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Ebola…They Just Don't GET IT!

By Patricia Doyle

"At these entry points, preventive and testing centres will be established. A new travel policy by the Liberia Airport Authority covering inspection and testing of all outgoing and incoming passengers will be strictly observed."

Hello, Jeff - I get so darn angry because those who are responsible for containing the outbreak of
Ebola just don't get it.  They don't understand that when a person who has been infected with Ebola and is not showing signs of the illness will probably show a false negative on any test.  This means that people passing borders and heading unto planes will appear OK but in a day or two, when they land in NY, Los Angeles, Our Town, USA they will begin to show symptoms and then they will be infective.  Why aren't these heads of state informed about this.  
Where the hell is the CDC and

As long as W African countries will continue to have porous borders, then the US needs to close down ours and not allow planes from W Africa to land at our airports.   I don't care if Al Sharpie Sharpton calls us racist.   Our borders need to close and we need to take back our country.

Diseases like Malaria are entering our border daily, this taken from the CDC site:

"CDC received 1,925 reported cases of malaria with an onset of symptoms in 2011 among persons in the United States"  

The majority of these cases were imported in people who traveled to the US.  Is the WHO and CDC waiting for Ebola to come in  the same way?  
Diptheria, Chagas Disease, all types of TB especially resistant, Leprosy, Measles, Mumps, Typhus, yes and  Polio, Chickenpox, Monkeypox, Chikungunya Virus, Scabies, Lice all types, Swine Flu and other Hemorrhagic Fevers like Lassa Fever, Not to forget Yellow FEver and Dengue Hemorrhagic and Dengue Fever.  I remember we discussed a case of Sabin Virus and other hemorrhagic virus from South America.   The list is endless.  Next invited in, Ebola.

This is a new strain of Ebola.  As it passes through the myriad of West Africans (many who already have Malaria, HIV/Aids, Hepatitis A, B, C even E et al, the Ebola virus will mutate.  Any health care worker who says this Ebola is only spread by contact with bodily fluids and not via air is lying when they make such a claim.  It is airborne, no mistake.

So, when will Obama or someone in Congress get the hutzpah to stand up for America and shut down the dam border and refuse any airplanes from the 4 west African countries.  I am sure Nigeria is sorry they did not refuse the plane carrying Patrick Sawyer.  Now Ebola is spreading in Nigeria after killing 8 people who had contact with Patrick Sawyer.  

I was reading about how the people of Kandahar Afghanistan want the US to continue to pay their light bills. If we do not they will have the Talaban keep the lights going.  I say, good, let the Talaban pay for the lights.  I bring this up to show that the US is extremely spread too thin.  We cannot continue to pay for everyone in the world's welfare. It is time to show mercy on the US taxpayers and stop all of the handouts which even includes million to Israel for weapons.   Time to close down the US borders, refuse planes from outbreak countries no matter where they are or who they are.  Time to stop the free ride for everyone.  Before the US was in Afghanistan they had lights.  "...and the Lord said: "Let there be light" however the US won't pay for it.

This Ebola outbreak is catastrophically OUT OF CONTROL.  With the dead and dying dragged into the streets of the various ramshackled cities of Sierra Leon, Guinea, Liberia, the virus will burn through the cities as the black plague decimated Middle Ages Europe.     

Seems like the agencies responsible for the world's health are stalling trying to be politically correct.  The time for action has long past.  Action should have been taken in December 2013 with the first suspected Ebola case.  The larger outbreak that came in March and April might never had occurred if WHO and CDC would have stopped Ebola in its track with the first few cases.

Now it has gone to far.  An invasion of the US at its southern border is happening simultaneously with the Ebola outbreak.  The only recompense our government can take is to close down the borders, search out those who entered illegally from West Africa and send EVERYONE back to their country of origin.  We have a TB outbreak coming into the US in illegals from Central and South America. All sorts of diseases as I mentioned above are here in the crowded camps spreading.  We have no idea where the 100,000 W African illegals have gone within the US or gurther.  

Now the WHO and the W African countries are going to test people at their airports.  Too little, too late and Ebola will most assuredly get through, onto a plane and be headed to a community near YOU.

Thank You


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