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Ending Nation States

By Jim Kirwan


There are many ways to end our rights within this nation.

Unless Americans refuse to tolerate the crimes

If we do not act then

We are finished as a people

And we’ll become extinct as a nation in the world.

The TPP will end the right of any state to be a nation!

Violence is one thing: But creating false-rights for corporations and “fake-nationhood” for those corporations that created TPP will end this nation-state. Jews who are not Americans are behind this, despite the fact that they work for the U.S. government.

Stripping-away the rights of this nation—to function as a nation is just another form of violence that’s being done to these Disunited States.

Categorically this involves TPP and the Jewish-cabals behind it all who are demanding the “right” to slash the rights of all Americans to regulate business and life inside this country. This from a cabal of international Jewish-bankers, that are not part of America except as they are able to become the active-parasites who have come to kill their host! The price for this hijacking is the right of the public to have any voice in this new and SECRET trade deal called the TPP.

This is NOT a trade-bill. This is a foreign-invasion of the U.S. that’s being demanded, by those claiming corporate-nationhood. No such “right” has ever existed before. This is an illegal-Jewish-enterprise that has never had any stake in what this country does, or how the rest of us came to be in this position. This latest-crime must be smashed and its promoters stripped of any rights as Americans - forever!

The secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement is the Obama administration’s bid to perpetuate US hegemony in Asia and lay the groundwork for a Pacific century led by American corporate and military muscle…

While the significant majority of the draft text remains inaccessible and shielded from public scrutiny due to draconian non-disclosure agreements, leaks made available by courageous individuals via WikiLeaks indicate that this trade deal intends to champion corporate rights and blur the divisions between governments and multinationals. In essence, the stipulations of the trade deal would make governments ­ including their national laws to regulate public and environmental health ­ subservient to corporations and their maximization of profits.

Read the full story on

America’s supposed Terrorism-Threat is a gargantuan lie, as there not has been a credible threat to this nation, since the War of 1812.

In 1979 I did this image for the criminal-state that was still in the birthing process. It was tied to something called the Forgotten Victims of Violent Crime that was supported and pushed by Reagan in his quest for the White House in 1980. I asked then ‘why should such a topic be included in something that involved victims of violent crimes, in the streets and alley-ways of this country?’ I was told that it had to be included, because it was part of the problem: Even though there was nothing of the kind anywhere in the country at that time. By 2003, the whole thing had come true—despite the fact that there were still no TERRORIST activities.


However in the world of 2003

There was no law any longer. The US was an Outlaw State!

There were no political parties

There were no legal elections to anything

The entire country had already been captured

The only difference was in 2003

The whole nation was in total denial.

Thanks Amerika for making this decade of lies so clear!

Israel today is still screaming about what Israel needs to be secure. Israel has attacked every one of its neighbors, some of them many times ­ yet they have not been charged with any crimes. Ironically the only real danger to any country in the world today comes from the existence of Israel supported by USI. Without these two Outlaw States in the world today, there would be no “threats to global-peace”.

In the ancient-times of my childhood whenever there was a real problem anywhere, people came together: Face-to-face and tried to talk it out. On occasion some of us got a bloody-nose or a damned good beating, but lessons could be learned that way and some problems could be solved.

In the world of my highschool life, there were a number of kids mostly from the elite and many of them were total bastards. Thirty years after I graduated, I learned, quite by accident that at least a hundred of those ‘creatures’ (rich or poor) had been murdered one way or another in the first year after highschool. That happened because without the artificial-constraints of “school” their former victims took things into their own hands and ended the brutality. That was commonplace at that time—but today we can’t even think a hostile thought about anyone, unless we want to go to jail…

This type of behavior by creatures like Netanyahu cannot be answered in the same way at his level—but if it could have been the case—then quite probably the world would not now be burdened with the insanity and the outrage he creates every time he opens his ugly-face. Bibi needs to be “taken-out” by his own people because he’s just too evil to exist by any standard that is still recognized in the world today.

Here are two articles from earlier in the month that might throw more light on the problems that keep-on-coming because the U.S. has become the Outlaw nation most responsible for the rabid-state of Israel! (2) & (3)

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