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Duplicity On All Levels


By Jim Kirwan


Secrets & Lies

The zippered Fencing Mask cannot hide the truth anymore than

the veil can conceal the duplicity on all levels

of the global-war-crimes that are coming to light now.

Forty-eight hours into the Russian air-strikes and the world is already seeing the total-duplicity of the West that continues to fall apart, minute by minute.

Syria's right to self-defense is what Russia has been called in to defend.

And the West is being forced to scramble to protect their lies

that have been the guiding shadow behind everything

that's been going on for the last five years.

Meanwhile, the duplicity of the USSA, the UN, NATO, Turkey and Israel is all being laid bare as the Russian Air Strikes begin to take down the illegally funded and supported global-terrorists, that have been growing exponentially, since the same 'forces' destroyed Iraq and Libya in their effort to totally redraw the lines of all the nation-states in the Middle East, according to Israeli dictates.

This entire situation has grown out of the false claim by the USSA, to the title of 'the only honest broker for peace' in Palestine and the world.. That lie led directly to the loss of more than seven-eighths of Palestine, to Israel's illegal occupation that has resulted in over 68 years of slavery and genocide of the Palestinian people.

The map above is incorrect because it only documents the theft of Palestinian lands to the year 2000. In the additional 15 years, huge swaths of Palestine have continued to be stolen and given over to illegal Israeli-settlers while any settlement of the Palestine question continues to falter in the shadows; thanks to the UN's refusal to intervene to defend the rights of the Palestinian people to be protected from the Apartheid Israeli Occupation of Gaza and the West Bank, which is all that's left of Palestine.

Meanwhile throughout the region, The USSA and the West are finally being interrupted as they continue to try to force the takeover of resources from Afghanistan where US Troops are harvesting the bumper Opium crop: While Turkey Israel and Saudi Arabia continue to steal the oil-fields and the pipelines, along with the refineries and the oil, in the shadows of the USSA war on Syria. That off-the books war was meant to hide the true purpose of the war-crimes that were continuing uninterrupted, until the Russian Air Strikes began, just forty-eight hours ago.

That's why Washington and Israel are freaking out. The panic by Washington clarifies just how deeply their duplicity has been, because they know that if the Russian Air Strikes coupled with the real Syrian Army on the ground succeeds in putting an end to these fake-rebels and all the foreign mercenaries—then the world will be able to easily deconstruct everything that's been happening since the USSA Attacks of 2001.

Incidentally, Turkey has installed ISIS in Istanbul and NATO is involved in this up to their eyes ­ not to mention the dozens of USSA affiliated terror organizations that have been raking in millions by the day throughout the region. The video I planned to insert here about ISIS has been scrubbed from the net,

This major change in the global-agenda is creating sheer panic

throughout the West that's being unmasked hour by hour:

While the world waits

to finally see those huge stolen convoys

of Toyota trucks,

Left burning on the roads & highways throughout Syria.


That outcome will be the USSA's worst nightmare come true, because this would lay bare the real role that Israel and the USSA have been playing for the last fifteen years throughout the entire Middle-East

When this finally happens it will put an end to all the 'arm-chair-warriors' that have kept the pot boiling with no intention of stopping any of the war-crimes anywhere in the world. Listen to the woman on the ground, on Crosstalk today, speaking from within a few hours of the fighting in Syria ­ then compare what the arm-chair warriors say from the safety of Washington and elsewhere, just as they have been doing since this global-quagmire first began in 2001. The light of truth is finally beginning to be felt in this darkness just before the dawn...

Crosstalk: Mideast Alliances


The major differences between today and what's been passing for 'normal' over the last five years is 'guts'. Russia and Iran and Iraq are standing-up to the global-cabal and they've done what they did legally, by coming to the aid of Syria, in answer to the invitation from the sovereign nation-state of Syria. Everyone else operating inside Syria are all there illegally: According to international law—yet the UN has done nothing at all about any of those war-crimes—not then and still not net.

The entirely criminal charade inside Syria, Iraq and Lebanon was all designed to hide what's been going on since the USSA formerly attacked Iraq for the third time in 2003, along with the totally illegal destruction of Libya which ended that country by using the “No-Fly-Zones” which kept the Libyan Air Force from doing to the USSA, exactly what the Russians are now doing to the outlaws inside


The Moon Rules!

Illumination & Darkness

Yet there's another almost unseen factor this time in the region as well:

Winter is coming

And this year's Winter globally, is promising to be particularly brutal.


This is not being mentioned in Europe where the undocumented are sleeping on the streets and in every other public place where they have gone to protect themselves from the elements. That will soon no longer be possible, once it begins to rain and snow; and this twist will cause havoc throughout the EU, as the Winter of 2015 begins to settle in. Winter will blanket the war-crimes and the deaths of millions alike, and not just in Europe—the Middle East will get its share as well. Everyone forgets what 'Winter' did to the war in Russia, during WWII. And when Winter makes her appearance this year, her affects will not be less devastating than they were in the mid-1940's.

This too was all planned by those who organized the flotillas and the multiple thousands of the undocumented men that have already invaded Europe. In fact the behind-the-scenes 'directors' of these crimes designed this to cause maximum dislocations and chaos along with the end of the EU: For those who have begun to wait-out the recently issued thirty-day notices, to leave their homes in Europe, to unwillingly accommodate the strangers that will soon move into their homes ­ once Winter begins to make herself known to the world again...

Don't just watch this unfolding change in the global-agenda: Do your part, no matter how small, because this fight is a real fight for the freedom of the whole world, not just Syria....





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