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The Future is D.O.A.

By Jim Kirwan

The world is being continuously attacked, everywhere now: While the technology we still pay for is supporting a new stone age that has no future

The planet is being attacked by a ten month old child, Kiev, which is pretending to be an established nation: In tandem with the most ancient of all hatreds, of race and religion which seeks to reduce the global population by 95% and end the world as it has existed….

The genocide in Ukraine is the ugly-twin of the global-suicide that Israel is determined to finish in their never-ending slaughter of the Palestinians. If Ukraine ever had any designs on being a legitimate state, then they would not be murdering the only successful industrial part of the Ukraine, which could have turned a profit for the 10-month old fake state. Kiev is clearly committing suicide but does not care, since their only reason for existence is to create WWIII with Russia.

Ukraine claims to be a major power on the planet, yet it cannot pay its most basic bills. It has no foreign policy. It has no plan to create a functioning country beyond genociding its own people. And they just decided to cut off gas supplies to the EU, which will not endear them to the EU which they supposedly want to join.

Kiev needs trillions in weapons, just to finish murdering the industrial heart of what was Ukraine: The government cannot feed or provide jobs for their own people. Kiev cannot even keep their government or their supposed army intact, in this ten month old street-fight that seeks nothing less than creating the coming thermonuclear war.

Ukraine at the moment is totally insane and must be overthrown!

ISIS killed 500 Yazidis, buried some alive including women and children - Iraq

While the world does nothing to stop anything in Ukraine, Iraq or Gaza, except to hold endless talks and meaningless discussions, punctuated by symbolic but empty gestures that so far have not saved lives: All that silence leads only to more death. These wars have been going on since GHW Bush opened his free-fire-zone on Iraq in 1991. Twenty three uninterrupted years of senseless slaughter which was also wasted—everywhere!

Within the last month we have seen everything get reset—all the way back to a time when there was no law anywhere, except the power of the sword: There are now religious persecutions, crucifixions’, beheadings, genocide and the raw terror inherent in the unknown’s that every tomorrow now bring to people everywhere. We’re now forcing Russia and China to build new and better weapons to stop what’s coming—none of which was necessary—it’s time to overthrow the international outlaws that are running the global prison.

In Ukraine ‘we’ demanded sanctions while Russia called for dialogue. We then put sanctions in place against Russia. Russia answered with sanctions of their own and now the EU and the West are going to take an economic hit that many nations will not survive. Now we want to go straight into the war we have wanted since we began the push to steal the planet: If we continue, Russia and China could fulfill this twisted fantasy, but the result will not even come close to the conclusion that the Outlaws envision. In the meantime the West is about to reactivate that down-bound spiral that will end in total bankruptcy for the same banks that started this global-quagmire: After than begins then all bets will soon disappear!

We wasted the forty plus years of the cold war, by letting “the Decider” (Bush the Lesser) use nukes as first-strike weapons anywhere in the world of today. Now the planet is being torn between Israel’s blackmail threats and the outright insanity that’s being played our in so many warzones around the world today.

We have allowed corporations like Monsanto to develop and distribute diseases of all types, to poison the people that are still here.

There is actually no area of any life that has not been permanently targeted by this global war on humanity. How can all this double-speak be tolerated when we’ve all been dragged to the edge of oblivion by technological addictions that can only kill more people faster? While supposedly at the same time Kiev will “offer” anyone, who unconditionally surrenders, humanitarian aid!

This, because no people anywhere are allowed to chose their own governments. That includes the deaf, dumb and blind in America!

In Ukraine thousands of people have already died, hundreds of thousands have fled and yet the Outlaw government in Kiev just like Netanyahu in Gaza - vows to take down the remaining regional cities that are resisting, block by block, house by house until everyone is dead.

And while that’s going on ISIS & ISIL are running wild throughout the Middle East as they continue to slaughter, to torture and behead anyone that they might encounter ­ they were trained and paid for by USI, from start to finish ­ yet still there is no demand for any of this to stop. We did nothing to stop HAARP or global weather modification and now we have Ebola! A pandemic de jour for our times, no doubt.

This is a world of stark contrasts. People are fleeing in 22nd Century technology, from chaos, into a starving world that has no clean air or water, no electricity and no future except more of the same. There are no longer any laws to protect anyone from the multinational corporations or their mercenaries that are completely out of control on almost every continent: The world seems to have been stunned into silence, or lulled into thinking that they can demonstrate their way out of this. But that is not possible, because only direct action will ever change anything!

That’s just not true! The darkest of these outlawed powers will never stop because people “object”. They can only be stopped by having their money supply cut off, their weapons seized and their lives put at risk because of the actions they’ve been taking for the last 67 years.

The forces that have just announced that “all women must be sexually mutilated” are the ones that should be hunted down like the rabid-animals they are and killed. These barbarians are now burying people alive, enslaving women and slaughtering whole populations, using the arms and the training that the United States continues to pay for.


On the one hand we talk about the future as if its’ technical wonders will bring us that brighter tomorrow (which we’ve all been promised now for over 50 years) while at the same time we continue to use the futuristic weaponry and the perversions it created to destroy the planet and people by the tens of thousands, weekly: If any dare resist this total lie that requires the unconditional surrender of all the people on the earth?

Meanwhile Netanyahu has vowed to continue his slaughter of Palestine until there is no longer any resistance—despite the growing and global anger with Israel’s polices of genocide.

Israeli Embassies worldwide need to be blockaded and their ambassadors deported from every Israeli Embassy or “Mission” on the planet. Only something that strong will even begin to make a dent in what’s going on in the world now. International laws must be enforced, especially against both Israel and the United States Incorporated which has been the enabling force behind everything that’s been done to the world since Israel became the international pandemic that’s clearly killing the planet today.

That’s why the Future is


If we don’t begin to act and respond accordingly to what we know must change - there will soon no longer even be ways to communicate between people, that is so obviously necessary, if this colossal global crime is to ever be dealt with; before we run out of time.


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