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Ebola Clinics Closed, Staff Dead
Or Fled - Gupta On WHO - Vid

By Patricia Doyle

Hello, Jeff...Many of the African Ebola clinics are now nurses and doctors to staff them.  Many of the experienced Ebola health care workers have died, the inexperienced simply ran away.  The patients who were ambulatory ran away as well.

The main reason it got this bad is because of the delays. foot-dragging by governments, failure to close borders in timely fashion and freedom of movement within and between the infected countries. Now Ebola has escaped and has a world to sicken.

Now is the perfect opportunity for Obama to make his statement that "due to the worldwide Ebola outbreak we are closing the US borders.  NO ONE will be allowed to enter the US without legal documents."  It is our last chance to close the US-Mexican border and end the endless invasion.

Below is a video of Dr. Sanjay Gupta talking about the CDC-WHO  hearing



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