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Family Of TX MD With
Ebola 'Not Showing' Signs (yet)

By Patricia Doyle

Hello Jeff -  I am sorry but this is NOT right.  We should not allow anyone even American citizens to fly into the US if they have Ebola.  This doctor with Ebola actually put his family at risk and my guess is (and they are monitoring the family for Ebola symptoms) is the family may have the disease.

What about the other patients at the hospital with this Ebola patient/patients?

At some point, we have to take a stand and stop travel to the US from Ebola outbreak countries.  
This is a new strain and we have no idea if it is aerosol which I believe it to be.  I feel it is at least minimally aerosol vectored.
By the way, the body of a young W African was found in the wheel well of a jet that came to the US from W Africa.  Now we will have an influx of W African "children."   Some of these youth will be carrying the worst...Ebola.


Family Of TX MD With Ebola 'Not Showing' Signs


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