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By Jim Kirwan


ENDGAME Revisited: Pete Hamill -1994

All the moves toward decency, excellence, maturity, and compassion have been made. They seem to have come to nothing. Everyone talks and nobody listens. Boneheaded vulgarians are honored for their stupidity.”

K -2002: “Our sanctioned officials speak only of security, of terror and of war. Nothing happens except the systematic destruction of the Constitution, our personal freedoms and our way of life. Nobody talks, nobody votes, and no one wants to look at the results of those two inter-related actions. Meanwhile the Cretans global power grab proceeds apace, with new targets added weekly to the national hit list ­ of both countries and individuals who are now targets of American fanaticism in our maniacal drive to steal the world’s resources.”

kirwan 2014: “We have reached the end of the games and begun to turn upon each other with increasing frustration, while we still watch the international-wars for fake ‘Full Spectrum-Dominance’ as they continue to unfold while we sink into the Chemtrail bog, that masks the quicksand, that will drag us all down into the muck we’ve made of this planet.”

Hamill -1994: “Politics is an ice jam of accusation and obstruction, the hardest vulgarians honored for their cynicism, its good men fleeing to tend private gardens. Pop culture both feeds and reflects the larger society, and as evidence of collapse it is chilling.”

k -2002 “Politics has ceased to be contentious; there is no longer an organized resistance to the edicts flowing from the White House. The vulgarians once headed by Newt Gingrich have won. Admiral Poindexter, a felon, is now in-charge of Total Information Access; which is a newly proposed government seizure of all personal information on every citizen, without regard for either criminal or terrorist culpability. The idea is to acquire all personal and financial information, on every citizen, and then find a crime to fit whatever pattern is potentially indicated by the records seized. This one probably came directly from the pages of the novel “1984.”

As far as culture goes, pop or otherwise ­ that has disappeared into the vacuum created by the government mantra for War! War! Lots more War!’ There’s simply no money or energy left in the population for any other topic. The bad guys won, and they want to sell the public the idea that because they’ve wrapped all this garbage in the flag ­ this is the American way of the future ­ and its all bullshit.”

kirwan 2014: “Politics died somewhere back in 2008. Everything is now about massive amounts of money and global-outlaws. Everyone lies in almost every country and there’s no longer any culture unless one counts debauchery, child abuse, mass murder and rape spiced with constant threats of WWIII that tumble from each barely scripted news conference, every day of this blind year where the End of Endgames is supposed to conclude ­ somehow!”

Hamill - 1994: “The greatest critics loved the subjects of their examinations; literature, music, movies. They celebrated quality and dismissed the fraudulent, examining each new object of art the way a master watchmaker looks at another man’s watch, admiring the accomplishments, pointing out the flaws. There were always literary ax-murders among them, but in a way the best of them were attorneys for the defense. They’ve been replaced by prosecutors. And the penalty they demand for imperfection is death.”

Kirwan -2002: “The above referred to artists and their creativity in the pursuit of their crafts. That’s dead now, and the only topic of discussion before the American public is our new War on Freedom. This is a total war, in which there will be no prisoners taken, no quarter given, as Bush so often says to the world: “You’re either with us or against us.” And that is the new state of the new millennium in 2002.”

kirwan 2014: “Artists and apprentices along with critics have gone the way of the do-do bird. The public no longer remembers how to be an apprentice in any profession, or a critic any longer. We have become a nation of would-be students in a system of education that only teaches us to be slaves. Meanwhile the state has gone from not protecting anyone to prosecuting everyone that comes in contact with a uniform, in any capacity. 911 is now shorthand for “death by cop”.

Hamill -1994: “In all sports, grace is treated like a character flaw. Athletes snarl and mock in triumph ­ and whine in defeat. But they have one large excuse. They are only part of this America, this torn and violent country where everybody plays for keeps. The nation is approaching Endgame. Everybody seems infected with the virus of argument and the need for triumph.”

Hour after hour, across the day and deep into the night, talk radio spews forth a relentless message of contempt for democratic institutions, from the presidency, the Congress and the Supreme Court to the governors, the state legislators, and mayors.”

Anyone with compassion is a target; anyone with a sense of complexity is scorned. Callers with accents are jeered. Complicated issues are reduced to cartoons. Maybe it’s an act, maybe it’s just cashing in on Limbaugh’s success. But the drumbeat from these electronic kraals is ominous: Hate Washington, hate the media, hate the blacks, hate the dark-skinned and their babies, hate democracy. All disguised of course as love for America.”

Kirwan -2002: We’ve cashed in on this veritable ‘Garden of Delights’ and now it seems we’ve transferred all our darkest hatreds to overseas targets ­ at least for now.

Kirwan -2014: “We managed to very soon exhaust those overseas targets. Now we’ve turned every weapon back upon ourselves. Hatred has sprouted yet another mirror here. It’s a home-grown face that needs feeding each and every day. This one’s called LGBT dominance and no one can be allowed to overlook this all consuming hatred of everyone and everything that was once a part of the USA.”

