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Dodging Questions In Burns & Beyond

By Jim Kirwan


In the 'town hall meeting' last night in Burns these two 'public servants' utterly failed to address any of the underlying reasons for the need of that meeting: Which seemed to flow from the fact that I didn't hear anyone mention the word 'Constitution or Constitutional' at any time during the community meeting ­ much less direct any of their questions directly to either Dave Ward, the Sheriff or Steve Grasty, the County Commissioner and the Local Judge.

This constitutes a Constitutional-conflict-of-interest: Because as a commissioner Grasty is part of the Administrative Branch, while as a Judge, he supposedly serves the Judicial Branch of government which clearly violates the provisions laid out in the Separation of Powers clause in the United States Constitution.

I have some questions for both impostors above.

I'm not a citizen of Burns, Oregon, but I'm an American and as far as I can determine Burns Oregon is still part of the United States. I'm also not a lawyer, or even a writer, I'm just a commentator about a number of issues one of which has to do with working for two different states, via their Attorney-Generals and their District Attorney's Associations off and on for over thirty years.

The core of this issue is laid our very carefully and simply in the video, that amounts to a clear and concise understanding of the Constitution in this case, based on the FACTS in settled Law of several hundred years.

What's Really Going on in Oregon: Take Back the Narrative

9min 6sec VIDEO

Some of the other questions I wanted to hear from these two 'officials' about, concerned the fact that the Sheriff chose not to respond to the petition that he received from hundreds of people who petitioned him, as the Sheriff of the Town, when these people wanted answers. When the Sheriff failed to respond to their grievances surrounding everything still going on in Burns today, they sent their petition for grievances on to “the Judge” who also chose to ignore the valid complaints of the citizens of Burns Oregon. Finally when the people from the Wildlife Refuge wanted to have a meeting with people to talk about these grievances' the township, via the Judge and the Sheriff refused the right of the people to use any of the public buildings for such a gathering. So last night's 'meeting' was the twice denied request for the meeting that was finally held, and it was attended by armed and uniformed police from several other towns as well as the state police and the FBI ­ for SECURITY. Despite this, the brief meeting was held after the judge promised that everyone who came to be heard would be accommodated: However that didn't happen either, because there had been a time-limit set before the meeting began.

The upshot was that neither the judge, the sheriff, nor any other official gave any reason for why the public petition for their constitutional redress of grievances had been ignored—other than they claimed that 'the outsiders' had no standing in Burns: This of course just happened to overlook the rights of the citizens of Burns to be heard in public is was their right under the U.S. Constitution. It was also interesting that neither their federal or state officials had chosen to weigh in on this attempt by the people of Burns to be heard...

So at the end of the meeting the public was no closer to having answers to their questions than they were before the petition was created.

And no apologies were offered from the city to anyone who attended last nights' gathering.

The only positive was that there were no physical disruptions.

But the air was still pregnant with the preparations for an impending attack

by the government, that had been circulated earlier in the day.

This was followed today by this development:


These 'preparations' seem to be reminiscent of what happened at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada, when the BLM and the FED's tried to drive the Bundy's off their ranch. The Feds did their thing, with the BLM & the FBI, armed to the teeth who immediately set up free-speech zones along the highway to weed out the militia members that were coming from around the country to help. So when the BLM drew their weapons and got ready to go in for the planned eviction, they noticed at the last minute that there were snipers on the bridges and men with guns—whereupon the brave BLM thugs turned tail and ran like the scared rabbits they are, even leaving all their gear behind. Naturally the BLM and the federal government don't want to be embarrassed again, which is probably why those strange 'tents' have begun to appear at the airport where the FBI has set up camp.

No one has bothered to explain to the public why any of this is happening, especially after the government just re-imprisoned the Hammonds for a second sentencing for the supposed crime they already illegally served time for, along with being forced to pay a fine of $400,000, just to keep their ranch. This strong-armed attempt to intimidate the people of Burns by putting up FBI barricades in the town and planting rumors about “the violent nature” of the occupation of the Wildlife Refuge, thirty miles away ­ needs to be legally put down ­ and would be if we had a legal government or even a single viable US agency to deal with this situation rationally ­ but no U.S. citizen has any rights any longer under United States Inc.

In last night 'meeting' much was said about the distraught families in Burns, and just how disturbing they found this 'situation' to be. Only one person pointed out that the Hammond family had been ripped apart by this unforeseen tragedy, created by the illegal government.

Burns Oregon: Susan Hammond on Fox

6min 12sec VIDEO

Much was also made last night about “community' and how everyone loved everyone else and they were all just one big family ­ but I wondered what happened to the affection for all the other ranchers loggers and mine owners that had previously been driven out, over the last 60 years, from so many other places, in the same way the Bundy's and the Hammonds were in this area? It was too bad that all the dead and gone couldn't have been in attendance last night—because they would have been disgusted by what did and did not take place in that show-trial of a meeting. These creatures obviously failed to see the fact that they are all NEXT.

Here's the plan for the United States

under the coming UN administered takeover:

Everything inside the orange line below will soon be totally owned by the government, unless the people stop them


Study this and weep, because this is where everything is going!

BLM/Oregon:Judge Grasty's Brother a BLM Agent and scandals of the BLM

Once this takes hold and you finally realize that this is the pinnacle of the entire problem within what is still called the United States: Even though we have never been so clearly divided since the civil war: Maybe, just maybe, people will begin to read things like the first video with an eye to why the Constitution was written so simply and clearly—so that you did not need a lawyer to grasp the intent or the meaning in those few words that are the bedrock upon which this Republic was based—before we let this gang of robber-Barrons & carpet-baggers change even the meaning of words and the laws of nature as well as logic or fairness anywhere in this place. Here's some of what's gone wrong...


And people actually “TRUST” these thieves and Outlaws

with their lives and property, despite all the evidence to the contrary?

Posted By Vicky Davis on Jan 19, 2016

Threats, Intimidation and Bullying by Federal Land Managing Agencies



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