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EU Forced To Beg For GAS!

By Jim Kirwan

Iranian Sanctions Not Mentioned

Iran has been living with USI’s ‘sanctions’ since 1979. This bullshit has caused most Iranian citizens huge problems; the government of Iran is far less affected than the people are. Most working Iranians have to have three jobs just to survive!

Lately, USI has intensified more illegal sanctions against Iran, over the totally bogus charges of the supposed Iranian nuclear program, which lacks a weapons component. USI seems to think that they can do whatever they want to, to the people of Iran, just because “they can”!

Ironically, despite the sanctions, Iran has tried to help USI to rid Iraq of the US owned ISIS, without any change in the criminally illegal sanctions that are still in place—according to the USI State Department.

Thanks to Kiev’s illegal maneuvering of late and their promised theft of Russian Gas which they have told the world they will steal: The Europeans who also bought into the Sanctions Against Iran, are about to run out of gas for this winter.

This story, just breaking, seems to be saying that those European nations who decide to buy gas from Iran will now be overlooked by USI when it comes to keeping the US sanctions in place against Iran. The HYPOCRISY of this obscenity is totally unbelievable: Given the 35 years that the “SANCTIONS” have been in place. Just imagine that any other nation had placed “sanctions” on the US for 35 years: How long would we tolerate that?

According to this article,

Europe is now begging Iran to sell them gas for the winter. No mention of the criminal sanctions is made. Does this mean that the US will relent—especially given the fact that America cannot fill the void for EU’s needed gas, which USI at first promised to do: They lied!

Are the European Union members not able to make their own decisions or be able to supply their own countries: To provide gas to their own citizens—without permission from USI and Israhell, just because of USI sanctions?

What gives! Who the hell is in charge of Iran?

Is it USI, Israel, or the EU—or is it what it always should have been which is Iran making decisions on its own for its future as a viable and productive nation that does not need “the permission” of the one deluded and warmongering nation that puts sanctions on anyone they deem as inferior to them. Or is the culprit Israeli Zionistas, because since the pipelines needed will not go to or thru Israel, the shitty little country won’t get a piece of this pie?

The clueless warhawks here are still demanding the full enforcement of all the sanctions against Iran, and to hell with the ability of Europe to have oil or gas during the coming winter!

Amazing how complicated the world can so easily become, just because neither Israel nor USI chooses to abide by international laws—especially during times of massive need by those nations that we’ve only used for cannon-fodder in the past.

On the one hand Europe is begging Iran to ship them the needed gas. On the other hand what is missing from the story link is any mention of the sanctions that on their face would seem to totally forbid any such transactions, given the strictness of the sanctions and the reasons for them; which is and was to break Iran into total surrender to the criminal WEST!


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