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Enterovirus 68 Now Strikes Utah
By Patricia Doyle

Hello Jeff I cannot believe the way the mainstream media is handling this outbreak.  They don't want to know where it came from so they do not discuss illegals.

Their best advice on not contracting this illness is the same ole same ole.  Wash your hands and don't touch your face.  That advice translates into we don't have a clue on protecting against getting it.

My best advice is to home school if your child's school has taken in illegal border children.

I was looking over the photos of "Colonias" the shanty towns, no running water and no sanitation, toilets included.  As Frosty Wooldridge  informed us about these Colonias back in 2005 or so, these slums are crowded and full of diseases.  The Colonias are found across the border in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California.  They are surrounded by piles of garbage.  Some Colonias have been reported to have had as much as 400,000 people.  Best yet, the "residents" get federal aid for building materials, food stamps and welfare.  Roads and infrastructure are also to be given.  No wonder the US is going broke.  By the time Obama leaves office we will be living in a third world country.  I would say we are now at second world status.

I am sure by next week we will hear of cases as far west as California and cases as far east as NY and the Mid Atlantic.

This disease will keep spreading.  Oh, and the media talking heads only mention children, well, think again.  It is a virus and adults with Asthma and COPD as well as the elderly and immune compromised adults can become sick.   In essence, a child can get sick in School and then bring the illness home to the family.

I can see this disease going "out of ccontrol" here in the US. When flu season begins the hospitals will experience complete breakdown of services.


Health officials: Enterovirus D68 has likely spread into Utah
Posted 12:32 pm, September 10, 2014, by Ashton Edwards, Updated at 12:53pm, September 10, 2014    


SALT LAKE CITY ≠ A viral outbreak that has made its way across many states appears to have arrived in Utah.

We are talking about Enterovirus D68 or EV-D68.

Health officials at Primary Childrenís Medical Center said they have seen an obvious increase in young patients coming in with respiratory issues.

Some have been hospitalized and even put in intensive care.

The good news is, all of the children are responding well to treatment and no one has died from the virus.

Dr. Andrew Pavia heads up epidemiology at Primary Childrenís and said they have seen almost 100 cases that have the symptoms of Enterovirus D68 over the last two weeks.

The hospital has sent samples to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and should have the results in the next two days.

Officials said the tests are more about understanding how the virus spreads; treating it is the same as treating any respiratory virus.

If a child is having trouble breathing, take them to the hospital.

If they just have the symptoms of a cold, treat it like you would a cold.

Doctors said the flu season is actually far more dangerous even through the Enterovirus D68 outbreak is abnormally large.

Trouble breathing and wheezing are signs parents should watch for in their children.

Health officials said they are currently treating the hospital like itís flu season.

The strict winter visiting policy is in effect to try to keep more infection out of the hospital.

So how do you avoid getting Enterovirus D68?

Practice good hygiene like you would during cold and flu season.

Wash your hands, donít kiss or share food with anyone who is ill and wash items your children bring to and from school.

Do you think your child has Entervirus D68?

Fox 13 wants to hear your story. Email with your info if you would like to help.


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