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In Virtual Reality

By JIm Kirwan


A partial response to ‘Obama’s Endgame’ by Dave Hodges

In summary, the MSM is forcing Obama’s hand to go for broke. Obama has limited time to act given the magnitude of the five Watergate scandals he presently faces. Obama has been backed into a corner and he is desperate.

Obama is going to start a war with Syria and Iran and ultimately with Russia and China to save the backsides of the Federal Reserve and their precious Petrodollar. However, he cannot commence a war until he has eliminated the leadership of those that would oppose him. Then he must gain total national compliance and acquiescence to the catastrophic war that he must launch this country into in order to save the Petrodollar.” (1)

The Petrodollar has already been killed. Libya paid for that with the end of their nation. Libya had their own bank, not a Rothschild’s franchise.

Libya had the world’s finest sweet-crude-oil, and a lot of gold. Libya was about to offer Africa a gold-backed currency based upon their Libyan gold. Their citizens were free, wealthy and technologically advancing. Libya was a beacon for real life and planned to lead all of North Africa out of the deserts with their discovery of ice-age fresh waters beneath Libya. They had already begun to build the pipelines to distribute that water free to North African nations. These were some of the reasons why Libya had to be destroyed.

USI has not faced a serious military force since the end of WW II. Iraq was, along with the Iran of today, once a technologically-sophisticated nation, until we began degrading Iraq over twenty years ago. The N.W.O. has chosen to fight only artificially-degraded nations that no longer have navy, air forces, fully operational armies, wealth or accessible natural-resources: Which is why under-threat nations were targeted.

If the US decides to take on “Syria and Iran” all of this will change drastically. Iran has all of the military force that all of our previous “enemies” lacked: Including Iranian military satellites, sophisticated missiles, both ground to ground and ground to air, as well as shore to sea nuclear-tipped missiles that travel at from mach 2.3 to 2.8 and can each deliver a nuclear weapon which can destroy an aircraft carrier with each missile. There are over 300 of these weapons imbedded around the Gulf to protect Iran, if Iran is attacked.

Iran is also the only country to have snatched not one but two US sophisticated drones, from their skies, within the last few months—and the US was powerless to prevent this from happening.

In addition to Iran: Israel and USI with be facing a thoroughly modernized Russia, China and other nations that have recently joined with BRIC, to oppose the imperialism we are desperately trying to use to crush so many that have so far eluded Israel and the US, by conventional means. Obamanation is a just puppet. He will fail massively, if his owners declare all-out war on Iran, Syria and possibly Lebanon (a third time)—at Israel’s insistence. The United States is not the global-power we once claimed to be!

Israel attacked all the Arab states in 1948, but ended up only conquering Palestine. Sixty-five years later, Israel is till trying to steal all the other lands of the Arab world for The Greater State of Israel.

This Israeli-aggression is what this is all still about. Israel constantly attacks other nations then claims ‘victimhood’ and proceeds to attempt to invade more nations ­ just as they did in the 1967 war which they lost. During that war they attempted to sink the USS Liberty that was monitoring the theft of the Golan Heights while that crime was taking place.

Israel has attacked Lebanon at least twice before, having done massive damage to Beirut, Lebanon. Israel was ultimately defeated by Hezbollah in 2006, despite having held the world hostage, thru the U.N. for an additional 30 days to assist Israel in their War on Lebanon: While the rest of the world just watched. Suddenly everyone seems to have forgotten who won the last time Israel tried to steal Lebanon, illegally. (2)

The bulk of the other issues raised in “Obama’s Endgame” involve the type of Virtual Reality that can only happen in a bad sci-fi film. It’s one thing to claim ownership of every aspect of American life, business, communications and resources—nationwide: But to actually implement any of what is suggested (throughout the bulk of the article) is a physical impossibility across the board.

What was done by Stalin and Hitler (to their own people) is irrelevant by comparison; because computers were not part of either the Russian or the German experience. At the same time just because we have computerized every aspect of American society; that does not mean that the massive claims in ‘Obama’s Endgame’ could ever be effectively followed up on.

To shut down a town a city or a state, never mind all fifty states simultaneously is a physical impossibility. That would be true even if the population supported those attempting to take total-charge of the entire nation. Obama may have passed all the requisite illegal-laws to “do” what he’d love to do, but that means nothing when it comes time to implement any of the crimes he is claiming to have the right to do in the bogus name of ‘national-security’.

The FEDS and their mercenary forces comprise a very finite-force that has basically no backup to rely on: If and when the illegal-government orders martial law into effect. The number of personnel needed to exercise total control over most of what is discussed in the bulk of the article is simply wishful thinking on the part of the outlaw government—which is incapable to taking charge of anything like the takedown of a nation that is better armed than any other army in the world of today. The tyrants and traitors are agents of a paper-world that lacks any credibility in the real-world. That’s why the government has tried very hard to create a virtual-reality to convince us that the war for our country has already been lost.

None of all these supposed preparations to imprison us will be impacted, to any great degree, by the children that expect the entire nation to simply surrender to the enemies of the Constitution and the Republic. That will NOT happen, regardless of how many bogus laws are cited, as their reason, for doing what everyone knows is nothing but more lies.

The reason that people might appear to think that this insanity can really happen now becomes clearer when you listen to what our young have become, according to Michael Moore:

I’m not as depressed as you are because all the polls show: The next generation coming up ­ they don’t agree with any of this nonsense. They don’t want to own guns, they’re not selling any guns to young people. They’re not bigots they’re not haters. Eighty-one percent of young adults support gay-marriage ­ they support legalization ­ less religion ­ I mean Bill it’s gonna get better.” (3)

The “young people” in Amerika have no experience of life or reality. In their world there are only parties, shopping opportunities, games and cell phones, sex and drugs and the only thing that matters to them is their next experience which makes them feel alive. There is nothing in their lives that has any meaning beyond their own immediate desires—so of course they see no need to defend themselves from an outlaw government. The current regime has done its job well!

It is only the rest of us that still think about a future of any kind that will have difficulties. The truth is that no nation can survive once an open-season is declared by the young and the mindless that are only going along for the ride. That is why we are where we are as a nation that has lost its next generation to the depravity of total self-absorbsion.

There is a great deal contained in ‘Obama’s Endgame’ that everyone needs to think about ­ fully. But the facts beneath the claims have to also be considered in light of the cold-cruel realities that we have allowed to become “endgame” in the first place. People have to be able to decide for themselves (after having done their own research) as to what has happened to bring us all to this edge of oblivion; where every passing hour brings us closer to having no choice at all as to whatever tomorrow could mean…


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