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Escape From Bondage?

By Jim Kirwan

The bondage we are in is not as visible as it is above, in the lower half of the image. Escape from our enslavement can only be realized by taking the actions that are required—to free ourselves from the imprisonment we have embraced, which has brought us all to this societal-impasse.

There is no substitute for the actions required of each one of us, if we are to have any real affect upon this intolerable condition.

The public must understand that there are very few actual-people involved in taking down the entire electrical-grid system of the United States. All that can easily be done from behind the scenes, it’s as simple as throwing a few switches.

For the government this is not only optimal ­ it’s far easier than bombing or blowing anything up: Such as we have always done whenever we attacked any of the hundreds of other nations that we’ve already slaughtered.

In War the first military priority is to destroy the water and the electrical systems of any resisting state. To totally destroy Iraq or Libya collectively cost trillions, in just this one area. Jewish-owned Amerika can be destroyed from within, within minutes, by simply ordering existing-supervisors to shut down the electrical and water systems they are responsible for maintaining—which was and is their only job!

Those people with those jobs need to be found, made aware of the treason they are be about to be ordered to perform and prevented from following any order that could end with any kind of test of any “critical-system”. This should have always been a National-Priority for any real National-Security Program ­ but we have never had such a program in place, because our “security-systems” are at war with the public.

Once power is shut down, then all the damage to this nation will have already been done. When the order is given to restart the system the overloads will short-circuit our aging electrical-transformers everywhere. The transformers will explode like hundreds of Roman-candles and that event will end this country permanently.

There are no replacement transformers to replace the ones that will soon be in ruins. Replacement-transformers are manufactured offshore, and once ordered they take between three and ten years for delivery. The fact that this country chose not to order any replacements for this critical requirement—which the government has known about for decades—confirms that this government never intended to keep this nation safe from even the most basic threats of all, to the nation. If this does not clearly constitute treason against the people, the constitution and the state—then just ask yourself, what else could kill the entire country so quickly and so completely?

Without electricity fuel cannot be pumped, gas stations will be useless. Without electricity banks will shut down and ATM’s won’t work. When the remaining back-up generators cease: Hospitals, media, cell-phone services will fail. Transportation of food, water or fuel will end as soon as whatever’s in the gas-tanks of the trucks runs out! Between the darkness, that will be real, movement of anything but bicycles and pedestrians will cease to be viable. Chaos will begin within the first 24 hours and will block any and all movement in cities. Chaos will spread as conditions continue to worsen across what was a sleeping and docile nation.

The public will awaken.

But most will not survive the first week.

Government will not have to bomb us, or physically invade the nation, as neither option was ever really a viable-consideration: Because the public no-longer believes in their “False-Flag” attacks. This simple act will give the traitorous government everything they’ve been working for, for the last hundred years to create: The final-termination of the United States and the death of most of those who live here!

The Contradiction in Terms

This massive-attack upon us makes no sense at all. What will be left for any criminal-victors or just survivors to inherit? Whenever anyone has sought to destroy the whole world, the main obstruction has always been the collateral-damage and where does one go when there is nothing left to live with? That situation has obviously never happened before. It happened this time only because of computers, the global hijacking of the world’s banks, corrupt corporations and their puppet-governments. When there is nothing left to eat, drink and nowhere left to escape to that will end everything, regardless of any “created” wealth or supposed “power”.

While these events are going on here, similar situations will be taking place in other regions of the planet as well: Something the Rothschilds have always been very fond of doing to promote their global-control. Since the murder of America is for them a great victory it is doubtful that they would allow the rest of the planet to escape a similar fate as well. They too must still answer the most basic questions which cannot be answered by conventional means…

The Critical Challenge for ‘would-be’ Conquerors

Why just kill this nation when they can use this crushing-blow to take over Europe & Africa; as well as to begin inroads into the Far East & Russia if they can? It’s at this point that their insanity breaks down completely because the rest of the planet will not take this lying down. No other country gives a damn about what will be happening here. But ‘others’ will fight to preserve their own nations against this global-hijacking to the bitter end.

The Rothschilds and their mercenary armies have laid their global-criminal-plans so carefully, yet have forgotten the most basic of all-things. For instance who will be left to create their next generation of slaves or be available to fix any of the mechanisms which they will need to survive? Perhaps more critically how will they survive once the wider-world has seen their true intentions?

Wealth alone can never protect our blood-enemies. The technology which the wealthy have always depended-on needs educated bodies to insure that it (and they) can function.

There is a lesson from history here. When conquering the native population - the US military made some seriously arrogant under-estimations, one of which is useful here: There will be global-hordes left-over from this coming conflagration that will do unto any survivors as the natives did to Custer, at the Battle of Little Big Horn: At least the world will finally be rid of the hated Rothschilds and their servants forever…

This obviously needs to be ended before it begins ­ and since there is no one else to do it: We must do this for ourselves and that must begin now!




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