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Essential Gnostic Truths
This Is Chapter 22 Of This Book
I Wrote In The Late 1980s For Viables

By Joseph Chiappalone MD



There is no need to panic or feel sad. In fact the opposite is true. One should feel exhilarated and joyous at the thought of the future. It is wonderful to contemplate it, and one can realize that not only are roles about to be fulfilled, but also all that which was hoped for will be accomplished.

There is no greater satisfaction than a job well done - and well done it will indeed be. There is no other reason for existence, other than to accomplish that which is assigned by the Highest Authority. So much happiness and joy will result from our work once completed that it is impossible to fully appreciate at this moment in the physical.

But the anticipation of that love, joy and harmony can be shared. These feelings will begin to filter through more and more as the completion of the work approaches the end point.

Of course it will be hard work. But it will not be difficult if you are prepared for that which is to come.

Any battle is difficult and this is the biggest battle of them all. But being fully prepared you will cope admirably hence the degree of difficulty is no greater than other times, even though the significance of it will be infinitely greater.

The role now to be played out includes all the previous roles lumped into one. But it is more than the sum of the parts, for the role will be greater than these parts.

It is incomprehensible at this stage to think of what one is to achieve once the full power is brought down into the physical.

Anything and everything is possible. And considering the fact that the final stage is Judgement and Clearing of the Planet, you can have some idea of the power that will emanate.

One needs to reach a point where emotional interference to the power available is minimal, otherwise the power available can possibly be used excessively on the spur of emotions and this would not do.

With complete control of the emotional body it is possible to feed the energy in and have it used in the manner prescribed.

The power will come slowly at first, almost imperceptible. But as its presence and effects are noted and one becomes accustomed to its use, more and more will be fed into the `grid' so that the tasks asked of warriors of the Light will become more numerous and challenging.

Patience is required at all times, for each stage is a preparation for the phase to follow.

As the evil ones awaken to what is happening and realize more fully that their total destruction is at hand they will put up as much resistance as possible. More than that, they will retaliate with whatever power they have but all to no avail.

They will be exposed, and will show their true colours - the hate and venom of the truly evil and damned.

But it will matter not.

They will be totally ineffective in any attempt to block the clearing power.

What is reality?

How will the evil ones cope with having their illusion totally destroyed?


Reaction to this philosophy will be anger and fear, but the latter the enemies will not show until the very end. They will hide it at first and nervously laugh the news off as the sayings of a crazed lunatic. But this will not be for long. As things begin to go wrong around the globe more and more, their innermost fears will be exposed and people not of the Light or unawakened will start to panic.

Fear will drive them to insanity, for the enormity of the truth, will hit them like a bolt of lightning from a blue sky!

There will be no refuge in numbers, or in so-called authorities of church or state. Equally the minions in these hierarchies will be in a state of impending shock as the Truth filters through to them also.

The only direction those who miss the insanity can go is inward and admit the truth of it all.

Rejection is no answer.

There is no other way of getting the message across. No matter how much beings of Light are attacked they must know that the power of the Truth is with them and their support is strong enough to withstand it all.

The enemies will get nowhere.

The more they howl, rant and rave the more will they suffer as a consequence.


Friction and hate leading to violence and anarchy will occur in what one would have deemed the most unlikely places, as the world heats up for its own annihilation.

The degree of perversion of the various parties involved will never cease to amaze people. The cunningness and overt evil will be obvious parameters of their true and hitherto hidden ontological nature.

At times it will appear that the lion will sit with the lamb. But do not be fooled. This is only to allow the lions to get close enough to the lambs so that they can devour them. And the lambs are not fooled either. They let themselves be sucked in so that they can be close enough to the lions to poison them.

As fury escalates there will be no winners. All of the evil essence will be losers. All will be caught in the process of being cleared out of this useless and terribly evil plane.

All the evil beings will be cursed by their own evilness. And they will see that evilness of theirs rebound back onto them to cause them untold suffering - in the same manner that they caused such things in others.

Evil and failed beings have only themselves to blame. They had been warned often enough. But they did not heed the warnings. They convinced themselves that a time such as this would never come; a time of total correction of this system and a time when they would be held accountable.

As was often said to them and to all, a time of judgement would come but no one would know the precise hour.

That time has come.

It is in this generation.

This is the time of the end!

Copyright: Dr J Chiappalone

April 23, 2014


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