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Eight Days In August!

By Jim Kirwan

The Public Is Being Targeted Over and Over Again!

The eighth day brings more cops and more violence; when the only

real weapons are held by the Police-State. The instigations related to the real violence are always started by the "police" that’s what they’re for and that’s exactly who they are!

The gangsters in uniform are expecting the impossible. They want people to be quiet and go home. They want their crimes to go unnoticed again and again and again...

All they have to do is adhere to the new-normal (life without trials, evidence or charges) ­ they need to HOLD a public PRESS CONFERENCE and answer all the questions. The killer must be forced to face the public, along with his commanders in the police and the fake politicians in Ferguson; along with the state of Missouri at all levels. That is required because there are no longer any courts to hear cases like this one.

If the state wants peace without answering questions, then they are dreaming bigtime. The reason those people are out there is to make damn sure that Michael Brown's murder is NOT FORGOTTEN - and the longer that the cops appear the way they are dressed and ARMED - the longer this will continue.

Watch the whole report from RT, including the videos. This is not being covered by the Mass Media here, because of what this is, and who they don’t want to have to try and explain…

Ferguson: Dozens arrested, reporters detained, assembly rights restricted

The cops need to leave their guns behind and show up in civilian uniforms, at public microphones - ready to talk instead of just giving orders and screaming obscenities at the public...

As it is now it's fck the state, fck the police, and fuk the racist bastards that are trying to shut this down - as if this is a prison-yard riot - when what this really is, is a public response to a very public police murder that everyone with an official gun refuses to acknowledge.

This could have been managed if the State had admitted they were wrong in what was done this time—but since the arrival of the New Millennium the government has not admitted they’ve been wrong about anything—ever. Just look where we are in the world right now, because of all their blatant lies on everything that is now at issue in the world right now!

And just so we don’t forget; if “we” had taken anything seriously here, we wouldn’t be in this mess right now: But then too many of us were far too busy being “busy” to notice.

It’s time to stop debating and start demanding apologies and reparations to everyone that’s been damaged by this fake government since they began to be outlaws instead of leaders.

The public must demand that the government surrender all those unnecessary weapons of war which they have given to all those police departments, schools and universities throughout the nation ­ because they’re all illegal for police forces to posses ­ and there has never been a US military police force that has ever been created to crush the citizens of this country, at least not legally ­ regardless of what this fake-government claims, speaking as they do for Israel, and not for the United States or any of the people here…

If we don’t begin to do something fast ­ these Eight Days in August will be remembered as the beginning of the end of this country from which the nation was not able to recover…


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