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Ebola In Senegal - Interesting Oil & Gas Map
By Patricia Doyle PhD


Hello, Jeff - It does seen that there is an oil map for each country that has seen W African strain of Ebola break out.  The map below is Senegal.  I just read that Senegal may have Ebola.  If I follow the maps, Cote d'Ivorie and Angola could be next.  Ghana and Benin too,  We know that Congo has cases.,  Congo does have a small piece of coast line as does Benin.  

I do believe that the people who fish along the coast probably have been complaining to local government officials about the lack of fish.  I am sure that this has gotten back to the oil companies in the region.  Now there won't be complaints as there won't be many fishermen left either.

 These oil maps are kind of a coincidence no?  They can almost be interchanged for Ebola outbreak maps.

Oil = Ebola = no people and frees up the land.


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