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Essential Gnostic Truths - Chapter 32
The End

By Joseph Chiappalone MD


I wrote this book almost 30 years ago.

Do not look too far into the future, for the plan for this Earth is too gruesome to behold.

How can one describe the powerful death with all its writhing and throes of millions in a sea of turmoil?

How can one endure the cry for compassion and mercy when the carnage is witnessed? It will take strength indeed not to fall victim to the fear of that which is to take place and the pleas of the robots as they are discharged from this plane.

The pitiful wails will not be for lost love or missed opportunity to be of service. Rather, they will be from the fear of what is to come, and from the anguish of knowing who they are, what they have done and what is to happen to them.

Do not look or listen. Avoid their anguish and pleas. Remove yourself from their midst. Close your eyes to them for even in this they are trying to drain you of that which is of value - - your Divine energy.

Do not regard them.

Do not look upon them as humans.

They have never been human.

They have never wanted or given love.

They are demons, spawned and nurtured with your destruction in mind. Let not one of you be reached by their false cries. Not one of them will turn with humility and love to the true God.

They are incapable of love, humility and repentance.

They are the Essence of Evil which is to be destroyed FOREVER.

The world is spinning away unaware of that which is about to grip it. Most have been stunned enough in their awareness to be completely oblivious to the plight of the planet, dimension and realm.

Many have tried valiantly, repeatedly and untiringly to alert the drugged and trapped beings but to no avail.

There is a massive battle raging all around this globe, and yet so very few in it are aware of this war. It will not be long however, before all will be forced to awaken to that which they have ignored for such a long time.

It will not be good enough for them to say they did not know, or that they were too busy, or that it was not their business, for in truth it was the affair of all to know what was going on in the other spaces affecting this planet.

O, how cruel the mendacious deceivers have been, they who have with one hand blinded the populace to the real situation and with the other pulled them to their spiritual death.

Look at the people on this planet. With very few exceptions they are lost in their own games of pursuing illusions. There is no real meaning in their lives.

They exist as automatons beating a well-worn path in trying to either keep body and soul together, or in trying to have fun - whatever that means to them.

This trying to have fun usually means trying to forget the plain truth of things for long enough to think that one is actually enjoying one's life.

But contentment, serenity and happiness can never come from the external. These things can only come from within the beings.

What is really happening?

What is the fate of this globe?

What is the cause of this battle surrounding this planet?

How will it be resolved?

Who will win?

These are questions which need to be answered, and answered quickly, for time is running out.

Awareness of the situation at this time is essential, for with it comes the preparation which will prove to be of extreme benefit.

Without such awareness and preparation one can only expect to be caught in fears, in suffering and possible panic as the changes about to evolve on this planet commence.

Making sense of the madness is essential, and yet the majority of beings on this planet do not even realize that they are existing within a madness.

They take this planet and this existence as a normal state of affairs. And this, of course, is far from the true way things should have been.

To those unawakened, the changes about to occur will greet them with an abruptness from which they will never recover. Whatever you do, do not be one of them.


 Copyright Dr J Chiappalone

April 24, 2014


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