Hamill -1994: “Even the conflicts of the so-called real world-the non-fiction world of news an society-must be simple, easy to follow through meals and other domestic activities, and preferably violent .- Don’t think is the message - feel. In all media, the best-played stories now are the ones that most resemble movies. Give us good guys and bad guys, white hats and black hats, and for christsakes don’t give us talking heads! Action baby. Bang, bang, Conflict.”

Every day the American vision becomes cruder, narrower, more parochial. In most newspapers foreign news gets little play unless Americans are involved. The great newspapers still employ foreign correspondents of immense gifts, but even the greatest reporters must battle for space against the tremendous force of the general parochialism. The mass circulation newspapers don’t even bother. Unless Americans are concerned, most foreign news seems to be about Princess Di.”

kirwan -2002: “The stage was set then; the only topic now worth discussing is ourselves, our wants, and our desires-everything else is just noise. So when 911 interrupted our national romance with ourselves, the outrage was two-fold. First for the lives lost and the harm done, but then also there was rage for showing us how very small we’ve become in the eyes of the wider world.

Kirwan ­ 2014: “The wars have become so numerous that instead of trying to figure out where we’re fighting or for what; the public just ignores it all. That’s easy because none of the special-ones are about to be forced to go—this is just more poor people’s wars embraced for Israel, paid for by the schmucks that always pay for every last bullet, because they’re too lazy to figure out the difference between the outlaws & real people - while the herd is being starved to death each and every day in every possible way.

Us Against Them” Endgame, PART TWO

Hamill - 1994: “In the wider society, true to the principles of conflict, an often bewildering variety of social factions batter at one another for position and victory. ­ The goal is dominance. The goal is vengeance: to take no prisoners and in Murray Kempton’s phrase, shoot the wounded.”

“… Almost a hundred years after the last great immigration wave changed the face of American society, vast numbers of Americans-including, sadly, the best educated-are again being taught to identify themselves with the qualifying adjectives of race, religion, ethnicity, and gender. The idea of the melting pot is dismissed as cultural genocide, replaced by a social worker’s version of predestination. American identities state the clerics of the dogma, are not shaped by will, choice, reason, intelligence, and desire but by membership in groups. They are not individuals but components of categories ­ And such categories they believe are destiny.”

Kirwan -2002: “The above redefinition of the American identity is part of what has torn us into factions. And in that segregation we became ripe for this further attack upon what was left of us as a people. The War on Freedom is a war on human rights, on personal freedom, and on a way of life. This is the confrontation that lies beneath the power grab by our world-dictator in waiting, Gee-Dubya Bush. As long as individuals continue to resist his criminal behavior by this administration, there remains some chance that reason might yet prevail, that military force may yet be told ­ stand-down.

So, that powerfully contrary force of the American individual has of necessity become a major target, of the Bush cabal, for ‘elimination-with extreme prejudice.’”

Kirwan ­ 2014: “After 13 plus years it seems clear that Amerikans prefer the safety of the cowardly path to anything that might ever put them in harms’ way. During the Revolutionary War there were only a very small number of those who chose to fight and were actually involved in seeking to liberate themselves from the tyranny of the times. It appears the same thing is true in today’s world as well. Our numbers are small, but we’ll make up for that by the way we go about the coming take-down…”

Hamill 1994: “But there are additional confusions. All the victimized ethnic categories contain men. And feminist rhetoric of the Endgame insists that men are themselves a group of oppressors-brutal, insensitive, selfish, murderous. Catherine MacKinnon and others use the word men, in the same generalized blurry way that women is used. This astonishingly broad category-men is defined all too easily by people who believe that the same state of victimhood is endured by the Wellesley graduate and the woman grinding corn in the hills of Chiapas, by Billie Holliday and Katharine Graham ­ the existentialist philosophers of my youth insisted that existence preceded essence, that you were born and then you forged your identity; the philosophers of gender and ethnicity insist that essence precedes existence.”

kirwan 2002: “Once the normal activities of the culture had been trivialized and compartmentalized in the extreme, as cited above, then where else could all the anger and hatred go? So when the general antagonism reached it’s zenith between groups ­ it would appear that the only option left was to turn on the components of civility itself; those men and women who are all there is of the human race, as we have come to know it. If the nation were an individual, it would probably be perceived as psychotic, if not suicidal.” (1)

Kirwan 2014: “We’ve exhausted the traditional hatreds mentioned above: What we’ve done now is to create a third sex to which all are expected to swear total loyalty. This third sex involves those of the LGBT determination. The president is married to a man, but the nation doesn’t care. Meanwhile the entire country is being put through test after test as to whether or not we have become pro-homosexual, pro-Israel, and anti-heterosexuality? From the campuses of places like Harvard the nation is now talking about outlawing heterosexual behavior because it’s thought politically to be sexually unhealthy…”

That brings this visit to the last twenty years into focus, but it seems that we are even farther away from consensus today that we were back in 1994 when Pete Hamill first made his comments in Esquire magazine. What is crystal clear is that the world has radically changed and not for the better. What is unusual is to realize that those interested in upending these crimes don’t seem to be the young any more and that’s a real shame upon what’s left of us now in the shadow of this dying Empire.

1) Endgame ­ Revisited



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