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Embracing The Masks


By Jim Kirwan


Across the planet the global-masking of participants has run riot.

This practice does not just apply when it comes to the Fourth Reich Nazis, the mercenaries or the global-criminals of the Troika; the EU, UN, NATO, USI and in particular Israel. Across the world it’s becoming the norm to mask the real participants and players in every sphere of the world that’s facing exposure right now.

In the past the global-arch enemies of the human race did not feel the need to hide their faces from the wider world. But today their cowardice virtually requires that these contemporary-mercenaries ‘MUST’ attempt to conceal themselves, because of their war-crimes, their continuing genocides, and the literal transparency of what they’re continuing to do to the planet.

The actual patriots in the nations under siege, don’t have uniforms and they don’t bother to try and conceal their faces. That’s always been a fact of every real war in which real rebellions have played a part.

So when will the global-bankers and the politicians

Begin to wear their masks above, to work?

These same ‘masks’ cannot conceal the massive list of the crimes committed in the recent global past, that are now entering yet another re-run in so many places today.

Beginning @ 1min 38 sec: “Tony Blair befriends Serbia sixteen years after bombing it ­ Tony Blair will advise Serbia’s current Prime Minister ~ (Blair was one of the ones) who bombed Belgrade: Sixteen years goes by fast so you might need reminding what it was all about… humanity. (Blair) “This is not a battle for territory. This is a battle for humanity”.

So Tony Blair did it all for the good of the people in Rwanda, Albania, Mongolia, Kuwait, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and ‘yes how’s that going in Iraq’? It’s not about money, even though he’s raking in tens of billions of dollars a year ­ Blair has a whole list of countries he has or advises around the world”…

Blair’s war crimes are nothing compared to what Kissinger and others have made from their war crimes around the planet over the decades…and of course it’s always been about the money and the power produced with fake money and global war crimes.

This segment outlines the current situation in the puppet state of Serbia today which directly mirrors what was planned for the failed state of Ukraine now: Ukraine today is now surrounded, just as Serbia still is today after they lost to the West sixteen years ago but that now are still controlled by NATO’s puppet-enemy states. Those are the same criminal forces inside Ukraine today. Closer to home we have the example of Clinton’s Haiti, that has seen USI throw out their elected leadership on three separate occasions, which has left Haiti as the poorest nation in this hemisphere.

The above segment concludes at 11min 11sec into the video


What “In the NOW” reveals is quite possibly some of what is about to befall Porky and his buddy RATS inside Kiev: Once a puppet government falls apart, to the extent that Kiev has now failed, then it’s not usually very long before the current clowns will be removed. The ‘problem’ is that the US has clearly been running this charade since the beginning of the War on Ukraine that began just one year ago today.

Maybe assassinating the current leadership in Ukraine isn’t in the cards, at least not immediately—unless they can find a way to magically blame Russia for that too. But in the meanwhile chaos is still trying to keep their masked fires burning beneath the conflict.

On RT today the image above clearly shows the masked far-right paramilitary group that displays the NATO Flag together with the NAZI Swastika which lamely tries to suggest that the Fourth Reich is justified, as just part of the government forces of Kiev along with a new report being released on:”Maidan, who fired the shots? A year on, a different picture emerges”


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