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Ebola, ZMapp, White US Charity Workers And Racism

By Patricia Doyle

Hello, Jeff...

As I mentioned last Tuesday on the program the fact that we might even see riots on the streets of Liberia, Sierra Leon and Guinea when the locals begin to feel that the white charity workers were whisked to safety and given a life saving drug.  Well, it appears that the West African population is angry and feel that the black Ebola patients were not accorded similar treatment and given the same drug.  Hopefully, right thinking people of all races will quell the tensions.  We need to fight the virus and not each other. The virus does not discriminate and we humans should not discriminate.

The local population forgot that the Americans would not have contracted Ebola had they not been helping Africans with the Ebola outbreak.

Zmapp may not even be the panacea drug or vaccine that it is touted to be.  It is unknown if it could even make the outbreak worse.


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