoms and responsibilities we share. None of that can even be thought about now, as long as we remain hell bent on living this nightmare that was designed by a bunch of dying antiques. Their ensuing firestorm seeks to end this world, before they too are forced to check out.

Have you seen the decrepit creature that GWH Bush has become? What about Cheney who is followed everywhere by five doctors—or Kissinger for that matter? These bestial-monsters are part of what created this nightmare. The fact that they’ll all very soon be dead is what partially explains why they might want to literally kill this planet. Maybe it’s their last vengeful act of hatred for the rest of us. Whatever is driving this chaos we need to grab it by the throat and end it - before it ends us!

1) Detroit ­ A Test Case for Genocide

2) Why Johnny Can’t Think

3) DARPA to Genetically Engineer Humans by Adding a 47th Chromosome


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